It's possible I made a coding oversight for Sammy, since he's the only hero initially set to dual wield. The battle arena records stats and returns them at the end after the handicap manipulations. If there's a discrepancy, the code runs again, but to prevent infinite loops I inserted that choice box and warning message.


Here's a link to your modified save files.

The skill lists were fixed immediately for me, so I'm not sure what the issue is. However, as long as there's no skill swapping in the future, there should be no problem.


Manage to make my way through Phoenix Cave without any further issues with skill swap. There are probably other maps with the issue, such as the Tower of Propugnaculum, where the problem started for me, unless the fix is universal. In the former case, going to have to go through it again later to find them.

I have tried to mess around with the Skill Shard system, and the mixed skills are staying.

I'm hoping the skill swap fix is universal. The change of significance wasn't map related, but rather in the skill memorization code.

You shouldn't have to make any skill changes to restore your hero skill lists. Opening and closing the Skill Shard System causes code to run that removes ALL hero skills from every hero, then equips their activated skills. Any monster skills or invalid skills will not be removed.

I tested this fix yesterday successfully, and again just now with your Phoenix Cave save files. If you like, I can process your current save and return it to you.



Thanks for uploading the save files. I tested as you instructed and did not duplicate the bug, just as you are now experiencing. Adding some forced frame waits to the menu and skill equip code seems to have remedied the issue. Hopefully this error is fixed, but keep me posted.

The new code will also clean up hero skill lists if you load and exit the Skill Shard System. For example, Keen will no longer have multiple copies of Desperado, a skill that is not even on his list. Unfortunately, any heroes that have invalid skills on their lists (negative values or numbers beyond the database limit) cannot be fixed and still crash the game. The code should prevent this from occurring in the future.

Upon further inspection, the primary quest journal entry mentions mapping out Pullus Unda, but I'm going to leave it since the language is not particularly confusing, and it's a pain to edit journal entries since they're static pictures.

Checking your Phoenix Cave save file, Drakeor's MAG statistic is low. Equipping Paladin armor boosted his Kurgalaxes skill to near maximum power. As you gain more levels and feed Drakeor Magic Sources, he'll naturally have enough MAG.

I planned even more late-game accessories and effects using DynRPG plugins. For example, the Mermaid Tear would absorb Water but cause weakness to Bolt and immunity to Fire. The Pharaoh Scepter would make Fatal attacks 100% effective, except against immune enemies. The Snowflake Scepter would boost all Ice damage. The Genji Shield would increase STR by 10%, rather than a fixed value. The code is there, but the plugins do not function correctly in battle. I had to scrap the functionality.


Updated the patch download with fixes for today's reported bugs, and corrected a possible mistake I introduced that prevents skills from equipping.

I still need to test the skill swapping bug further with some player save files since I'm unable to reproduce it.



There's definitely something in that room of the Phoenix Cave you mentioned that is causing the menu to behave incorrectly. If you could link or email your save files before and after the bug, that would be helpful. I'm not able to reproduce the bug.

Keen's second skill scroll is now Blink, but was previously Dispel Slash. The visual display is incorrect, but the activation code functions. Easy fix.

Yellow Beret accidentally had Muddle prevention checked. Probably an errand mouse click, since Paralyze is directly adjacent in the list.

The Nemus Aevum chest you refer to must be the Dragonslayer. There is a hidden staircase beneath a tree, just barely partially visible. I don't want players to miss this chest, however, so I'm moving the tree to reveal the steps.

Some versions of Drakeor's Spear Rain did not have Piercing attribute despite the skill description. Hence any Piercing weapons, including Keen's throwing stars, weren't more effective. Likely an oversight from when the skill was changed to no longer require a spear and instead lower physical resistance.

The world map labels for those temples were corrected, but I forgot to also change the map system interface. Thanks for catching that.

Prismatic Eye should ignore and dispel Reflect similar to other dispel skills. This skill was somewhat recently changed to cause dispel, and I forgot to flag the Reflect exemption.

There's no help totem in Pullus Unda I recall, and the dialog doesn't mention having to reveal the map anymore. In the current version it's intended the player starts with the complete map, rather than wasting time searching every nook for missing heroes.

Guardian Dragona's incorrect dialog is probably a copy-paste I forgot to adjust. I suppose she's technically correct if you wrap around the entire world, but that doesn't help players.

You're absolutely right about Sammy feeling less powerful than other heroes in the period between rebirth and obtaining ultimate weapons that give him equal physical attacks. This previously occurred to me, which is why the Gospel and Stingray, weapons you acquire shortly after the airship, were buffed. I've decided to give Sammy a bigger boost, introducing some power creep for his Forgotten Continent weapons. The weapons you buy for him after the airship are also now equal to those of other heroes in ATK power and multipliers, since this is the anticipated moment the average player begins to rebirth heroes.

Drakeor's Kurgalaxes is the equal of Beomaust and Ultima, the most powerful spells in the game at 12500 base damage. He needs high magic to reach the upper tiers of damage. Remember, skills drastically increase in power as your STR and MAG go up. Keen's probably reached his full potential, but Drakeor needs 1800+ MAG to max out Kurgalaxes. It's also a Breath, Dragon, and Summon attack that lowers those resistances and has spell penetration on its final tier. It becomes a godly skill, you'll see.


Thanks for the heads up on the autosave, might as well turn it on if the slots can't be used otherwise.

Right now, I'm having a problem with finding the Shankha summoning item. Apparently, it is located in the East Tower, but I've been searching there for a while and I still can't find it. Did manage to find the Bloodstone though, so I might be missing it.

==Nevermind, I found it in the Tower of Auctus instead. Apparently the book entry on Meridion is incorrect on the location of the Shankha.==

Thanks for reporting that error. An incorrect hint book is no use at all. The Shankha was moved when the Tower of Auctus became accessible again late in the game. Previously, I did not want players to miss such a crucial item, but those two summoning stones needed to be spaced out.

A new patch incorporating bug fixes for the issues you and other users have reported since the last update is now available. Let me know if any of the corrections fail, or if you discover more issues. I'm particularly interested in the skill swap error, and whether this patch will eliminate it.

Download it here.


Hey Everyone,

Recently re-discovered this game after quite a long time (about 5 years ago with an early RM2k3 release). I was surprised to see that this game is still being updated so I decided to check it out, and I am amazed at how much has changed. It's still early into the game, but I already see a lot of new stuff and it feels surprisingly fresh.

I did discover some bugs though:
1) In Vanguard, a set of gray tiles (such as the ones surrounding the garden fountain) appear over the characters instead of under them.

2)Currently going through the Tower of Propugnaculum, and apparently I got hit with the skill mix bug. Justin suddenly got Prismatic Eye and Banishing Blade (Keen's skills if I remember correctly) as well as Arctica (from the animation, looks like Vixen's Ice summon). Since I recently got the new Lesser Shard accessory, I thought that was the cause of it and fiddled around with it along with the skill shard menu to try to fix it. However, all that did was also give Justin the Psyche ability as well.

I don't know if it's the Lesser Shard specifically, considering I initially equipped it on Meredith and she (along with Glen and Vetu) were unaffected. I do have a save before I started the series of dungeons (before Internus Vorago), so I can reload if things break really bad. It is strange how I do get access to skills from characters I haven't recruited yet, although hilariously does make Justin pretty powerful with his mix.

==Found a few more===

3) When talking to the merchant in the Airship Fleet battle with Glen's party, Sammy's and Keen's dialogue also pop up despite them not being in the party.

4) I was using the autosave feature at the beginning, but recently disabled it since I manually save after every little thing anyway, so I rather have the extra 2 save slots. However, during the first visit to Fhorestian, when I used Slot 14 to save, and the game changed Glen's name to (Autosave 1). This persisted into other saves and also during dialogue. Saving in Slot 15 changes his name to (Autosave 2).

I'll report if anything else strange happens. Despite the weirdness that happened, I am enjoying the game a lot. Thank you DJC, for making and maintaining Everlong. And I honestly won't mind paying for the game, for the amount of content, systems, and the interesting fights that happen later on that I can recall.

Glad to hear you're enjoying the current iteration of Everlong, and thanks for the bug reports.

I'm about to leave on vacation for two weeks, but when I return I'll take a close look at the skill swap bug and finish the next patch, including fixes for the other issues you mentioned. The name change bug is from a custom plugin. There's little chance of an update from the author, so I would suggest not using those slots. There is a fix in the current version that should reset the names. I STRONGLY recommend leaving auto save enabled! There are rare engine crash bugs I am unable to address and the auto save feature may save you hours of lost progress.

I also found a way to address matski's concerns about the healing skill cap. Conditions can heal (or damage) using percentages, and this does circumvent the limit. I'm going to make Blessing, Chakra, Celerity, etc. inflict a condition that expires immediately before the next turn. When the condition ends, the target is healed for the specified percentage. Hopefully that will resolve the outstanding issue of having to rely on healing items, rather than skills, when excessive HP totals are reached.


First of all, Thank you for this wonderful game with a wonderful story so far, it's so long, I've spent many hours playing this game and it still has no end, just wow! I love the arena-battles with random handicap so much, really exciting and i have never seen something like this in an RPG-Maker Game! Love it!:D

But I have one big problem - The Black Dragon Puzzle.

- I just don't get how to light the torches in the 5-torches-room. There comes some white flash with every new order I try, but no door is opening. I tried making out the 2 torches in the hallway, where the both open the door to the 5-tourches room, or i made out the 2 lights in the first room with the 2 statuettes. But whatever I try, nothing happens.. :/
In which order do I have to light the torches in the 5-torches-room? And then what?
I really don't understand and nothing seems to work...
I hope someone can help me with this... :/

Glad to hear you're enjoying the game!

The Black Dragon Trial definitely has some of the most difficult puzzles in the game. What I think I'll do is add more dragon statues to each room in the first puzzle to help explain (in riddles) what lighting the torches accomplishes. That should hopefully clear up that different combinations, and sometimes dousing torches, is the solution to opening another door.


I'm not sure exactly what else you could do outside of the issues that occur when you level grind. However, I seriously would consider for each time you unlock another set of 99 levels, you should be able to heal more than once starting after the renew levels (2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, and so forth) but if you do try to experiment with that, cut the magic required down by the same amount of times the spell will be cast in a row. In my opinion, this would solve most of the problems that occur when you level grind and fight a boss that casts something that is % stat based and can't recover. Another solution to this problem is to cast regain because I bet at some point, I will recover 9999!
Another suggestion is to increase items you can carry to 999! You have so much treasure chests in the game that at some point you will get 99 of an item.
Personally, I am not a fan of being able to change boss/battle difficulty anytime during the game. I would suggest removing that feature to change game difficulty until you either unlocked new game+/continue+. I am also not a fan of games in which monsters get stronger as you level up. It did work in FFVIII but there are other RPG maker games in which didn't work well.
The frozen status on my character with soul seal was the condition I was talking about. I was underwater and shocked when it occurred. Speaking of underwater, my game moved a lot slower. A possible reason is that I played a game from a flash drive, not direct from a hard drive (so I can play it on different computers). I am not sure if that what caused it to slow down, or the map in general.
I also would see if you can add more mp3 to the game soundtrack instead of midi's. You could always offer an expansion pack or an option to people if they want to upgrade to mp3 or stick with the midi's.
You could also add an accessory in which the only enemies you encounter in an area are rare ones.
Outside of these suggestions, this is an impressive game! It would be interesting to see if a prequel would be made about the stories of the four legendary hero's. I don't think this game really explained why they didn't seal up the bad guy.

Unfortunately engine limitations prevent more than 99 items, I've not seen a practical hack to address that. Same with healing skills in battle capped at 9999. There's no way to enable multiple castings of particular skills, nor reduce their cost based on that. I don't recall if items like Elixirs work properly in battle, since they are actually percentage based recovery. You're correct that Regen is an excellent healing solution later in the game, especially equipment that inflicts that enchantment. I'm considering a White Wind skill or a double cast item for White Wizards, but I'll have to think about the difficulty of implementing it.

I've made quality of life additions requested by players over the years to empower them to play the game as they wish, and have fun while doing so. That's why Story Mode can be toggled at any time, or difficulty adjusted. If a player wants to preserve challenge, they don't have to touch those options at all. The auto balance mode is specifically for players who want monsters that adjust in difficulty. If a player does not like that, they can remain on default difficulty, or their own custom setting. Auto balance mode also features some power creep. As heroes approach level 200, their STR and MAG grow faster than monster statistics adjust. Similarly, the dual wield penalty is negated over the course of gaining those levels. Most monster skills are fixed damage with minimal STR or MAG influence, so gaining more HP definitely helps against those attacks. Using source items to boost hero statistics is just as important as gaining levels in the end game. Grinding is never necessary with a good strategy in Everlong.

There's a special visual effect when underwater in the ToKM that the rm2k3 engine is terrible at rendering. That's probably the cause of the slow down.

Mp3s do not loop or playback properly in rm2k3, and there are file size restrictions to consider. This particular host would probably not allow a full soundtrack download. We're talking hundreds of MB extra, which is too bad since I did put significant effort into the soundtrack.

The Siren item is the best solution I could implement with regards to selecting rare encounters. Depending what location and room it's used in, you will call one or a number of specific encounters with rare monsters, or foes that drop rare items. There isn't an easy way to otherwise alter the random monster encounters as implemented in the editor.

I have considered a at least the story of a prequel focusing on the four legendary heroes. If I ever do more significant work, it would probably be a better use of time to remake Everlong in a modern engine as a commercial game. There's a number of plot holes or poorly explained story elements because so many character arcs and events were reduced or cut altogether. Welana (one of those four heroes) was in love with Expirius and couldn't bear to kill him. All four heroes were reluctant because he was their former liege and they were technically rebels. Also there was uncertainty if his spirit could even be destroyed so long as the fallen god Entropy was yet to conclude his pact with Expirius. None of that made it into the game, sadly.

If you have the time I'd really appreciate if you could write a review on this website to let other players know what you think of the game. Thanks again for all the feedback you provided, the bug fixes and changes I can make will be in the next update!