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Pokémon RMN Version
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Artst for tilesets, char sets,battle char sets, and maybe a few other stuff

So basically, you want them to do the majority of the game for you, then you 'plug and play' it.

I can't edit resources for some reason. After editing them they become unsupported.

Artst for tilesets, char sets,battle char sets, and maybe a few other stuff

Looking for an artist to do tilesets, character sets and battle character sets. I might a few things like weapons occasionally. This is 2003.

Mp3s in RPGs

Is there a way to get RPG Maker (I use 2003) to except mp3s? I have a lot of instrumentals to use, but can't get them in MIDI format. Is there not a patch for this or anything?

Edit: I got it to work. I just didn't tell it to show mp3s when importing. Silly me.

Thanks for the warning about the size though.

Now it says not implemented in a bunch of error messages!

What do I do?

The Heart of a Dragon (Dragon Wars)

The Heart of a Dragon (Dragon Wars)

Thanks again.

I thought I fixed most of these bugs but apparently not. I probably got ahead of myself and forgot to come back.

To bad you couldn't go farther, that's really what I wanted tested. Awwww...

Legend Of Zelda - Sacred Sword V0.2beta

I'll test and give you some feedback!

Demon Apocalypse(Demo V1.2)

ok cool hit me up when your done. I could use some help with tilesets. are you any good with those?

Sorry I can't test your game actually. My computer only runs 2003 RPG Maker.
About tilesets though, it depends on what you want. I never made any.
Sorry again!

Demon Apocalypse(Demo V1.2)

I'll test your game!
I'll help design also.

P.S. Cool pic!