[RM2K3] Is there a 3rd party application that will scan code and replace string values en masse?

(No need to test anything because I know RM's internals^^)

RM just checks for the existence of a file with that name in this order: BMP>PNG>XYZ / MID>WAV>MP3 / WAV / AVI>MPG (for image/music/sound/movie respectively)

Also, I don't understand why you have the "in-game location" problem. What do you even mean by ingame location? Map name? Then why do you even attempt to replace this field?

From what I understand, what needs to be done is to make a list of filename fields in the 4 possible datafile types (LDB/LMU/LMT/LSD) and their resources type/folder, and then go over each of them and apply the updates, iterating over things where needed.

The only tricky things, I think, are:

* The "Move Event" event command, because it encodes a chain of move commands in its numerical parameters, with sound effect names embedded
* Obviously all DynRPG comment commands of various plugin (you probably can't support those, except maybe for a select few)
* The picture filename pointer functionality of both PicPointerPatch and the official Steam RM2k3 (there you have two ways to define the replacement in the filename: for one, from PicPointerPatch - but also supported by Steam RM2k3! - you'd just check if the picture ID is >=50000 in a "Show Picture" command, and if yes, you treat the filename like a wildcard with the 4 last characters being unknown and then move all matching files, for example "Something0000" would then move also "Something0001", "Something1234", etc., and for the other, only in Steam RM2k3, it uses a separate setting of how many characters are wildcards. )

But the documentation and other code that accesses all these things should be available at EasyRPG, because EasyRPG is already able to emulate >99% of the games out there, I'd say.

RPG Maker 2009 Ultimate

@gadesx: Hm, that may be because of the font substitutions. You can remove them in ultimate.ini. Also you could change the tabbar to icon mode, then it needs less vertical space.

[RM2K3] Is there a 3rd party application that will scan code and replace string values en masse?

Images also support RM's proprietary *.xyz format.

[RM2K3] White Overlay on Battlers :(

If you have DynRPG v0.20+: Put into DynPatches folder. If not: Apply with Lunar IPS.

(Delete the plugin that I gave you before.)

[RM2K3] White Overlay on Battlers :(

An attempt to fix the problem. Let me know if it helps. Just drop into plugins folder.

{Link removed}

{EDIT: Didn't work}

[OVER][Contest] DynRPG Plugin Programming Contest - Win Amazon Gift Cards! - NEW: Pathfinding plugin submitted!

This contest is now (finally) closed! Vote here:

[Poll] Better late than never! The DynRPG plugin contest

Hi folks!

Does anyone remember spring 2012? That's when DynRPG was released. Also, I conducted a plugin development contest which then went nowhere because I misplanned things again. Originally it was supposed to run for a month, until I changed it to "until I'll have time again". I'm talking about this contest here.

Over the years, I forgot about it completely, until someone reminded me today.

Therefore, the submission phase is now, after almost 8 years, officially over! :) What's missing now is the vote.

What was it about again?

Goal of this contest is to create a DynRPG plugin which is as useful as possible. It doesn't need to be too complex - most important is that many RM2k3 users think it's useful for them. Of course the source code should be published too. The latter should be sufficiently documented so that it can help other beginners to understand how to use DynRPG. Plus, the Rules and Guidelines should be paid attention to.

The timeframe isn't completely certain yet. We start with one month. If there are problems (maybe you find critical bugs which I have to fix first), we can extend the timeframe, of course.

Special: Cross-forum contest!
Yes, you read right. This contest is held in three forums:
- RMN (EN):
- Multimediaxis (DE):
- Oniromancie (FR):

I will copy the submissions into the other forums.

- Everyone who knows C++ is invited to participate.
- Asking questions (of any kind) is welcome.
- The language of the source code, its comments and the documentation has to be English.
- "Copying" from other participants is also welcome, as long as the result won't be exactly the same.
- So: If you creates something, the best thing is to post it here without waiting for the end of the time! Of course you can also directly create a presentation thread (after telling me here).
- At the end of the contest there will be a public poll in all three forums at which the usefulness and usability will be rated. I will also reserve a last word regarding sticking to the guidlines and optimization of the code for myself. The poll is going to be open for one week. Additionally, there will be votes of six jurors (two per forum) (who should test the plugins more thoroughly), in case I find ones. Jurors, put your hands up!

You can win:
1. Prize: € 20 / $ 25 Amazon Gift Card
2. Prize: € 15 / $ 20 Amazon Gift Card
3. Prize: € 5 / $ 7 Amazon Gift Card

Additionally, all participants will be mentioned in the next version of the documentation as "testers and plugin pioneers". If you have a website, I will also link to it.

This poll will also be opened in the other forums by me, and the results will be added together at the end. (Multimediaxis / Oniromancie)


There were 4 plugins submitted:
a) Pathfinding Plugin by DNKpp (originally anti-freak), submitted via Multimediaxis (readme)
b) Particle Effects Plugin by Kazesui, submitted via RMN (demo video)
c) RagnaDyn by orochii (some custom statuses, ATB control and other things, mainly for battle), submitted via RMN (readme)
d) Date/Time Plugin by elvissteinjr, submitted via Multimediaxis (readme)

The poll will stay open for one week, until January 20th, 2020!

EDIT: The results are in!
OK so, the results are here now! Thanks for voting!

1st Place: Particle Effects Plugin by Kazesui with 14 votes
2nd Place: Pathfinding Plugin by DNKpp (anti-freak) with 11 votes
3rd Place: Date/Time Plugin by elvissteinjr with 3 votes
4th Place: RagnaDyn by orochii with 2 votes

I will contact the winners!


[RM2K3] How to benchmark event commands

I was talking with Tor_Heyerdal about how we could measure how much performance impact certain operations in events really have (and I don't mean by stalling the FPS due to automatic limiting, or by waiting for next frame, but actual processing time). Just doing something 1 million times in a loop doesn't work in an event because it will interrupt execution after 10,000 event lines and continue next frame (that's a limit in RM).

So, I did a quick DynRPG plugin that measures time between @starttime and @endtime commands in 100-nanoseconds-precision. It opens a console window, the output is printed there. (The @endtime command takes an optional string parameter that is printed to the console as well.)

Here is the plugin complete with an example project that measures loops running 1000 times:

Maybe it is helpful to somebody to better understand what is happening in RM event commands time-wise.

This is pretty bare-bones so far. It could be improved by allowing to accumulate multiple test results and creating an average, etc... - In the test project, always "talk" with the guys several times to get a better idea of how it behaves average-wise.

Oh by the way, the 10,000-lines-limit in RM can be changed with a quickpatch (adjust the numbers):


[RM2K3] Rpg Maker Maniacs Patch (for official version)

Hm, I would expect Force Harmony (to enable things such as Audieremony) to work on 1.12a as well, actually, did you try it?

[RM2K3] Is there a 3rd party application that will scan code and replace string values en masse?

No, do *not* use an editor like Notepad++/VSCode! This will corrupt your game. The data is not in a text format!

(I'm not sure if there is such a tool specifically for RM2k(3) yet, but it would nowadays be possible to write one using EasyRPG's liblcf library)