Just another ex-gaming industry hopeful, going to school and learning as much as I can. I don't think making a game will directly affect my chances of getting a job, but it will teach me the process as well as organization, something I sorely lack. I'm no longer working for Zynga, which is too bad.

What else? I like Japanese food and cinema (but I'm not an otaku), CRPGs (of course), electronic music (90's Industrial FTW), Belgian ales, meat cooked over fire, 420, CGI, 3D animation, cats, SNES, subversive or black comedy, dystopian sci-fi, and any epic fantasy brave enough to step out of the Tolkien shadow.

My dislikes include all forms of bigotry, country music, fast food, factory farms, multinational corporations, warfare, social networking, romantic comedies (in general), and politics.



welcome to post 9/11 world

Mass cullings are inevitable.


Is this the old version? The style of the gauges don't fit.

Post Pictures of Your Crash Pad

Adding aerosols to the upper atmosphere could modify the chemistry of the upper atmosphere, affecting ozone and thereby having possible unintended impacts on the lower atmosphere.
mbt shoes/mbt
Fuck you and fuck your shoes

the bots are at it again....

Just so you guys know, Suikoden is on sale on the PSN for six bucks.

Haha I remember seeing the cover thinking the guy in the top right looked like Kyle MacLachlan.


Here's a blank storyboard for anyone interested.

Obligatory Self-Based Characters

As long as the character insert doesn't become Mary Sue, I don't mind them.
I know people hate it when I do this, but who's this Mary Sue?

wiki it.

Famous and Infamous Game Glitches

Sword Brothers


smoke weed everyday?

Smoking is bad!
But edibles are good!

Best Friends You've Lost

Died in a car crash. We made plans the day before, and I was mad because I thought he ditched me.

What was the last film you watched?

lucifer needed to be more badass tbh

The angel in the third one was a little more substantial in the badassery department, but still kinda meh.