Just another ex-gaming industry hopeful, going to school and learning as much as I can. I don't think making a game will directly affect my chances of getting a job, but it will teach me the process as well as organization, something I sorely lack. I'm no longer working for Zynga, which is too bad.

What else? I like Japanese food and cinema (but I'm not an otaku), CRPGs (of course), electronic music (90's Industrial FTW), Belgian ales, meat cooked over fire, 420, CGI, 3D animation, cats, SNES, subversive or black comedy, dystopian sci-fi, and any epic fantasy brave enough to step out of the Tolkien shadow.

My dislikes include all forms of bigotry, country music, fast food, factory farms, multinational corporations, warfare, social networking, romantic comedies (in general), and politics.



Breaking News: Judge from Intercourse, PA Stuffs Acorns with Condoms in

After seeing the acorns, I'm a little disappointed. Run that guy outta town. There's no excuse for shoddy craftsmanship.

Am I crazy?

mr. smith goes to washington

Watch out for his right foot.

Booble's art stuff

You're really getting better at smoothing your lines. I recall some of the Forever's End characters looking decrepit because of the rough color patches. The boobs look a little too... pillowy.


drencrom, please!

What are you jammin' too?

great cover of a Pat Benatar song

and all of Project Pitchfork (sound direction for Xenocop)

Duke University Student submits a written dissertation of every dude she banged as her thesis.

At least we can track where the STI came from.

How do i...

Dissidia Final Fantasy 2: Should there be?

Well, his first sword does happen to be a bokken.

Story Line Bullet Points

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Dissidia Final Fantasy 2: Should there be?

Id die if they sneak crono from chrono cross in their,lol. He is a badass mo fo. And ,does anyone notice he has relatively the same stance as Sephiroth? Does anyone know what that stance is called?

If you're talking about his battle ready stance, I think it's called "Kasumi no Kamae"