[Community Project] Missiongarde -- Class refining in progress

It's Friday now. Where's the update?

Popularity And The State Of This Community

I haven't had the courage or motivation to do much of anything these days, let alone a game review. I think I operate best when I don't have the freedom to choose. If I were forced to act, I wouldn't think so much about it and I'd just do it. Incentive and passive-aggressive threats don't help, either; they're just slightly irritating. =(

OK, I'm curious. I want your opinions. Just tell me exactly why you think Brasington is so repulsive.

The word "popularity" would imply that the game itself is well received. "Can be entirely different things!"? They aren't. Period.

What a naive view of the community. This isn't a meritocracy; things will get picked up and popularized even if they have glaring flaws in areas that would be considered a sin to have flaws in. It's all about which developers managed to win your attention and which don't. You can make a great game, but it doesn't correlate with getting a lot of downloads.

FFXII What do you think?

Ivalice's history is a lot more fleshed out than you might think at first...

Mario Kart Wii

Can't promise participation, but still posting to declare interest.

Biological warfare as a game's theme

In initial project ideas, I had intended on using biological warfare as a counteract to the high protection of armored units as a part of a RPS system. Armored units were strong against modern warfare (their armors were bullet-proof and flame-retardant), but could not protect themselves from poisons and chemicals.

Why is RPG Maker stuck in the 20th Century, graphics-wise?

Yeah, but it loses all of its sheen when anybody can just pick it up and use it to make a crappy game or a great-looking game that never gets finished.

If you have the motivation and talent to make a good game, an extra set of textures and some 3D math knowledge won't kill you.

Spate of celebrity deaths (Michael Jackson)

I was at work when I heard... poor guy... =(

Release Something! Day VII: Advent Children [Discussion]

Thoughts on Knight's Crest:

* The simplicity is definitely a selling point. It caused me to come at the game with low expectations, so was thoroughly blown away by the presentation.
* The rock-paper-scissors style gameplay hooked me for a moment. Then, after the first major dungeon area, it kinda feel apart for me. It became less clear if I was hitting the enemy's weakness or just randomly attacking and hoping to win. I'm fine with either, but the game lost some shine with me when that line began to blur.
* Killing about 11 enemies then running back to some haughty bitch who won't join you otherwise is... ick. Don't know if I could have used her for the boss gauntlet; I took them out before I even bothered to pick her up, just to avoid the tedium of running backing, finding out they DO count, then heading forward again.
* I'm not going to spoil any of the dick moves you put in the game, but there's plenty. A fair warning to anyone who tries - there will be moments where the game is just fucking with you and you shouldn't even bother...
* Resurrection glitch still occurs. The enemy is still dead; their sprite just reappears if they were afflicted with a temporary status and the status wore off on the same turn they were killed (the release message brings the sprite back)

Recommendation: Get it while it's still hot, hot, hot!

Release Something! Day VII: Advent Children [Discussion]

Knight's Crest = my new favorite RM game.
(NOTE: You can move the player in-between cutscene text. If that's not intentional, fix it. And a glitch occurred where a zombie's sprite reappeared after dying because a paralysis release message triggered)

Also, I don't like feeling lost, but I can digg Visions & Voices.