Hey DJC, again thank you for putting such effort to this magnificent old game. I last played it around 2010 so after all these updates I definitely wanted to give it another run. But I encountered a game breaking bug right after I get to Herbtown inside a cart. When I go to talk to this guy at the pub to progress the mission, right after the dialogue finishes, my character goes one step back and gets stuck in the wall and cannot move...

Is there any chance you could give me a solution or provide me a save file of that moment in the storyline ? I run Win 7 with fx-8350 r9 270x just in case...

Here is a pic of where I'm stuck

EDIT: I'm also running the last version of the game 3.33

Sorry, this bug is totally my fault. I knew I should have tested the short story sequence in the Herbtown pub after altering the map to catch errors like this.

I've updated the patch file with a fix. Download a fresh copy and install it by overwriting all the old files. The pub map should now have extra space below the table and chairs, preventing the hero from becoming stuck in the wall.

Let me know if you find any others during your play through. It's good to know somebody is trying the new version so I can be confident in the beta patch before updating the main install package.


I wonder what the cap is? The game that I was playing capped damage was 9,999,999. It's too bad that the healing cap is 9999 unless you find your way around it.

9,999 is the base healing cap, but I did circumvent that with an extra enchantment effect on spells that immediately ends before the next turn, healing for a percentage of maximum HP, but it's clunky. To my knowledge there's no hack for the healing cap, it may not be so simple as changing a single memory address depending on the engine implementation, now lost with the source code.

9,999,999 should be the highest cap used given variable and display limitations. I had issues with calculations trying to balance bosses to max HP beyond 2^21, so I know there's a hard limit.


Make sure you do a fresh reinstall of the game (no patch needed) and only copy and paste your previous save files. I've used both Windows 7 and 10 over the last decade to edit and test the game. Try checking options in the "Compatibility" tab of the "Properties" section for the RPG_RT.exe file, accessed by the right-click menu. If Windows Firewall is an issue, it will normally display a pop-up message asking permission, or at least a warning.

I intentionally capped the damage at 99,999 with the following line in DynRPG.ini:
This guarantees certain scripts will execute during battle before the fight ends. Otherwise, bosses could be defeated in a single attack, and code that needs to run will be bypassed. You can change the last value to increase the cap, but the game may malfunction.

There is a way to view skill descriptions before you activate them in the Skill Shard System! Thanks to some DynRPG plugins, just press shift while you have a skill line selected and are viewing a skill's activation cost. This will pop-up a message box with the exact skill description seen in menus once the skill is equipped. The tutorial mentions this briefly, but it's otherwise not obvious.



I'm on vacation road tripping. Will be back and able to address issues and questions the second week of August. Sorry for the delay!


Hello! TreasonWall from the Everlong forums here, with the first chunk of extensive free time I've had in quite a while. I just started playing V3.32, and I've got to say that "Hard mode" setting is a really great addition to the game. It feels extremely refreshing to suddenly get torn apart by early bosses like Ull and Belial when I'm so used to walking all over this game with nothing to stop me (I did after all beat Khaer Magnus in two different playthroughs without ever using the new Game+ function in v3.27).

I noticed just about every boss seems to have a way more dangerous moveset than before, too, which makes some fights a lot more interesting than they used to be.
Speaking of that sort of thing, I've read the review section for this game and would like to say that I for one really like all the devious enemy moves such as Reversal, Price of Gold, Backfire, Bloodsong and all the rest and I strongly hope those remain a part of the game forever.

The additional plot points so far are also quite well done, lots of interesting stuff in there.

Anyway, I've reached the Belial fight and noticed two questionable things so far:

- I don't know if this is fixable, but some tiles in Borealis Outpost and in the Underground Tyr-Anox base at Mariner's Landing generate a field terrain during combat. Kind of an immersion breaker.

- A lot of the NPC dialogue in the Herbtown pub has become nonsensical since the map was modified, referencing characters and objects which no longer exist.

Anyway, that's it for now but I'll probably have more remarks to make as I progress through the game.

Hey TreasonWall, welcome back and thanks for the feedback. You could always write a review on this website if you'd like to give players your view on some of the contentious issues, such as the punishing enemy skills used by bosses.

I thought I addressed those battle background terrain issues for those areas, but maybe I missed some. I'll take another look for future patches. Same on the Herbtown pub dialog, since the upper floors have long been deleted.


Hey there, SimonTheDigger,

Swank actually cannot be missed permanently. If the player fails to talk to him at any location in the story chain, he'll still appear in a different spot later in the game as a recruitable NPC.

The only thing that can be missed in a single play through is the Letters quest, but the reward is not unique, and can be completed on a new game+ if 100% finish is desired.

Let me know if you find any significant bugs or balance issues in the current version. Enjoy!


Hey there Mayfly, and welcome back to the new version of Everlong.

I do appreciate the feedback, and while I'll definitely make those dialog fixes, I don't recommend wasting too much of your time reporting all the spelling and grammatical errors you come across considering their multitude. At this point I'm not going to release updates often for minor issues.

I agree with your comments about the Shadow enemies in the Void. I will make them half susceptible to physical damage rather than immune. There may be some silver weapons that can hurt them, but they are either found later in the dungeon, or are available from shops the player cannot access in the Void. The other characters besides Julia do have some skills to damage the Shadows, but they are expensive or not necessarily acquired yet depending on level.


How do you activate skills like Ensuna ? Thanks anyone !!

You activate skill scrolls the same as any other skills, but you cannot do so until you have obtained the item itself. You will only find skill scrolls in specific chests, as listed in a post above. Once in your inventory, if the selected hero can activate the skill, it will now be possible when chosen on their skill shard page if you have the requisite number of shards. Each hero has access to different skill scrolls, just as their regular skills are unique, though there is sharing. Not all heroes can use Esuna, but several may. The skill must activated for each hero you want to use it.


Are you able to recall when Vixen first started having a significantly higher damage output than other heroes? I'm assuming she is the only hero of the twelve with exceedingly high stats. I'll try to recreate the bug, but it would help if I could narrow the scope of my search and testing.

Justin's development would have been significantly altered. His fiancee wouldn't be a damsel in distress, but a political player who betrays the west and sides with the Cirigoth, attempting to seize the throne of Bridelveil from her inept father before the cult of Expirius double crosses her and Justin's rescue at Mt. Asper fails. I would have to check my story notes, but the relationship between Justin and Vixen later in the game would not involve courtship. Justin would be torn between grief and anger, mostly unreceptive to her inexperienced approaches until he's able to reconcile his emotions.

I would absolutely agree that the story remains conflicted and incoherent given all the incomplete changes spanning years. I don't think a few more line changes will make a difference. A total rewrite would be required to create a consistent plot and character development. I'm comfortable letting the gameplay drive and hold the game together, while conceding the story is serviceable at best.

Revirdok was meant to be a large, populated city. A plot change would have involved Glen restoring the team after the Eclipse, recruiting each hero one at a time. Keen would have voluntarily surrendered to the Revirdok authorities, and a quest involving the Thieves Guild to get him out of jail would have ensued following meeting Vixen and Willis. This was all cut, along with the city.

The silver mines in Seraphia were originally just world building to explain the country's economy, but I had ideas for a mining mini-game or mechanic where ores were discovered in various caves and weapons or items could be created by smiths.

Captain Diego was going to replace the character of Cid who pilots your ship and airship, with a cameo during the War of the Eclipse and perhaps other instances.

The modern technology, such as the airship and memory becomes, survived from previous eras, built by ancient civilizations long gone as the world is reborn every age. Everlong is entirely a fantasy world.


Did you get a chance to compare Vixen's STR and level to the other heroes in your party? If those are not the factors contributing to her damage output discrepency, there might be a bug or incorrect database entry I'm unaware of.

The high critical multiplier is mostly for monsters, particularly end game bosses so their physical attacks deal significant damage if the player does not wear equipment that blocks critical hits. Hero critical strikes are rarer, except for specific weapons, and I could reduce those if you think that would improve balance.

In earlier versions, the Invincible Four where not the enslaved souls of the four legendary heroes. They were just servants of Expirius. I couldn't change the location of the bosses without balancing the battles again. Nergal (Mandros Tyranus) should have been at West Tower in Tyr-Anon. Marowit (Val Veritas) at Occultus Gaza, and more of a fighter than pure mage. Laverna (Phoebe Seraphim) is in the correct location, but Valkyrie (Welana Eridwell) belongs at East Tower as a caster only.

The voice that speaks and attempts to control Azrael is Expirius. Azrael was chosen to host the Abyssal Lords as his soul was already stained and corrupted as a Blackguard. The infestation allows Expirius to communicate with Azrael from his prison. I don't entirely recall the justification for waiting a millennia, it's lost in my story notes, but I believe Altair was dispatched by the four heroes and it took time for him to reconstitute a physical form and engineer his master's plans, such as finding a suitable vessel for the Abyssal Lords, who were still free in the world of men but incorporeal and powerless. There have been so many character and plot changes over the course of more than a decade it's difficult to keep plot strands cohesive.

If I had completed the story rewrite, the motives of Expirius would have been entirely different than invoking the eclipse and destroying the seals to return and obtain power from Entropy. Expirius was going to be a tragic villain betrayed by the supposed four legendary heroes, stuck in a time loop by the fallen god Entropy until he managed to fulfill their bargain, which he made to save his kingdom rather than selfish gain. Azrael would be a conduit across time who would eventually absorb the knowledge of Expirius as they traded thoughts. Expirius was trying to break the cycle by guiding the game's heroes along the only path that could break the loop, after countless iterations and failures.

That's a good point about how cruel and tasteless you can choose to make Glen's responses. Suffice to say, those choices have an enormous impact on the affection rating, but I don't like them and I planned to remove the entire romance mechanic. Glen and Meredith would have had a chance to bond, with additional scenes during their scenario and afterward. Vixen would have become an initially unrequited romance for Justin, the reveal of her true character changing this dynamic.

The game used to be much more lighthearted. Introducing character complexity took the tone in a different direction, and some players have voiced their disappointment and displeasure with the changes. I feel the story and characters are the weakest aspect of the game because of the rewrites and massive cuts to backstory and personal development.

Ask as many questions as you like! I'll do my best to answer from what I remember is in the game and was intended.

Just read your reply, DJC. So critical hits amount to triple damage? Wow, that puts things in perspective. As I said, knowing that balance in battle is a really difficult objective, I understand you deciding not to overhaul the system and instead going for careful tinkering here and there.
Your reasoning about not displaying the total number of treasures and preserving fun for all players is very interesting, besides the fact that the amount of chests varies each time as you stated. Thank you for explaining.

I had a few questions about plot points, if that´s okay. First, about the Invincible Four aka the 4 heroes of old. From what we´re told at different points, it´s clear that Laverna (the one with the wings)=Seraph=founder of Seraphia=we fight her at Vanguard, it all checks. Idem with Marowit (the enchantress)=Welana Eridwell=founder of Eridwell=we fight her at the East Tower.
But I´m a bit confused about the other two, Valkyrie and Nergal, because we´re told that Val Veritas (the hero with a beard) founded the North Kingdom near Occultus Gaza, and yet at that location, we fight Nergal, who is entirely clad in armor, which looks more like the one we´re told founded Tyr-Anon? So is Valkyrie meant to be Val Veritas, or is it Nergal?

Also, now that I´m replaying the game, it´s not quite clear to me what´s the deal with the voice that helps Azrael break out of his cell at the beginning of the story. We know that Altair engineers his escape from the Tyr-Anox, so does that mean the voice is Entropy´s? Is it Expirius´s? Given that they´re both sealed in the Void at first, how are they intervening if it´s them, and for that matter, how did they make Azrael a conduit for the Abyss lords, why him, and why wait 1000 years later if Altair´s been around all that time (since we know he was a fool at Expirius´s court)?

Sorry if that seems like a lot of questions, but I´m always interested in understanding the intricacies of a plot! You wrote in other comments that due to time constraints, you had had to cut a lot of moments linked to that and also character development, so I thought I´d ask you here.

When it comes to character development, precisely, I wanted to tell you that I have to say that some of Glen´s interactions with Meredith and Vixen bothered me, because some of his answers are really awful (at one point he derogatorily goes on about Vixen "spreading her legs", quote), and between that, her frequently being insulted as a "harlot", and also the several mentions of rape, it´s relatively offputting.