Everlong was completed over a decade and a half ago, but like a zombie dinosaur that should be long dead, I keep releasing updates and giving the game another desperate breath of life.

To the above posts concerning music volume, I tried with the recent patch v3.34B to give players control over this, but the DynRPG implementations I attempted just didn't work. Even the nuclear option of turning off music and sound effects every frame failed and caused massive lag. Unless I'm missing something obvious that another programmer familiar with DynRPG can point out, volume controls aren't happening.


I should probably do what I did with the minimap, and just make all the info background transparencies controlled by the player using the + and - keys so they can adjust it to whatever is easiest for them to view.

Actually I wanted to use the system graphics to draw custom windows, but that would take significantly more time to figure out with DynRPG. This was the quick and dirty proof of concept.
I was just about to suggest you use system graphics, and reposition the data displayed in general, to better manage the screen space.

I almost forgot, instead of the 1 key, wouldn't it be more intuitive to use the I (info) or H (help) key?

For shops, I used the keys 1-4 so players could compare the selected item to the equipped item of each hero in the party. It's a press and hold response, so the player can instantly switch. It is pretty ugly (like most of this game), but I haven't invested the time in figuring out drawing system graphics yet instead of simple transparency backgrounds. I'd bet I'd have to write a bunch of my own utility functions since I don't know how well creating window instances is going to work with DynRPG. You can't grab their text once drawn, only limited info like array selection slot.

Input handling in DynRPG is also easier for the default keys. There might be a way to use a keyboard key of your choosing, but I haven't researched that.

These are the default keys easiest to access in DynRPG with RPG::input


This is really hard on the eyes. I suggest removing the transparent background.

I should probably do what I did with the minimap, and just make all the info background transparencies controlled by the player using the + and - keys so they can adjust it to whatever is easiest for them to view.

Actually I wanted to use the system graphics to draw custom windows, but that would take significantly more time to figure out with DynRPG. This was the quick and dirty proof of concept.


Hi just wanna ask , I've found several lock door eg basement in Niveus . How can I enter it ? I've seen people said Keen can unlock door but how or when? Right now I'm straying apart on Triangle Island quest .

p/s: can i adjust the audio in this game ? i want to listen to songs while playing the game but the sound is too loud but i also want to enjoy the game audio ? lol

The doors below Niveus you will unlock from the other side later in the game after a plot quest. Unfortunately, the locked doors that Keen can pick are inconsistent. His lock pick ability was something I wanted to refine and expand upon, but was cut, along with other hero specific abilities.

There's no way to control the game's audio channels internally for RPG Maker 2003, but KyleLascar's method is a good alternative. I would've liked to allow players to mute music but keep sound effects so they could listen to their own tunes while playing.


Hey DJC, how's it going. I have another summer, another couple of months of very little work ahead, so why not give everlong another run.

Do you have a release date for next update ? or any upcoming big update to the game ?
Any other ongoing projects worth downloading or giving a try ?

Hey Pechin,

I haven't worked on the project for a few months now, and most of it was proof of concept that would take an enormous amount of work to integrate into the game. For example, implementing a steal skill would require compiling and entering information for 500 enemies. Or to add the shield blocking mechanic, I'd have to review all equipment, enemy skills, and create dozens of new animations.

Therefore, you can rest assured a new release is not imminent or likely, and you might as well play the current version and have fun!


Discovered some bugs.
1) If you choose default for Sammy at Master Miyagi, he will have single handed weapon.
2) Libra skill doesn't do anything at all.
3) You can't kill Undine in Boss rush at the arena.

Thank you for the bug report! I have addressed these issues in a quick patch available here: CLICK FOR DOWNLOAD

This patch also includes a couple little extras from my DynRPG tinkering, though players who inspect the database may see far more than is actually implemented. I'm hoping none of these additions currently written into my DynTag plugin will cause issues, but players please let me know if I've overlooked bugs.

Here's a list for the curious of DynRPG functions I've created but not yet integrated into the game:

*Steal, pilfer, mug skills; steal common or rare items, money; success rate increases with steal failure to avoid excessive attempts; variable success rate; affected by Duplicator; repeated steals possible
*Steal accessories: Thief Cuffs increase steal success; Bandit Crest allows stealing rare items first; Gamble randomizes steal chance
*Vampiric and Zealous weapons, equipment, skills that allow actions to absorb HP or AP based on damage dealt
*Some enemies now die instantly when their AP is entirely depleted
*Step counter and effects
*Quick skill allows multiple turns in a row
*Delay Buster skill reduces target ATB, delaying its next turn
*Quick Strike skill reduces user’s time before next turn
*Minus Strike skill deals damage equal to user’s MaxHP minus CurrentHP
*Provoke skill and Curse condition that draw enemy attacks
*Aftercast penalty on powerful skills delaying next turn
*Nova condition, death after action other than Defend, damages allies
*Kamikaze skill, deals damage to target foe, but kills caster
*Wound condition, lowers Max HP temporarily and defense
*Hex condition, damage received spreads to allies
*Virus condition, Max HP decreases with HP damage
*Bubble condition, doubles Max HP temporarily
*Bubble Belt accessory automatically enchants wearer with Bubble
*Scrooge Ring accessory lowers shop buy prices, increases sell amounts; cumulative effect if multiple rings worn
*Economizer accessory refunds AP cost of skills minus 1
*Mystery Egg accessory grants random free item uses in battle
*Calcinator accessory increases item potency
*Offering accessory enables 4x attack
*Ninja Scroll accessory increases throwing item damage
*Items may now boost skill damage for particular elements
*Items may now force skills that inflict conditions to always succeed unless target immune


I worked it out,(wow, this game is so excellent).In the Tomb of K... how to solve the puzzle with three pillars and one button
in the room below the first crystal(of 16 i think)
. Can`t see it good enough on the lets play. I spent around 130-150 hours on this and it`s really Everlong :)

I have the 3 pillars at the same right places,like in the you tube lets play.But i`m stuck at the right side and can not do anything more.In the video the person is above and jumps down and goes to the chest.How to get there? Should i press the button after i put the pillars right?I pressed it directly.

I'm not sure which puzzle you are referring to. Maybe the Illusionary Height Blocks on the upper level of the block push room? That's what the help totem will refer to the puzzle as. The switch accessible here is to gain access to another puzzle room, Lava Bridges. It's not linked to getting the chest.

If you have the correct pillars in the right spots, the hero automatically jumps when you try to step past the railing when on the above level. The tallest pillar goes at the bottom jump spot in the area. The shorter pillars belong at the upper to two jump spots. To get to the above level after positioning the pillars, back track through Puzzle Complete, past the sarcophagus in the wall, past the vine, and up the stairs, circling left past the snakes statues at the flame pit and then down to the first jump spot.


Is there a walkthrough for Everlong? I want to start the game, but I don't have much dedicated time each day so I need a guide to help me keep track as I go. Thanks!

There's been walkthroughs for previous versions of Everlong, but I'm hesitant to link any because they might not be particularly accurate anymore.

The game does have a journal and map with waypoints, so even if you take breaks between playing, you can hopefully be reminded enough where you're going next and why.


ok,thanks. Now i understand. Will take on him afterwork .
Feels a little empty when games that i have been playing for weeeks(months?) is near the ned. And this must been the maybe longest,at the other side it feels great to come to the end and have been doing it all.

Well, if you haven't finished the main quest yet, you still have an extra bonus dungeon, the Tomb of Khaer Magnus, to look forward to after finishing the game for the first time and starting a continue+ or new game+ save.


How to survive Grand dragons
Hubris(or something like that)
? 20K damage and i`m on L 130. Can`t figure out what i should protect against. I hit him fine with 20K and over each time but then....

Hubris is a special attack that damages based on the number of enchantments the target has (Might, Focus, Protect, etc). If your hero has no enchantments, he or she will receive no damage. If you have equipment that automatically bestows an enchantment, you might want to remove it to lower the damage. A number of bosses employ this attack as an anti-enchantment tactic, instead of a dispel skill.