I could not play this game... said that it did not support a function

I'm guessing you received the "Interface Not Supported" error when the game tried to load the logo movie file. You can either choose to skip the prelude to avoid this, or install the codec necessary to play the file. The easiest way to do the latter is to simply play the file in Windows Media Player, and upon failure it will attempt to download on its own. It is a standard Microsoft codec and any Windows based system should already have it installed. The file is located in the Everlong/Movie directory.


one of the things I liked best was choosing your party, and you had some serious battlers in the lot. What I thought was a pity was the definite loss of the blackguard, which was the most interesting character, imo.

I originally planned for the player to be able to get both the Blackguard and Cirus The Paladin back in the party, but this was cut from the last major revision. They both have the full array of battle animations and Brad has a skills shard page already, but I'd have to alter many other game systems and design new quests, which there wasn't time for.