Thanks for always fast help.
One time my airship dissapear,i was on the east con..and the airship seems to be on rhe west.I don`t took any notes and thinked you must already heard about it, and it was one time only and no big deal.

Actually, I haven't heard of an issue with the airship appearing in the wrong place. Did the graphic on the minimap seem incorrect but the vehicle was where it was supposed to be? Or was the airship not accessible from its indicated position? Did you fix the error by reloading a save, or by exiting and re-entering the world map?

Some behind the scenes code runs for the airship that replaces it with a dummy graphic. It's absolutely possible it was directed to the wrong screen coordinates somehow.


How to reqruit
. I am watching an lets play and looking for a scroll for Vetu,and there i could see that the letsplayer had him.

First you need to find the Chronoprism item on the summit of Triangle Mountain, the bonus dungeon atop Triangle Island. Then return to the Tower of Auctus after getting the airship (if you don't already have it). There's a new entrance to the tower through Terra Cavus from the west (left) side. Find the statue of this character while carrying the Chronoprism in your inventory and press the action key next to it to begin a cut scene.

This quest can also be started by talking to General Dianyn at the Battle Arena in the main hall, after getting the airship.



Master Miyagi can be found behind the waterfall if Tyr-Anon village once you have the ship Inceptum, but cannot be recruited until all your heroes reach level 99. That probably won't occur until much later in the game.

Did that crash error occur when the predator at the hunting grounds attacked you and initiated a battle? The only beast dog with three heads is Cerberus. If so, I can guess the error with that particular plugin. I'm looking into it, and it's exactly what I thought. Tens of thousands of tedious key strokes will almost certainly result in a few errors. The plugin tried to reference a monster that didn't exist. Easy fix for the next patch.

Thanks for the bug report, kind words, and encouragement! Unfortunately the official version of rpg maker 2003 does not support DynRPG plugins, which have become integral to the game. This is unlikely to change, so no commercial version is possible without a complete remake on a different engine.


Whats best, if i choose EXP on rate adjust and Default on monster scale ? For the first time i play this game.You have done so much great work on this game that it should be commercial if it was possible.
I really doesn`t find any answer anywhere, but surely missed them.
EDIT:i want a real challenge, the battles should be hard but fair/not frustrating

I would just leave the default options for difficulty and scaling. Then, if you find it's too hard, too easy, or not enough power leveling, change the settings as you play. You can adjust options at any time!

Everlong v3.34

Your work is still nothing short of amazing. I've played and enjoyed version 3.27 a few years ago, and I'm looking forward to revisiting Everlong sometime in the future for a probably significantly different second playthrough.

Thanks! Hopefully I didn't break anything with this update. I'm never totally confident in the new DynRPG plugins I've written without extensive testing. If the last version you played was 3.27, you're going to have a very different experience indeed!


I've discovered a bug where dual wielding characters second slot weapons are duplicated. The weapon in the dual wielders second slot is duplicated into the first slot and the first slot weapon is put back into the inventory. I believe the cause is the battle arena breaking/removing your weapons and equipment. The save in my locker has Glen with 2 Masamunes and Justin with 2 Crystals.

Thanks whacker.

I just updated the v3.33 BETA patch. This duplication issue is addressed, but more importantly, the DynBattleChoices crash is fixed. Huge thanks to the plugin author AubreyTheBard for the correction. Either download the patch again and overwrite, or grab his plugin and place it in the correct game folder.

There are a few other changes I want to make before issuing a new version number, but for now there should be no more crashes with the updated patch.

Version 3.33 BETA

Really amazing to see another update to this, even if it's the last one.

I had big plans for plenty of other cool stuff I could do with DynRPG now that I understand the classes and game objects, but I don't see the reason to spend more time on this project or improving an obsolete engine.

Does that mean you have another RPG project you're going to be working on?

I did have a new game in development, but I haven't worked on the project in awhile. The market is totally saturated, the latest engine didn't quite live up to its promises, and it's hard to make a visually unique game in rpg maker these days, which is almost a requirement to not be immediately dismissed.

There will probably be more updates for Everlong, but they'll minor bug fixes or changes.


I think I found a way to consistently recreate this semi-recent dynbattle choices crash. You can download the relevant save from my locker. My party is Glen, Meredith, Justin, and Vixen in that order. As soon as you load the save don't move and immediately open the red monster chest.
An octopus will attack and then one of the skeletons, then the Minock will swallow someone. This method requires Glen to be the one swallowed, so close and reload if he isn't swallowed.
After Glen is swallowed do these actions in order. Vixen uses Arctica, Meredith uses Castigation on Minock, Justin uses Elemental Cross(Minock should be the only enemy left), Meredith uses Castigation, Vixen uses Chocobo, Justin Attacks, and Meredith uses Restore. The game should then crash with Access Violation in module "DynBattle Choices.dll" in with address 6CD46112 and offset 00000004 of type read occured.

Thanks whacker. I was able to recreate the crash bug with your save file and instructions, though the battle actions don't even have to be an exact match to cause the error.

This is a plugin by another author, so I'm going to pass this along to him and see if he has any insight.


I remember playing this about 10 years ago! Aside A Blurred Line, Everlong was the most fun I had with an RPG Maker game. I'm glad to see it featured on here! I might have to actually download it again and play a second time for nostalgia's sake.

The world building and story was was amazing. What I remember most is the Monty Python reference with the French guard, the Sewers on the southern western continent, and that one epic airship battle. Vetu also had an interesting background.

I remember A Blurred Line as well. I really wish it could have been finished! Total cliffhanger ending.

Depending on how long ago you played Everlong, the current version may seem quite different, but hopefully much improved. The Monty Python guard and other cultural references have been removed, unfortunately. Partly to save disk space (sound files are large), but also for the sake of immersion and world consistency. The sewers dungeon and airship battle are still there, though! I do wish I had time to revamp the towns, particularly the NPC dialog, which is in an embarrassing state and could have helped the world building.

Everlong Review

The review is much appreciated, zorro. Let me try to comment on some of your points and questions.

I can definitely see how the name changes are confusing if you're familiar with previous versions. The revisions were intended to correct unoriginality and remove the vestiges of the final fantasy fangame roots.

The major story revisions stop after exiting Mariner's Landing when you travel to Eridwell's Refuge. A significant amount of expanded or new scenes for the plot and character development after this point were cut.

Character access to weapons, armor, their skills, and physical attacks versus magic were all rebalanced to create equity. Later in the game when you reach maximum level and recruit an NPC that can rebirth your heroes, all characters can then dual wield weapons and gain access to equipment previously restricted, allowing more play styles.

The amount of money received and the costs of items was reduced by orders of magnitude to make it easier to accumulate a meaningful amount later in the game. Otherwise, it was too easy to max out in the middle of a dungeon and stop earning. Access to the bank in the realm of Purgatory where players could deposit their money originally addressed this, but the process was tedious.

Traders generally accept drops from monsters in the adjacent regions or the previous dungeon, unless they are special traders with rare rewards from Monster Hunter Island or other tough bonus zones. They're mostly meant as an alternative means to acquiring restorative potions, similar to collecting items in hunting grounds, so the player can spend money on equipment first.

Any problems with fonts has mainly to do with the rm2k3 engine. Prior to the official release, players needed to install the fonts for most games to display correctly. I used to include them in the download package, but the fonts are available on this site.

The character stats after battle is the newest addition to Everlong. No other rm2k3 game has this with the default battle system, as it's a custom DynRPG plugin I wrote myself. There's a limited amount of control, but I thought seeing stat gains on level up, and EXP to next level would be useful for players. If you do not like the short stats displayed when you first toggle the menu, this can be disabled via key press. I think it's the period "." button on the numpad, which cycles through short, full, and no display. Check out the controls section under options for more key toggles.

I believe the bug in battles with the "electric" animation was counter attacks being triggered incorrectly. I do believed this was addressed in a patch prior to the current version, so hopefully you won't experience that anymore.

"Tyr-Anon" refers to the nation or land, while "Tyr-Anox" refers to the people, or more specifically the military rulers, both singular and plural. They worship the warrior god Tyr, whom you can acquire as a summon later in the game.

Thanks again for the feedback!