Just another ex-gaming industry hopeful, going to school and learning as much as I can. I don't think making a game will directly affect my chances of getting a job, but it will teach me the process as well as organization, something I sorely lack. I'm no longer working for Zynga, which is too bad.

What else? I like Japanese food and cinema (but I'm not an otaku), CRPGs (of course), electronic music (90's Industrial FTW), Belgian ales, meat cooked over fire, 420, CGI, 3D animation, cats, SNES, subversive or black comedy, dystopian sci-fi, and any epic fantasy brave enough to step out of the Tolkien shadow.

My dislikes include all forms of bigotry, country music, fast food, factory farms, multinational corporations, warfare, social networking, romantic comedies (in general), and politics.




This takes me back to old-school Newgrounds.

Games that have stood the test of time?

Destiny of an Emperor is better than most modern RPGs.

The dumbest idea you ever tried to make

a remake of Smurf Rescue for the Colecovision



LOL, it's Roco. Rocco contributed something else entirely.

What was the last film you watched?

At least it wasn't Dumplings.

Crazewriting 2

Yeah the bus driver POV is out of place, since he's really just part of the environment.

Love Songs Suck

Well, I know the story about Something not being about what everyone else thought it was.

Emotional Movies

Even though it was predictable, I did get weepy at the end of Love Exposure.

Love Songs Suck

So much of it is based on an unhealthy, selfish view of love. Nowadays, I can't help but cringe when I hear a love song, especially when the message amounts to without you I am not a complete person.

I do find a rich irony in people playing "Every Breath You Take" at their wedding.

Video thread!