List of great patches for RM2000/2003

Power Patch v0.43b is out now! It contains new features, some bugfixes and no more loading time (only the first time you start it)!

List of great patches for RM2000/2003

Hello, english RPG Maker community!

In the german RM community we have a lot of patches and tools i've never seen on english RPG Maker boards, so i'll show it to you now!

If someone has a question - ask! I'll try to answer it ;)

Some of the tools are english, some german. Try it out.

IMPORTANT: Copy the links and paste it into the adress of your browser!!

Number. Name - Author (supported RPG Maker versions)
Download link

1. Key Patch - Ineluki (RM 2000, RM 2003 up to version 1.04, Value! version NOT supported)
Allows you to use all keys as well as the mouse in your games. You may also call EXE-Files and play MP3 files. It's the most famous tool I know. But it has a big drawback: RPG Maker 2003 version 1.05 or higher are not supported. But exactly THIS versions have great features like 50 pictures and such stuff.

2. Screenshot Extension - Miroku (needs Key Patch)
A little tool, which, can, called using the Key Patch, make a screenshot of the game and save it in the "Picture" folder. See sample game for details.

3. RPG Maker V2 Patch - PheonixX_2 (RM2000 - any version except Value!)
After applying this little patch, you can more easily see where the message box in the game ends, while typing a message.

4. Save-/Load-Script - Vampire of Eternal Chaos (only RM2000 v1.05, but I'm not sure)
This great tool let you make you own save- and loadmenu in your game! It has a lot of features like quicksave-/loading or thumbnails in load-screen.

5. Enter Hero Name Patch - Deejee (only RM2000 v1.05, but I'm not sure)
This is a correction of the bug in the Enter Hero Name menu in early translations.

6. Auto Enter Patch - Miroku (RM2003)
This simple patch skips the original title screen of the RPG Maker.

7. Font Changer - Me (all versions)
With the Font Changer you are able to change the fonts used in your games to anyones you want!

8. Hyper Patcher - Me (RM2000, RM2003 v1.03, RM2003 v1.08)
This tool allowes you to change a lot of things, like to position of the menu at the title screen, skip the ASCII/Enterbrain-Logos, hide the HP/Level-Numbers in save screen, change the game menu items (e.g. drop the "Save" and "Exit" items) and much more.

9. Power Patch - Me (all versions)
A patch, which adds a scripting language to the RPG Maker. You can change the game variables using the scripting language (e.g. SetVar(14, (GetVar(15)*GetVar(14)+3)^2)), copy files, use all keys as well as the mouse, change the resolution and much more. And - you can extend it with self-made plugins (so you'll be able to make an Online-Gaming-Plug-In and use it with the Power Patch)

10. Destiny Patch - Bananen-Joe (RM2000 - versions 1.05 and 1.07 only - NO RM2003!)
It does mainly the same as the Power Patch, but it has a lot of more great features, like changing map tiles, manipulating pictures, playing online, and so on. One of the best things it's able to do is ALLOWING YOU TO USE 100 PICTURES instead of 20/50. But the big drawback is - it doesn't support the RPG Maker 2003.

11. RM2k(3) Debugger - sue445 (all versions)
A great tool which includes a searching function with a lot of features, like searching for a filename in events or such stuff.

12. Savegame Editor - sue445 (all versions)
As the title says, this is a universal savegame editor for RM2k(3) savefiles with a lot of features.

13. XYZ-Converter - sue445 ( --- )
A batch BMP/PNG/XYZ-Converter.

14. LMU2BMP - sue445 ( --- )
This tool saves the content of a RPG Maker map as BMP file. Simply copy the tool in your project folder and run it. Then enter the ID of the map you want to save as BMP and hit enter. Then it will be saved as "Map####.bmp".

I'm sure, I've forgotten something, but I think, it's enough now ;)

greetings, Cherry