New Version 3.35

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New Version 3.35

New Version 3.35

New Version 3.35

Wow. I'm amazed you're still making updates to this game after all these years! Just want to say thanks for all your work and for all the hours of entertainment it has provided!

As long as there are still people playing, I want to address any reported bugs and make the game more fun, if it doesn't require too much work. That said, this update was half a year ago, and I don't foresee many more future changes. Even though DynRPG presented some tantalizing possibilities, I'm really over working with rm2k3 and its limitations. Hopefully at this point the game is in a reasonable playable state and can just enjoy being a fun RPG Maker relic.


Apologies for the late reply. I've been on vacation.


1) In the last battle against Altair, his sprite won't spawn. This causes the battle to be immediately won. His second form spawns correctly and the battle is normal, it just happens with his human form. Earlier in the game, during the first time we face him aboard the ship, it spawns correctly.

This bug was previously reported and fixed. I never entered any information for this boss in the auto balance code, causing an adjustment to zero HP and immediate victory. I should have made the code default to 100% HP if no data was found. In any future remaster, I would not implement an auto balance for monsters. The feature was an experiment to improve challenge for high level parties, but I'm not convinced it succeeded.

2) When the party is after one of the aspects of power on the snowy mountain to the Dwarves' dwelling, a snake-woman monster may appear if we use the item Siren. Whenever it does, an "event script" error message appears and the game is immediately sent back to the title screen. She also appears in normal random battles and in the Battle Arena, but then she's always with other monsters around and this script error does not occur. Only when she spawns alone by using the Siren item this happens. Note: using Siren inside the room where we get the aspect of power in the dwarves' castle will also spawn her in a grassy battle screen. I imagine that wasn't intended. The same error occurs this way.

This crash is a result of copy and pasting without checking on my part. The battle event scripts were references to monsters from another troop that don't exist when fighting the single Naga Archer. I'm not sure about the grassy field background when using a Siren in the Ignis Castrum treasure hold. That battle should be against a Damphir, the code is clearly using the Calbrenda battle background, and I wasn't able to recreate any fault in this scenario.

3) One of Keen's scroll skills is called "Blink", but when checking the skill, the description points to the skill "Dispel Slash" instead.

This is another oversight ony my part, where Keen use to have Dispel Slash, but this was changed to Blink. I corrected the rest of the display information, but not the skill reference.

4) In the bonus dungeon, the pillars used in some puzzles sometimes would change locations after I left them in the right spot and came back to cross the way. Sometimes they would even get stuck in unreachable places, like walls. I screenshotted 2 of these occurrences. I imagine it might be on my end because my controller has a Turbo Mode I usually leave on to avoid fatigue. Maybe the engine is interpreting each trigger as a push and sending the pillars way ahead, even though it only shows visually after I leave the screen. But the only objects in which that has happened to in the entire game were these pillars.

I'm in agreement with your suspicion that the turbo controller mode is the culprit here. I've otherwise never seen this behavior before, nor am able to replicate it. The engine may also be to blame for poor input detection and processing.

5) After getting some Crimson Beherits with Battle Arena points, I bought 2 packs of the Ultimate Equipments from the Knight of Skulls. I can see the set of equips called Virtuoso in my inventory just fine, but I cannot equip any of the characters with them. They simply won't show up in the equipping screen. No one mentioned any other steps to be able to equip them besides buying, so I don't know what's happening. I went to the Forge Master after acquiring them, nothing. I thought I might need a higher title to wear them and took Azrael to Mythic, but they still won't show up in the equipping screen. Do I need an even higher title or is it a bug? I want to equip them for a New Game+ to save more Valiantide troops and see what the other rewards for that are.

Another player previously found this bug, and I just haven't patched it yet. I've seen strange behavior where sometimes database values get corrupted and just don't work correctly in game. Adjusting the values and overwriting the database fixes the issue, so the game reads the items as equipment again.

Thanks to your help and that of other players, I think I'll release an updated patch with these fixes.

That's it. About the story...

I have thought about allowing the player to acquire Azrael earlier, upon first reaching the White Shrine. He is meant to be a fake-out protagonist that becomes an antagonist. Unfortunately, if a player likes this character, they'll naturally be disappointed he leaves the party for the majority of the game.

Azrael's ending would have been different if the main plot points behind Expirius' motivations weren't totally changed, but he still would not have returned with the party to the normal world, not after what he's seen and done. I actually very much dislike the current ending for all the characters. The meeting and aftermath of the battle with Entropy would have been entirely different.

Significant story changes in a new game+ aren't feasible. It becomes like making a second game, and then why not do that instead? I've also lost enthusiasm in player choices directing certain story beats. In a remaster I would remove the affection system, for example, and make writing much simplified. Players lose some replay value, but they also don't have to feel like they are missing story points, character development, or dialog because of their choices. I also find it hard to make player choices actually impactful. It's too much of a gimmick in modern games, even failing to create the illusion that player choice matters.

None of the characters have much of a development arc, because most of that content was cut, especially for Julia. It's entirely understandable that those characters are unlikeable without their backstory and actual personal growth. I intended for Dianyn to have a slightly larger role in the quest to regain Cirus, and you'd be able to fight her at the Battle Arena, but all that was cut.

The Entropy plotline and Expirius motivations are definitely incoherent at best, again due to cut content, so I tied it up together haphazardly with vague plot magic, and the result is obviously not good. Too many fantasy tropes and hand waving explanations. The story and character developments are two aspects of the game I'd really like to improve in a remaster, along with the skills themselves and world interaction and town/NPC development.

Thank you for the kind words and all the feedback. I'm glad you got so much enjoyment out of the game. I've done some preliminary work looking at RPG Maker MZ recently, and the resources/plugins necessary to attempt a remaster in that engine. It would be a massive amount of work that I might not ever have time for, but it's on my mind.


Talking about bugs, the only problem I remember besides the reported crash was inside the tower of the witch who enjoys young men and exotic girls (hehe). In some floors, there are invisible triggers that either spawn a light that chases you, or images of the witch that also chase you. The FPS dips so low in these areas that the game becomes a slide-show. I died a bunch of times and almost gave up on the puzzles (I'm glad the option was there). When the lights/witch images are out chasing me, the game runs as usual, and when they disappear it's again slow. However, I'm 99% sure it's a ticking script for those triggers in the area being a hog on the poor dual core here (I'm stuck with a really old laptop until next year). So nevermind this if you can't replicate the slowdowns, it's a hardware issue on my part.

Not able to reproduce the slowdown for these puzzles on my current hardware, and haven't in the past with lesser specs. There's honestly not that much executing for these events, and there's generous wait times for the collision detection. Unfortunately there's not much I can change here to address this.

Oh and since I'm here, I would trouble you with two questions if I may:

1) I've been seeing a lot of locked doors throughout the game (including some tempting ones that should lead to a castle treasure vault). Will there be a key for some of these doors? It's making me a little paranoid that I didn't take a note of some locked places and might not find my way back to them if there's any non-plot critical doors to open when I have access to free roam.

The only special locked doors you can open are in Occultus Gaza, and require Keen in the party. It was planned that each character would have specific map abilities for interacting with the world, in both towns and dungeons, but this was cut.

2) Forge is mentioned in the description of the game here and upon reading the Forge help in the options in-game, I couldn't find a mention of what materials I'm gonna need to forge the items/equipments. In turn, I haven't been trading any of the monster drops with the collectable merchants, and I haven't been selling equips/weapons that aren't useful anymore, and I also haven't been selling any precious stones. All because I'm scared that I'm gonna need some of these items when I have access to this forge. I've been grinding to make money, but selling those items would help a lot and would de-clutter my inventory lol are those safe to sell when it comes to Forge ingredients, won't I need them in the future?

There are two forges in the game. The first is at Isla del Sol and requires the sailing ship to reach. Forging does require old weapon and armor components. Saving them instead of selling can prevent you from having to track down merchants and buy new copies later. I think the city of Revirdok has shops that will sell old equipment necessary for forging if the player sold their old weapons and armor. This hoarding of materials is something I don't like as a game mechanic, and would completely change forging in a remaster to only require specialty materials.



It's a shame about the volume controls and other limitations to the sound mechanics. But I get used to it after playing for a while. I mispoke about the sound of opening chests, by the way. They're very pleasent. It's navigating through the menus and especially giving items to the party members (like Herb) that produces an irritating high-pitched sound. If they could be changed to something more soft/grave similar to the sound of opening chests it would be nice, but sound effects like these are fairly common in JRPGs anyway. It's really a minor issue.

I would've liked to enable multiple system sound sets, unlocked by the same NPC that changes menu graphics. If it's truly bothersome, you can replace the sound files in you Everlong/Sound folder with other .wav files you would prefer. The two main system menu sounds to replace are ff7move.wav and ff7cancel.wav, and you want to delete them, then replace them with different sound files of the exact same name.

If I could give one criticism it would be the victory screen because of the different background colors for the party members. I don't know if it's just me, but it gets a little confusing with all those colors thrown around, like the screen is too cluttered. It's especially aggravating with characters that have bright color backgrounds like Sammy or Keen, because it's not as easy to make out the number on increased stats on level up. I feel like all those old people NPCs complaining about their sight in-game lol

It would be nice to have the option to just stick with black backgrounds during the victory screen. I would rather have black backgrounds even for common dialogues, it's easier on the eyes, but that's just preference. A good middle-term solution would be to have their colors as a thin or thick line around their frame in the victory screen, while having black backgrounds. It would differentiate them fairly well without compromising information visibility. Also, HP and AP stats have a "m" in front of them in victory screen for every character. I don't know if it serves a purpose, but no other stat have that.

You can disable the color backgrounds on the victory screen if you go into your main Everlong folder, and edit the DynRPG.ini file. There's many options in this file, most you don't want to change, but if you scroll down to the DynTag section, the sixth line controls the victory background color. By default:
victoryInfoBackgroundColor = 1
but if you change this value to 0
victoryInfoBackgroundColor = 0
and then save the file, the victory backgrounds will be black with some transparency. This was originally going to be in an expanded options menu.

Later in the game, once you obtain the sailing ship, you can recruit the NPC that changes system backgrounds, and choose a more suitable option for your preferences. It would be a good idea to have a high contrast mode available as a toggle, though.

About the remaster, you know more than anyone that would take a lot of effort and time, but I did love what I saw with your demo video! As it is the game's already classic material though. I think it would be worth it to go through all the trouble if you intended to add more things like places, equips, maybe more story and romance archs, and then sell the remaster version on Steam/GOG, though I think some things might have to be changed for that, like Vetu's appearence because of copyright stuff; there's a lot of easter eggs and throwbacks to classics which's great for classic lovers, but the corporations who hold their IP are always looking for an easy profit unfortunately.

Yes, there would have to be significant changes in a remaster to all art assets for copyright purposes. I've already decided on a direction I'd take with Vetu's redesign. The cut plot points and character development would be part of the selling point. I'm not convinced the 3D route is the way to go, it's far too time consuming to map and frustratingly limited. While it does provide a unique look, atmosphere, and exploration, I'm concerned it actually makes the game less playable, and certainly it defeats the purpose of using RPG Maker to quickly generate content. The traditional sprite approach is what I'm now leaning toward, though I'm still disappointed in the character generator options in RMMV.

While I do appreciate all the time you took documenting the spelling and grammatical errors, I would encourage you to just enjoy the game and do your best to ignore them. Most of that dialog was meant to be rewritten, which is why so much wasn't proofread or fixed. The chances I'll get around to editing it now is close to zero. I'm really trying to only spend time patching bugs and critical issues.



The original release of Everlong was on Windows XP I think, but current builds are tested on Windows 10 64bit. I generally want to blame the poor programming of the RPG Maker 2003 engine before anything else, and DynRPG is a memory hook so it's easy for things to go wrong there too. The auto save plugin isn't just for convenience, but also because some bugs I've just never been able to fix.

Good catch on the Mystic Pendant value. I believe MAG+20 is the correct value since it's an early game item.

Libra is a custom DynRPG plugin effect, which is why controls might not function the same as the engine defaults. There's actually a gamepad plugin I was going to integrate into the next version. I'll be sure to test it with the Libra spell and make sure everything works.

I tried everything I could think of with DynRPG to create audio controls for music and sound effects, but there just isn't a way to implement them that works. It's annoying the engine doesn't have a master slider by default. It's also problematic to implement multiple sets of system sound effects, since custom systems like the map or party switching would require significant individual changes.

I have done some preliminary work on improving the soundtrack with higher quality music. Unfortunately, I never managed to get the disharmony plugin to work and enable .OGG files and looping. The native mp3 support in the engine is not good, with slow load times that making seamless looping impossible. The compromise would be maybe 2 loops, fade, and restart with lower bit rate mp3s. I'm unsure the effort would be worth it, nor the massive file size.

Glad to hear you're enjoying the characters and story! You're maybe not even a quarter through the plot yet, much more to come. As I often tell players, a massive amount of story beats and character development was cut from the game due to time constraints. This includes other romances. I still debate whether I should ever attempt a remaster version in a newer engine.


Hello, I'd like to report a crash. I'm at a desert hunting area where the Sphinx that drops the Rabbit Jacket spawns (it's south of the Bridelveil Castle, first time I got here, still low level).

While grinding using the Siren item, sometimes the Sphinx would appear with a monster called Oni. This monster uses a skill called "Desperation" when its HP is low. Whenever it does, I receive an error msg and I'm sent back to the Title Screen. It happens 100% of the time. (Edit: it's not 100% of the time, one of them just used it and it worked alright. But then the second Oni used the skill as well and the same error happened, so it's pretty frequent).

The error reads: "Access violation in module 'DynTag.dll' in with address 66E433B2 and offset 00000044 of type Write occured."

Here's a link to the screenshot:

I'm using the patch v3.34d

Thanks for the bug report. Unfortunately I wasn't able to recreate this crash yet, but I'll play around and think about the cause. If you run into more Onis, try to defeat them before they take a turn with their HP below 25%. That is the trigger for the Desperation skill. There's another enemy, the Imp Captain or Imp Warrior that uses it too, and I'm trying to remember if another player had a similar crash with that monster. It's so hard to pin down when the crash behavior isn't 100% consistent, but I appreciate the info!


Is this game encrypted, or is it a custom DynRPG patch thing that causes it to be a single self-contained EXE? I was hoping to test this game in EasyRPG.

I would REALLY like Everlong to run with EasyRPG, but the developers have made it clear they're not supporting DynRPG, which the current version of the game heavily relies upon. There is no encryption issue. If you want to play Everlong on a non-Windows system, using the WINE emulator may work.