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[Poll] How about a Classic Game Making Event?

If the retro style is all that matters, can't we just convert VX ACE graphics? (1 "pixel" = 4x4)

[One Piece Mafia [Sign-ups]

Reserving a spot for myself while I make a character and continually die because of my own indecisiveness.

Mafia Guide; Hosting, Suggestions, and Discussion

From now on I'm only going to schedule only the next few games so we can get a feel for what type of game we want to play next. Having so many in advance is daunting.

Vanilla games are very simple to run and probably wouldn't last as long so I can slot it in between somewhere if need be.

Mafia Guide; Hosting, Suggestions, and Discussion

I wonder if achievements, even if worth 0 ms, would peak interest.

Edit: Would probably make me play.

Meat Leftovers!

1. Hero Siege
2. Dragon Fantasy

The RMN Trading Card collection

Not 100% sure about the lowest CMC getting their thing for free with a four mana spell, but, I'm pretty sure that the other half is okay.

I see this as blue/red. Blue for weird global effects and red for chaotic global effects. And then having a condition that earns you something if you win the reveal and punishes if you don't. For example, "All players reveal a card from their hand. The player that reveals the card with the highest cmc may play it without paying it's mana cost. All other players take X damage where X is their revealed card's cmc."

It would probably be something like 4UR or 2UURR

Final Fantasy Mafia (Game Over)

Wow. There were a lot of prevention abilities.

Meat Your Maker Review Event (Week 5 Deer Sausage)

Apparently sharksteak is pretty good from what I've heard.

Mafia Guide; Hosting, Suggestions, and Discussion

These are dark times for the Real Mafia Network

Final Fantasy Mafia (Game Over)

I'm not sure. I think generally town aligned blockers only block non town abilities and mafia blockers only block town abilities. I could be wrong but I think that's how it goes.