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[RM2K3] [DynRPG] Plugin or Patch to remove Row command in battle?

Here is the patch in IPS format:

If you have DynRPG v0.20 or newer, you can just drop this file into your DynPatches folder.

Otherwise (and in case the HPA version is not recognizing your RPG_RT version), apply it using Lunar IPS (or you can also use the same button in Hyper Patcher 2 as you would use for HPA).

By the way, in case someone is looking for this for the official version, that would be here.


RM2k3 No-Row-Patch

That's what I figured the problem was. Are there plans in the near future to release a new norow patch for the official version?

There you go:

How to Beat the Map Tree Break (the Easy Way)!

I created this tool now, to "unscramble" such "protected" files:

How it works: In a copy of the game folder (!), drag one of the files (e.g. RPG_RT.exe) onto the rmunscramble.exe file. It will change the files so that the project can be opened in RM (unless other more advanced "protections" were applied as well), but the game won't run with the original EXE anymore then.

UPDATE: I created a new version that also fixes RPG_RT.exe! See here:

The Master RPG Maker Helpful Things Topic

can i request to reupload the rpg2ksav_en.rar please

RPG Maker 2009 Ultimate

Doesn't have the same feel to it ^^ also, last updated 2011 or so I think.

[RM2K3] Is there a 3rd party application that will scan code and replace string values en masse?

No that's not true. It's a separate format. Try opening it in anything other than RPG Maker, it won't work... (Yes I wrote an XYZ viewer tool but that's not what I meant, obviously.)

[Poll] Better late than never! The DynRPG plugin contest

OK so, the results are here now! Thanks for voting!

1st Place: Particle Effects Plugin by Kazesui with 14 votes
2nd Place: Pathfinding Plugin by DNKpp (anti-freak) with 11 votes
3rd Place: Date/Time Plugin by elvissteinjr with 3 votes
4th Place: RagnaDyn by orochii with 2 votes

I will contact the winners!

...and how do I close a poll?

[Poll] Better late than never! The DynRPG plugin contest

Edit: What happens if all plugins end up with the same amount of votes?

It'll work similar to sports, and you'll have a 1., 1., 3., 4. for example. Regarding the prizes, in this example I'd put the 1st and 2nd into a pot and split to two (in that example it'd be $22.5, $22.5, $7, $0). So if really all would end up with the same votes, it would be $13 for each.

How do I access the window object from a required file's scope?

You are not supposed to - a module is self-contained, so please do inject the window object from outside when you need it.