I think I may have found a bug. When I try opening this treasure chest in this picture, the game sounds like I am entering a battle but I get a black screen and nothing loads. Has anyone else had this problem?

Yep, two posts up, another player reported this with a screenshot. I assumed a slew of more bugs would be reported with the release, which is why I didn't update immediately. It's been quiet, however, so maybe I ought to stop waiting. It's a single minor bug, but I can see almost every player encountering it.


Found a bug in version 3.31. Whenever I try to open this chest in Cascade Caverns, there's a "monster chest" sound effect and the screen goes black.

Thanks for reporting that error, the wrong common event is being called. The Siren item special effects are running instead of the treasure chest. It appears the other chests in various areas containing Sirens are fine, so I'm not sure how I goofed only once. The first on my new list of bugs for a future update.


New version is out, with all relevant download links gathered in this blog post.

As always, I'll be watching the forums and the game email inbox for any bug reports. It wouldn't surprise me if the new features were not perfectly implemented since they required extensive coding but were minimally tested.


Thanks for continuing the work on the walk-through. Many players will appreciate that guide in the future.

I managed some good work this weekend, and had some exciting test results work, but unfortunately was defeated by a plugin bug. I'm still implementing the dual wield penalty and shield+ bonus, and may have to tweak the exact percentages in the future, but I cannot buff weapons and equipment in the manner I hoped.

It's too bad, I had some awesome effects working yesterday. Equipping the Pharaoh Scepter made all enemies 100% susceptible to Death, unless immune (bosses). Mermaid's Tear absorbed Water, nullified Fire, but caused weakness to Bolt. Snowflake boosted all Ice elemental damage by 150%. Genji Shield boosted STR by 10% for the wearer. Unfortunately I needed a certain plugin to work, and it has multiple faults. The author hasn't posted in years, and I don't know if anybody is still around working on DynRPG, eliminating any hope for a fix.

At some point I have to stop trying to include more features in the game. On the bright side, the new version will be released very soon with some useful updates and bug fixes.


I'm going to complete some additional updates for the new version, but it shouldn't take too long.

I've already fixed a couple bugs I discovered. A bottom line has been added to the menu display that shows location, GP, and bonuses rewarded in battle for EXP, GP, and Item Drop percentages based on accessories and Dr. Odine potions. These exact numbers were previously a mystery to players.

Mostly I want to make single wield with a shield relevant again. Dual wielding is simply too powerful. I'm testing an algorithm that lowers hero strength when two weapons are equipped. As heroes gain more levels, this penalty is reduced but never fully negated, except perhaps through a rare accessory. When a shield is equipped, a defense bonus is applied as heroes gain levels after rebirth.

In conjunction, later game equipment will receive new effects, especially shields, to improve usefulness. Unfortunately some effects are difficult or impossible due to engine limitations and the lack of certain DynRPG plugins. I wanted to use the Direct Menu Patch so some of these effects (Ex: HP+50%) would appear naturally and immediately in the menu. Instead the player will have to quit the main menu after changing equipment for these effects to implement.

Any player input on the topic would be appreciated!


A month has passed without any new bugs reported or features requested. I'm going to release an updated full install and patch soon. If players have any immediately relevent feedback, please let me know on here or by email.
Did you release it yet?

Not yet, but soon. I just have to find a little time to put the full installation package and an updated patch file together. Hopefully this week.

I thought about buffing shields and armlets to compete with dual wielding, but I'm not sure that would be effective. If possible I'd rather reduce the overall damage from dual wielding by a fixed percentage, but I'm not sure that's possible even with a DynRPG plugin.


A month has passed without any new bugs reported or features requested. I'm going to release an updated full install and patch soon. If players have any immediately relevent feedback, please let me know on here or by email.


I'll be absent for the next few weeks, but will respond to player questions and issues when I return.

If no more bugs are reported in that time I'm going to update the full installer and take the current version out of beta.


What the fek is up with those monsters immune to the normal/physical attacks and then having only 1 of 3 heroes with a spell that actually works against them?! Terrible!

Some enemies have either high defense, take reduced physical damage, or are immune to physical attacks and skills. The latter were introduced in the past year to make magic users and strategy more relevant. The battles in Everlong are not designed as hack and slash.

Early in the game, players don't have many options to deal with these special foes. The idea was to guide players toward thinking and making strategic choices by presenting a single obvious solution, which you figured out. In addition to magic spells, there are also some early weapons that are effective against these enemies (Sterling Knuckle, Silhouette, Werebane)

These enemies, which are generally Spirit or Demon type, are not common. There's usually only one or two per dungeon maximum, often none. The instances you'll encounter early in the game only reduce physical damage, rather than possess immunity. The first foe that takes no physical damage is the Shadow in the Void. By then, both Julia and Sammy have access to Holy spells (Censure, Holy Wrath) that will deal massive damage to this enemy.

If you look up their type in the Tactics section of the Options menu, you'll see these foes have some useful weaknesses (Mana, Absorb, Sleep, Daze) players can learn to exploit later in the game when status effect spells become available, or casters start using AP absorption for replenishment.


I'm missing one tile in khaer magnus. From the bottom, 3 over and 1 up. Can anyone tell me what tile is missing and where to find it? I've been searching for a few weeks now and still can't find it on my own.

Hey there Sharedspirit,

I'm not sure whether you mean left or right by "over," so I'll detail both for you.

3 over to the RIGHT and one up: Lava Bridges. Connected to Block Push, the first puzzle area. From the main tomb entrance, head up the stairs, then take a right, head up past some more stairs into the doorway that leads to Block Push ground floor. Position the pillars so you can first activate the red switch, then reposition them to cross west (left) to reach the southern (bottom) portion of the second level. The red switch removes spikes blocking the stairs down to Lava Bridges.

3 over to the LEFT and one up: Path Trace. Connected to Block Push. Solve the upper level pillar puzzle, which requires finishing Puzzle Complete first to gain access to this side of the room. Then go up one floor and use the bridges you created to reach the southeast corner of the room. The chest containing the skill scroll Dispel is along the way.

Let me know if it's neither of these and I've misinterpreted the tile you're missing.