[RM2K3] (DynRPG) A way to display an item name using a variable?

Shush, go away ChatGPT, what the heck!

EDIT: Oh it's a spam link! Reported.

[RM2K3] Big List of Plugins/IPS (Sticky This Please)

I learned about an RM2k3 issue where after an item was used, a long character idle animation would lock up the game until it finished once.

This is an annoying consequence of how the battle system sometimes uses animations as part of its (pretty broken to begin with) state machine. It seems they intentionally wait for one idle animation in order to have time to apply the effect of the item.

I fixed this by limiting the waiting time to a maximum of 64 animation frames.

IPS patch for RM2k3 v1.08:

IPS patch for RM2k3 v1.09a+ (incl. official versions 1.10+ and Maniac patch earlier than 210519):

[RM2K3] XInput/Xbox 360 Controller Integration

The link is broken!

[RM2K] [SCRIPTING] Magic Message System

It seems DestinyPatch is hard to find now because Bananen-Joe's website is down.

I have reupped it:

* All files:
* Only lastest installer (v2.0.1.8):

Also the download link of the OP is down. Reup of Magic Message System here:

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

I built a thing where you can now write DynRPG plugins that react on / modify / augment text and EXFONT that gets drawn.

[RM2K3] [RM2K] More Skills "Failure" Messages during battles

Didn't play the game, but it appears that the custom plugin DynTag (which, conveniently, comes with the source code) handles custom messages popping up in battle (see the method "battleMessagePopup").

If you are using the unofficial version of RM2k3 which can use DynRPG, then you can do the same or adjust (or have adjusted by someone) Everlong's plugin to your own needs (there is no license though so you should ask DJC for permission first).

[RM2K3] Input Configurator

Hey folks,

I created this online tool to patch your RPG_RT.exe for custom keyboard and gamepad assignments. This also makes it possible to use 6 buttons on the gamepad (A, B, X, Y, L, R) for different functions and not just 3.

Here you go:

It works with both inofficial and official versions, but not with the remastered Maniac patch.


[RM2K3] [RM2K] Help with more save files in RM2k and RM2k3

More so, why is it so damn hard to change one stupid little thing?

Because it wasn't designed to be changed.

(The ways we developed to change things "anyway" through patches require a lot of effort and deep knowledge to come up, because there are no "blueprints" for the machine to know what screw to adjust!)

[RM2K3] [RPG2009 Ultimate] Create a .uimod to read resources online?

That wouldn't mod the UI presentation, that would mod the functionality, and therefore there is no way to do it with a UIMod file I'm afraid!

RM2k3 Screenshot Patch

You can do that if you write something like this:

!SS ..\Backdrop\SomeFilename