Dispel is a common skill scroll to several heroes so everyone has such a skill. The ability to remove positive enchantments from enemies is a crucial ability in some battles. You don't need to count the skill scrolls yourself. The stats tracker checks your inventory for the scroll items to determine the total count.

The "missing" battles are probably the first two against Dynamo where he escapes. Any battles that end in "Perished" should count as losses. I'm relying on the engine counter for these to be accurate.

The amount of treasures is not tracked out of a set total for a few reasons. The number of chests is variable, as some bonus treasures can be earned infinitely (Puzzles, hunting, etc.), and there's no distinction between bonus and fixed chests. Some chests can be missed, such as during the War of the Eclipse. I'm also not sure if the number of generic treasures are the same in the three Tyr-Anon Invasion dungeons. On a New Game+, most chests reset, but not all, reducing the potential total on replays. The most important justification, however, is I didn't want players stressing over a perfect chest count, even in a 100% run. Given there are so many chests, many that are hard to find or not skip accidentally, I didn't consider such a requirement fair. I don't want to encourage players to waste excessive time grinding for a meaningless objective, they should be having fun and always making rewarding progress.

Battle Scars has a maximum limit of 9,998 until heroes are reborn. Then the maximum limit is the average maximum HP of party heroes minus one. The damage can be reduced by the Scarab Amulet. The description in the Tactics Help section currently fails to mention the limit.

For weapons, ATK is not as important as the multiplier. The ultimate weapons increase base damage by ten times. Once you have the best weapons, raising the total of STR + ATK becomes your main source of increasing physical damage. Might is a quick way to double that total. If you're mathematically inclined, the formula for regular attack damage is:

* Weapon Multiplier * Magic Multipliers

There's nothing special about Vixen's combat abilities. Her STR curve is lower than a melee focused hero like Drakeor or Glen, but significantly higher than other casters. If she's dealing that much more damage, her STR must be much higher than the rest of your party. Total level can also have an impact on damage, as the dual wield penalty decreases as you approach 200. Critical hits will always be insane at higher damage because they triple the amount.

Monsters automatically balance according to the average stats of your heroes. If Vixen has higher STR she will pull the mean in her direction, but not enough that encounters are truly balanced. It's hard to actually employ a better algorithm using statistics given the limited mathematics the engine is capable of.

As for Kurgalaxes, Beomaust, and Ultima, these spells deal the highest damage of any hero skills, and they also make all targets receive double damage with subsequent castings. I'm hesitant to weaken these skills, as casters need to compete with ridiculous physical attacks in the end game as you've noticed.

It just occurred to me I could make the Might condition only last a few turns, requiring constant reapplication, but this wouldn't address equipment that automatically inflicts the enchantment. At some point it will also be reduced to a nuisance not worth maintaining, which is not the goal.


Thanks for the great feedback, and I apologize again for the skill swap crash bug. I'm planning to update the full package download soon, so no more players should inadvertently experience this error by not having the latest version.

The Dispel skill shard is in the Tomb of Khaer Magnus, but the others are in dungeons already accessible to you. I agree there's too many random treasure chests, and it's easy to miss some. I wanted to drastically reduce the number of chests, and replace them with more world appropriate objects, such as plants that harvest for medicine, or skeletal remains of dead adventurers bearing weapons or armor. Those changes were cut due to time constraints. Here's an updated list of skill shard locations:

  • Esuna - Aditus Grotto
  • Regen - Viridis Mons
  • Enfeeble - Nemus Aevum
  • Zealous Blades - Meridion Caverns
  • Surge - Cerulean Silex
  • Freeze - Ship Graveyard
  • Detonator - Silentium Tumulus
  • Entrust - Triangle Mountain
  • Blink - Triangle Mountain exit after completion
  • Verve - Phoenix Cave
  • Singularity - Atlantis
  • Debilitate - Atlantis
  • Viper Strike - West Tower
  • Dispel Slash - East Tower
  • Reflect - Progidium Nidus after completion
  • Dispel - Tomb of Khaer Magnus

The rebirth system was a later addition to the game. No encounters are balanced for it. Unless players activate the automatic monster balance mode, there won't be much challenge after gaining additional levels or switching to dual wield. In the latest version, ultimate weapon critical hit rates are significantly lowered and spells received a boost in the form of spell penetration for the final tier, which ignores enemy magic reducing damage. Vetu also has the Nucleus accessory for double casting. I also introduced a dual wield penalty, where STR is lowered by a percentage when dual wielding. A shield+ mechanic also exists that boosts DEF when single wield, an important stat later in the game against bosses that spam Overpower. I could further lower critical hit rates, or increase the dual wield penalty if physical attacks still seem unbalanced.

The Might spell is one of the biggest balance issues that I've grappled with. This spell previously cost percentage based AP. Players complained skills like this made increasing maximum AP useless, but I'm considering reverting this change for a select few skills. That doesn't address the many equipment pieces that inflict Might automatically, though. As you've noticed, later bosses employ skills that dispel positive enchantments, or penalize for them. There was significant player backlash against giving enemies too many direct counters that discouraged or prevented exploiting weaknesses and these mechanics, however, so I did not pursue this approach as aggressively as planned. This is why Might Makes Wrong and Hubris are less seldom seen than simple dispel skills, or don't deal more damage.

That's a great point about Miracles and other powerful medicines you can create at the forge allowing players to spam and forget. I think I will change the formula to require rare items the player cannot farm, perhaps a type of monster drop. There's still plenty of opportunities to obtain these medicines through other means, but not in large quantities quickly. Some players desperately need these items to have any chance at certain bonus bosses, however, so I don't want to make them too scarce.

I definitely want to keep battles interesting and challenging in all situations, and for as many players of differing ability as possible. That's why there are so many monster balance options. I do have to be careful, however, as some players can become quite frustrated with battles that others breeze through without difficulty. For example, the Scarab Amulet accessory was introduced by player request for the singular purpose of nerfing special enemy attacks that some players vehemently insisted were unfairly punishing. It's a fine line, but I like your ideas, and would love to hear any other suggestions.

Archangel should not be immune to physical attacks. He begins with 50% resistance, which you can lower to normal. His Squall spells inflicts Blink, however, which evades all physical attacks and you must Dispel. Some enemies will also remove Fragile once inflicted, returning to their regular resistance. Others increase their resistances, and you must continue counteracting their actions. In the Tomb of Khaer Magnus, you'll also encounter the Adamant Golem, who is immune to physical attacks until reducing defense to increase offense.

The Vanir weapon sound effects are using some of the default rm2k3 RTP sounds, and I agree an ultimate weapon should instead be a pleasure to hear every time it strikes. I will update the animation in the next patch.

Tyr-Anon Castle is one of the earliest game areas, some of my first mapping attempts in the old rm2k engine almost two decades ago. I agree it is a ridiculous labyrinth of poor design, which is why there are guide arrows when completing plot events. On the player's first visit, the areas are restricted since I would consider such a large area far too overwhelming that early in the game. Upon returning to the castle, there's really only the chests in the secret room mentioned in a library book that matter. The only reasonable solution would be to redo all the maps and simplify the castle, but I admit nostalgia and historical reasons as well as time required discourage me from doing so.

The Tyr-Anon Invasion event with three outpost choices does feature different dungeons and monsters, but the treasures are the same so don't worry about missing anything! The music is starting to become rather dated as modern systems don't support MIDI well. I had another player recently request a higher quality soundtrack. The biggest obstacle is hosting, as this would drastically boost the file size. It would also take significant time remastering each track with the most appropriate sound font. The Battle Arena penalty system is modeled after Final Fantasy 7, so I can't take too much credit for that. That's awesome to hear the lead up to the Pandemonium battle evoked the emotions I was trying for. That sequence was inspired by the Death Marshes in Turok 2 and the appearance of the Balrog in LotR. One of my favorite scenes is when you first acquire the Aetherius and Cid pilots it to the surface, but that's also heavily influenced by Final Fantasy 6 and 10. Hard to be entirely original, especially considering this project was initially begun as a Final Fantasy fan game.

Let me know if you have any other feedback or questions. It's great to hear from an enthusiastic player with good ideas that can help improve the game, though I'm not willing or able to commit significantly more time to this project.


Thanks for your reply, DJC. I had indeed noticed that some enemies in random encounters begin the battle not at full strength, but it´s not been too bad so far. As for the lava tubes not being replayable in Cerulean Silex, given that it´s available in the battle arena, I don´t think this would negatively affect anyone.
As for the 3.31e patch, as I mentioned in my last post, I finally installed it, and it did fix the skill swap issue for most characters. It´s made the game crashes worse when accessing the skill menu outside of battle, however. I can´t enter Willis´ or Keen´s page at all outside of battle, and crashes also occur when perusing the skills of characters who naturally have more than one page (so Drakeor is fine, but the white mages and Vixen´s pages cause crashes if I´m not careful not to go too low).

Once the skill swap bug has added invalid skill entries to hero skill lists, there's no way for them to be removed via executing engine code since they cannot be detected. This should never have been possible, but the engine programmers apparently did not add a catch error exception for this situation. Unfortunately, I do not know how to hex edit rm2k3 save files, as that would likely be the only way to remedy your saves. The best I can do is provide an alternate save file approximate to where you are in the game, or advise that you try to continue as best as possible. The new code in the patch does fix the valid skill cross over, but this shortens the lists to their true length, exacerbating the bug. Sorry that I cannot offer a better solution, especially when you're so near the end.


Update since my last post: I downloaded the 3.31e patch, and that allowed me to get that pesky chest in the Cascade caverns. The airship docking function is now straightforward and wonderful, I have to say. However, the characters still have the jumbled skillset, but the real problem is that now I can´t use the healing spells outside of battle. Is that an unintended side-effect, or was it planned, DJC? Anyway, thanks for working so hard on patches and fixes all the time.

The healing skills not working outside of battle is an oversight on my part. The final tier of healing spells now inflict a condition to allow percentage based healing, thus restoring more than the 9,999 limit. I removed the old fixed amount of healing, but this prevents using these skills outside of battle. The Reprieve condition inflicting by final tier healing skills only works in battle, so I will restore the static healing functionality so these skills aren't useless in the field, even though it looks and operates in a clunky manner.


Thanks for your thoughts and reports on the issues you encountered on the game, Ekoh! Most of the bugs you cited have been fixed in the latest patch, which I strongly recommend every player installs. The update is not on the old website, but you can find it here:

Extract the contents to your Everlong folder and overwrite previous files. This will change the airship dock functionality. This patch also eliminates the skill swap bug (probably caused by unintended parallel execution of events), the Cascade Cavern chest freeze, the Vetu level error on join, the Altair battle debug message, and the Nemus Aevum directions to Kuwadora.

The Crissaegrim was previously a two handed weapon that also attacked twice. All double swords are now single hand, and can be equipped single or dual wield. All weapons are also single attack, except the Tombstone for Willis, which can only be used when he's set to his single wield class, Sharpshooter. Otherwise, Willis could potentially exceed the boss death threshold, preventing key batle events from running.

You make a good point about returning to Ignis Castrum. I will add an additional teleport back to the castle, perhaps in the cave beneath Niveus adjacent to the airship teleport. This will necessitate blocking the player from repeating the Lava Tube mini-game to prevent money farming. I'll also add the teleport graphic inside the airship even when not docked, with an explanatory message when touched by the player.

The last choice at the Battle Arena, first page is indeed the Tomb of Khaer Magnus, which will not unlock until you complete that dungeon. It becomes available after you start a continue+ or new game+. You will receive a new journal entry directing the player to the world map location.

If you're continuing a save with the skill swap bug, you unfortunately probably have entries on your hero skill lists that reference invalid database numbers. This is what causes the crashing when scrolling down their skill lists. I'm not familiar with any rm2k3 save file utilities or hex editing that could remove these entries.

The colors for the text of damage or healing values is determined by the system graphic chosen. I generally left those unedited since the original graphic authors made the color scheme choices to match their backgrounds. Try a different system graphic and see if that improves visibility. I did have to replace the timer numbers in many of the graphics, so perhaps I should do the same for the HP and AP colors, though this might clash with the rest of the individual color schemes.

The freezing in the Uber Daemon battle is a rare engine bug I'm unable to address. I've tried tweaking the Dyn RPG plugin values for the Corti ATB modifier the project uses (you can also do so in the dynrpg.ini file in the main Everlong folder), but this freeze bug also happened with the default battle speed algorithm.

In addition to your experience with the "invisible monster" auto victory in Solus Insula, you may also notice that on rare occasions enemies begin a battle without their HP gauges full. This is the monster modifier plugin failing to execute before the battle initializes. It's another rare bug that I have no control over. The new patch should actually fix this for the Solus Insula enemies and any other minibosses since they are now intentionally adjusted after the battle begins, but random encounters with special death animations using the boss death threshold can still fail in this manner. Even bosses may experience this issue if you use a custom setting that lowers their HP to almost nothing, despite an algorithm I wrote to force a minimum.

I just tested casting Slow, and it appears to work correctly. Any enemy immune to the Cripple condition (1/2 Speed) will not be effected by Slow. This includes all bosses and minibosses. Many later, powerful enemies are also immune to Slow.

Thanks again for your input, and looking forward to a review of the current version!


Congrats on figuring out a way to heal over 9999! By the way, what is the max level? It keeps going and going. I think 4 of my characters HP max is either over 60,000 or 70,000; I can't remember off hand as it has been awhile.

There is no maximum level, the game will allow you to rebirth your heroes indefinitely. I suppose the variables will fail to track any levels beyond 9,999,999 since that is the engine limit.

I wasn't totally satisfied with the implementation of healing based on percentages. It's a little clunky having the heal occur after the cast just before the next turn, and not having the condition dissipate until another turn passes. Ugly, but functional. I'm thinking of removing the HP heal associated with healing skills of that tier to eliminate confusion on the spell's effect.


I recently started replaying this game from the beginning - latest version. Played it years ago but as far as I can remember I didn't finish it. I'm now at a part where I can change the party members and there is the option "unequip all".

I think this option somehow dropped some Paladin stuff (I think armor, shield, helmet) in my inventory. At least I can think of no other reason as to why it is there. Checked the inventory (while selling after unequipping and then re-equipping) and found it. Seems Sammy can equip it.

(I guess this is from the Cirus guy back in Eridwell that joined the fighting team for a few fights.)

There was also some item that prevents all conditions - only Sammy can equip it. And a sword I think "Tolerance". I guess because of the monk background story Sammy has the same "class" as the paladin guy that's why he can equip that stuff and it is a bug cause you shouldn't be able to have access already to them just by unequipping the other guy that isn't in the party anymore.

This bug is an oversight on my part when I created an initial dummy class for Sammy in a recent patch to ensure his dual-wield nature functioned correctly. I forgot to set the equipment and weapon database access for the new class.

Those particular equipment pieces are also dummy items, copies of actual weapons, armor, and accessories you obtain later in the game. The ones dumped in your inventory were "cursed" versions that cannot be manually removed. The Unequip All function called in Party Maker ignores that restriction. I'll fix this in the next patch.

Thank you for reporting this bug!


Found out what the problem was. I decided to try and reinstall the game, since a fresh copy should have no problems. However, nothing changed when I started up the game. So, when I went into my save folder to upload save files (just in case they were messed up), I noticed that the save folder (located in C:\Users\\Appdata\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Everlong v3.31) also contained {.ini, .ldb, .lmt} files. The one that caught my eye was that the .ldb file was last modified in 1/7/2018. After updating those files from the ones in the main directory, suddenly things worked out fine. In addition to the final battle actually starting, my healing spells also have Reprieve now, which they didn't before. So yeah, I was stuck in V3.31A without realizing it.

Plus, I tested my Phoenix Cave save files and the Skill Shard system did immediately fix the skill mixing.

Anyway, here are the rest of the problems I found when going through the story (some might not be relevant now that I updated the game, but I'll put them up anyway):
1) In Smales' stat screen for the Arena, the top entry says "Battle Arena Incomplete", while it makes more sense it it says "Battle Arena Complete".

2) While in Default and Shield+ Mode, Sammy can wield weapons such as Staves and Whips, which I don't think he should be able to.

3) Right before the Altair boss battle in Atlantis beings, this happens:

That's all I have for bugs. Here's a few thoughts I had:
a) There are no book entries for the more recent additions to lineup of ultimate weapon guardians for Atlantis. It can help to have a small bit of information about their main gimmick, as I wasn't even sure if their attacks did anything (such as Parasite, didn't seem to do anything, might've been because I was wearing a Scarab Amulet). I recall that there used to be an NPC or something that gave you some information on how some enemy skills work. Couldn't hurt to append them to some of the existing books of the original four.

b) I liked the screen shake that happens when the final boss stores energy, makes it really obvious when not to attack. I remember this fight in the past, where I wasn't sure if he was still storing energy and attacked. Next thing I knew, my initial party was defeated and I had to use my backup. I also like how you get enough party members to fill out Team C now, instead of it being an inevitable defeat if victory wasn't achieved in a few hits.

c) Right after I finished the game, I realize how to activate Hard Mode now. I thought I was stuck in Normal Mode since that was the only option available when selecting a new game and it was only available after beating it. Kind of feel bad now since I didn't even feel threatened when fighting Uber Daemon before entering Atlantis. Will definitely do a New Game + Hard + Story Mode run when I replay the game in the future.

Glad to hear updating your database file worked and solved those issues.

The Battle Arena statistics page text read "Incomplete" until all challenges were finished, then changed to "Cleared", but I'll make the language less confusing.

Sammy intentionally wields staves, wands, etc. when changed to his Anchorite class, as it's intended as a caster option. This gives him access to weapons that boost relevant stats for magic and defense. There's little reason to change him from a dual wield offensive character, so I was trying to give the alternative more utility.

Thanks for catching that debug message before the Altair battle. I usually remember to remove those after testing, but in this case I forgot and nobody reported it.

The new weapon guardians in Atlantis were originally mandatory plot bosses that I repurposed. It's difficult to add books to the library, and these monsters didn't have any nasty gimmicks I felt required entries. The library does feel incomplete without them, I agree. I've considered adding more guardians for all the ultimate weapons, including a few other optional bosses and encounters, but never quite found the time to implement them.

The Parasite skill was actually bugged, I accidentally set a negative variable reference value. The Scarab Amulet does reduce damage, but not entirely. Like other special enemy skills, Parasite is listed in the Tactics section of the Option menu. As you witness these skills used in battle, you can look up their description and exact formulas.

Good to know the screen shake helps with bosses that change modes or have charging periods. I feared it might be excessive, but the effect doesn't occur too often, and a visual cue was needed.

Making three complete parties possible was part of the rationale behind returning Azrael and Cirus as playable character in the end-game. I wanted to do a three party bonus dungeon, but that was cut.

Hard Mode won't change the difficulty that much unless you start a fresh game. If you want an actual challenge after heroes are reborn you must enable auto balance mode. Monster database values are balanced for heroes at level 99 with a damage ceiling of 9,999 from the old version prior to DynRPG.

If you begin a Continue+ save, you'll have access to the bonus dungeon, the Tomb of Khaer Magnus. New enemies, items, puzzles, and a difficult boss.


The fix doesn't seem to work for me. It still forces Sammy back into Dual Wielding when I load the save.

Edit: In the Abyss, right after selecting the three parties before battle, I get an error message "Event script referenced a common event that does not exist." when the screen fades to white.

I'm unable to duplicate either bug. Using your previous save files, I'm able to correct Sammy's equipment slots and execute the final battle event in the Abyss without error.

Looking at the code execution, and considering your skill lists did not clean up, I think your database file (RPG_RT.ldb) is not updating to the new version in the patches. Make certain this file in your main Everlong directory is not set to read only in the properties tab (right click, bottom of list, bottom of tab in attributes section). When you unzip the patch archive, locate just this file, extract it to the main Everlong directory and be positive to overwrite. Check the file's modified date. It should read "2018 01 23" if up to date.

That's about all I can suggest for ensuring the file updated, other than deleting your current version and extracting the new one from the patch archive. I'm almost certain this is the issue.


The bug with Sammy's equipment slot results from a conflict between his hero and class data. The engine doesn't resolve the dual wield flag in the desired and previously assumed manner, but I created a duplicate initial class to bypass the issue.

Here's a link to a small patch update that should cause Sammy to function correctly. Let me know if there's more issues!