What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Aurora $X Update:

The Empire's first attempt at a warp capable freighter was a failure. The engine was too small and feeble and the design carries only about half the fuel needed to made the trip to the planet now designated Nova Terra. The Imperial Space Navy now finds itself rushing to crash design and build a refueling lighter in order to rescue the soon to be stranded crew of Jump-Freighter One. Jump Freighter Two has been ordered to reduce speed to 75km/s barely 2/5ths of the vessels top speed. Imperial officials were quick to blame sci-fi writers for not having a sense of acale.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Aurora 4X

I can figure this out!!! No seriously not gonna ragequit.

Movie Discussion

Does anyone else get disorientated by watching 3D movies? Yesterday I swear it was 40mins after the movie before I felt like myself, again.

companies get a bad rap cuz of bad people

The average customer can take care of themselves. So unfortunately all of your time will be spent dealing with the 'below average' customers.

Movie Discussion

Pacific Rim: It's Giant Mecha vs Godzilla's Homeboys.

9/10 A couple plot holes but the sheer awesome factor binds everything together.

Movie Discussion

Pacific Rim will not be coming to the one theater I can physically get to... and if I wait any longer I will get spoiled. So blurry inferior cam footage for me. (hurrah)

The Top F2P Monetization Tricks

Great read but boy did that angry up the blood.

What are you thinking about right now?

Proper dwarven cheese can be used as a substitute for boiled leather when crafting armour.

[Poll] Xbox One or PS4? Which one will you be buying?

No reason to be an early adopter this time around, just wait and see.

Thoughts on the Ouya?

I'm five, maybe ten years behind the times when it comes to being tech savvy. A lot of stuff I need to figure out first but an SNES/N64 emulator I can plug into my TV is awful tempting. (if I can plug it into my TV I need to check that out first)

besides by the time I make up my mind something better will be on the market.