I will argue you have a flaw in your formula. I dare you to level up all of your characters to the maximum and fight enemies that cast overpower. I bet they will do over 60k damage a pop. Fortunately you should be able to hit the enemies 99,999 x 2 by then. You will only be able to heal for 9999. Regardless, I cheated and dropped hp stat to 0.1% and I managed to beat him even though I don't think it did anything to his hp.

I also found a couple more observations:

- Somehow Meredeith inherited other people's skills. I don't know how she got them but it I noticed it after I switched party members.
- Revive will fully restore a characters hp outside of battle even if they are alive.
- I noticed in Dreaming forest battle arena battle music only plays during battle. Victory fanfare plays when you win.
- Keen knows a skill that where the game tries to load it, it will crash and take me to the title screen. I tried removing all of his skills and the game still crashes.
- I have found some bugs in the bonus dungeon.
** One has to deal with the monkey puzzle. I got continuous pop-up about a sound and it kept looping until I forced it closed.
**Another bug had to deal with equipping an item that allows you to breathe underwater and going there, leaving, unequipping it, and entering a different area that doesn't have water but plays the same background music as the water area. The timer appeared and started ticking down. Timer followed me to world map. When I went into an underwater area and left, the timer disappeared. IF you need more clarification let me know.
** One of the monsters that casted a spell that gives random stats "freeze" my character that had "conditions" amulet on.
** The boss gave one of my characters abilities from another character after he casted the spell that causes other characters to join battle. The character that received extra abilities stayed in battle.

I can't figure out how to get into Incultus Regnum Basement. Where do I start or has this been removed in the current version? Outside of all if this, I completed arena and I think I have completed this game (finally). Do you get anything special completing the game at 100%?

The Overpower formula doubles your DEF and subtracts it from the damage total. Let's say Drakeor has end game shield, armor, and helm equipped for a total of 4000 DEF. This would reduce damage by 8000. Now use Barkskin item or Protect enchantment equipment to double that. Use Beherits to purchase more Vitality Source items, use them on Drakeor, each is worth 100 DEF. Ten is another 2000 reduction. Beherits can be farmed from tough monsters like Behemoths and Red Dragons, which can be called in certain rooms using the Siren item. Use Crimson Beherits to add 50% to your DEF, a massive increase.

However, since this is a solo fight, and the Overpower skill is not meant to be a major obstacle in the battle, I'm reducing Kurgalaxes' multiplier. I'm also adding a special modifier if not in Hard Mode. The reduction will be multiplied by the ratio of current Max HP to the normal limit of 10000.

If you set the custom monster HP extremely low, bosses will automatically adjust to a certain minimum so they don't instantly die and require at least one hit. Otherwise, necessary scripts might not execute at the start of the battle. There was an error with the listing for Kurgalaxes true HP, it's not pulled directly from the database due to editor limitations. That may have something to do with why his HP didn't seem reduced.

I've seen the skill mix and invalid skill crash bugs once, but I still don't have any explanation other than an engine processing error or memory corruption. I'll add some code to try and prevent skills outside the database ID limits from being changed, but the engine should already check for this.

Same deal with command abilities swapping between heroes after Khaer Magnus uses Dimensional Vortex. The restoration of commands is hard coded to specific heroes, I didn't even use variables. If you still have your save file with these errors present, I'd like to take a look since these bugs are not reproducible. If they were, every time Skill Shards are refreshed (extremely often) or you fight a battle in ToKM these problems should occur.

Revive is meant to be a full heal in addition to removing the Fallen condition, hence the high cost and lack of any other full heal skill. It only works correctly in battle if the target is Fallen, however, another limitation of the break damage limit hack.

The battle arena music for DF and ToKM was not correct if you switched it in the jukebox due to an oversight on my part. These two areas were added to the arena in a recent version, and I forgot to add new cases for them.

The monkey sound effect was not playing for some reason in the ToKM monkey chase puzzle. I didn't receive an error message, but it was silent. Maybe the file was corrupted or encoded improperly. I tweaked the sampling and bit rate settings, and the new sound file worked for me. I'll include it in the next patch.

The Gills item was added long after the ToKM was first introduced, so I had to add some code, but forgot to make it not execute when not underwater.

If the skill that inflicted Frozen status on your hero with Soul Seal equipped was Epidemic, that's intentional. It bypasses any immunities, spreading conditions from the target to others. Actually it's due to an engine limitation where I couldn't implement the skill practically another way.

Achieving 100% in the statistics viewer is just meant to tell you when you've completed all challenges, and for anyone crazy enough to do timed speed runs. The Incultus Regnum Basement was removed from the game. It didn't serve much purpose and the quest was repurposed to salvaging the Inceptum.

Thanks again for reporting all these bugs. Let me know if I'm interpreting what you meant incorrectly in any cases. Any suggestions for significant issues that need to be addressed within the game?


I'm guessing the "could not create stream" error is the result of a memory leak, possibly from a DynRPG plugin. Unfortunately it's impossible to track or recreate consistently, but thankfully the autosave functionality comes to the rescue.

Kalledemos is correct about Kurgalaxes and the Overpower enemy skill. Extra levels will help you survive in general, but some attacks damage based off percentages. If you're unsure how the skill calculates damage, follow Kalledemos' advice and check out the Help and Tactics section in the Options Menu. All special monster attacks you have seen in battle are listed with their damage algorithms. Overpower is based on a percentage of Max HP, but reduced significantly by DEF. You need to equip Drakeor with higher DEF armor, or use an item to boost it during battle. If your DEF is high enough, you'll laugh as Overpower inflicts no damage and you get a free turn. When you face Beomaust and some other bosses, you'll similarly need high DEF or Overpower will devastate your party.

Also it's not possible to have a single skill perform multiple times, like a double heal. Otherwise, I would have integrated this into the game.


Thanks for the picture of the Vanguard tileset bug, that makes the error perfectly clear.

If you dispel the positive conditions that Kurgalaxes inflicts upon himself with the Chrysalis skill, then the animation will replay on his next turn to signify the enchantments were restored. As long as Kurgalaxes is in Chrysalis mode, any damage is healed 2x, and Might, Focus, and Protect cannot be removed. After Kurgalaxes takes no action for four turns, Chrysalis ends and he attacks you again. You can then dispel the conditions successfully and deal damage once more.

The soundtrack archive link works for me. It's a regular .zip format, and I'm using the program 7zip to extract.

If you want to preserve some challenge and receive more benefits from combat, choose the automatic monster balance setting in Options after your heroes are reborn. This scales monsters to the average statistics and assumed damage output of your heroes.


Here are some more observations and some minor bugs I found:

- Is there a way you could increase item storage from 99 to 999? After completing the forbidden continent, I usually have 99 precious stones/opals/etc and unable to unload them unless I am overlooking something. If you can't increase item to 999, you could add another sidequest where you can recruit a character that can hold excess items.
- When your character is in "fury," I noticed that the character's accuracy decreases at least 50 - 100%. Is this intentional? (I think it's a flaw in RPG Maker 2003)
- In chocobo bomb, the 2nd or 3rd chocobo doesn't explode. It just disappears. (Chocobo bomb I find difficult and took me a while to beat)
- Chocobo waterfall, I went through some of the crystal pillars towards the end of the course. I probably wouldn't have been able to beat it if I wasn't able to go through them. (This is also rather difficult)
- Healing in battle max is 9999. When I heal outside of battle, it will heal over 9999.
- Is there a way you can use mp3 instead of midi for some of the game's soundtrack? (I was thinking of changing a couple of the game's tracks for personal preferences, however, I noticed when I play some tracks on a player, it plays 2x fast at normal playing speed)

There isn't a way to increase item storage that I'm aware of. Sell your maximum items to merchants. On the Forgotten Continent this includes vendors at Wolverton, and the mages at Antiquus Fanum.

Hit % for the Fury condition is currently at 75%. This is in addition to your weapon's hit rate, which is not listed in item descriptions due to lack of space. Most weapons have 90-100% hit rates.

Sometimes it appears chocobos aren't exploding, but that's because more than one battle animation cannot play at the same time. Every time a new bomb explodes, any current animation still running quits and is replaced by the new one. Hit box detection only at the moment of the explosion. A good strategy is to run toward bombs to group them in an area until they're about to explode, then retreat away to an empty corner.

Chocobo Waterfall, and a few other mini-games and puzzles, have bad hit box detection. The engine just doesn't do a good job tracking and comparing coordinates fast enough. I put in significant effort trying to proof the Phoenix Cave puzzles, but it's not worth the time attempting to address these engine limitations.

The engine hack that breaks the damage limit of 9,999 HP unfortunately does not apply to healing in battle. I do not know of any workaround for this.

I previously offered a high quality soundtrack with mp3s that were recorded using superior midi soundfonts to those the regular engine uses. Unfortunately this causes loading and looping issues with rm2k3, and the download was burdensome in size. Using midi the full package archive is a reasonable ~67MB. Some tracks play at 2x speed because this halved the file size (and sample quality) back when .wav was employed for more tracks. Here's a link to what used to be the full soundtrack, but a new track or two might be absent:


Is it possible to stop Tyr's fatality attack? Sorry for asking so many questions but Tyr is really ****ing me up lol.

Tyr's Fatality attack cannot be evaded, and DEFEND does not halve damage. Casting Protect will reduce damage, however, as Fatality is a Slashing attack (physical damage). You'll need at least 4,000 HP to survive half damage, or double that with no boosted defense. Tyr is meant to be defeated BEFORE he executes Fatality. He has 60K HP and weakness to Bolt.



I just reuploaded the patch, double checking that the map with the fix for Cascade Caverns is in there. I also made sure all chests in that dungeon were fixed. Try downloading again and make sure to overwrite previous files is all I can suggest. Hopefully that works.


No idea how I missed the stair tile for Vanguard inner, it was the only incorrect assignment for that set.

Not sure about the outside tile that makes the castle passable. Made some changes, but would need to know the exact location and tile to test.

Confident I found the Fhorestain senator that could duplicate. He was coded differently than the others that exit for some reason.

If you recruited the jukebox NPC, you might have chosen to change the Battle Arena music. This will cause the current regular battle music to play instead of the normal arena music. You can switch it back in the jukebox.

Tyr-Anon Castle is supposed to have yellow helper arrows pointing you to the throne room until you finish the Return to Tyr-Anon quest. That's where Gerovitus awaits, and it can be difficult to navigate there. I checked and the arrows should turn off immediately after defeating him and completing the mission.


I think I found a smalll oversight/error: the falchion you find on the first time at the borealis outpost seems to have a damage multplier closer to 0.33 than to the 1.33 shown on the item description. I could be wrong though, but the low damage it dealt compared to skeleton song which gave 10 less attack power with the same multiplier makes it seem so.

On checking the database, the Falchion does have 22 ATK and a multiplier of 1.33 as shown in the description. The Skeleton Song has 12 ATK and I'm changing the multiplier from 1.33 to 1.25. Skeleton Song is probably performing better because it is strong against the Undead monsters (damage x 1.5) in Borealis Outpost.

If I recall correctly, the physical damage formula is:

(HERO ATK+STR/2 - MONSTER DEF/4) * Multiplier

The multiplier has a much higher effect on increasing damage output than attack power, especially at this point in the game where both hero STR and weapon ATK is low. This is also why the game uses multipliers heavily for weapons. The algorithm doesn't achieve high damage values without them.


For Demon Wall you'll want to protect against the conditions. Equip the Quartz Medallion found in that dungeon to your White Wizard, and have them heal your other party members. If you have any other equipment that protect against Frozen and Petrify, use those too. Wait for Demon Wall to turn off its physical defenses before attacking with weapons, or just use magic skills. The boss is weak against Holy, but you'll likely trigger a counter attack, and Crush is rather devastating. When Demon Wall starts constantly casting Crush on its own, finish it off quickly with your best skills. Elemental protection against Fire, Ice, and Bolt will also help mitigate damage.


Thanks for the bug reports! Yes, please keep posting the errors you encounter during play. A new patch is available in the downloads section based on your feedback.

Master Miyagi was never meant to be recruited before ALL heroes reached maximum level. The auto level balance remains active until that point, and apparently malfunctioned when heroes were reborn. The error with Vetu's level balance was a bad oversight on my part. Vetu joins at a minimum level of 25 since he automatically equips specific skills and needs enough shards, but instead the level balance amount was doubling.

There is no current walkthrough for Everlong that provides accurate information. User SiegfriedCalibur was engaging in such an effort, but never finished or published his partial work that I'm aware of.

The ONLY sidequest you can miss is the Ray Nat letters, and the reward is insignificant by end game, and obtainable by other means. Gathering library books will lead you to pretty much all secrets and quests. Read them aboard your ship or airship, depending where you are in the plot.


I think I may have found a bug. When I try opening this treasure chest in this picture, the game sounds like I am entering a battle but I get a black screen and nothing loads. Has anyone else had this problem?

Yep, two posts up, another player reported this with a screenshot. I assumed a slew of more bugs would be reported with the release, which is why I didn't update immediately. It's been quiet, however, so maybe I ought to stop waiting. It's a single minor bug, but I can see almost every player encountering it.
Ah, I will admit I didn't read the posts. I started playing again while I was stuck on another game. I hope I will be able to this time beat the game w/o losing everything like last time while level grinding :-).

Another thought, is it better to hold off opening treasure chests in areas that I will revisit later in the game or should I open them now (like in Final Fantasy 6)?

You might as well open chests as you find them. Loot improves or scales in minor ways, but not where you'd find different unique treasures.

The autosave feature is active by default. If you do experience a crash, just reload either save 14 or 15, whichever is the most recent. Auto save occurs every map change, after battle, opening chests, or when events conclude. It's almost impossible you'll ever lose progress again.

Let me know if you find any more bugs!