Hi i did want to bring up one thing that i don't really understand and that is is it normal for skills to not scale with your weapon damage?
I mean damaging magic seems fine for the most part but things like gash and namely the first few starting single hit skills for justin and Glen seem to kind of be pointless since a normal attack that takes no AP does the same if not more damage and the chance of a status element never really seems worth it.
Anyway just wanting to know if that is normal truth be told it would be fine if the AP did not scale but since it does i thought maybe the skills are still supposed to deal a ok amount more damage then normal attacks.
Sorry if i seem rude i still like the game :)

I agree with you, it'd be ideal if physical skills scaled with your weapon damage, but unfortunately that's not how the algorithm s work in RM2K3. Instead, there's a system that equips more powerful versions of skills as your Attack or Magic attributes increase. In this way your weapon does influence skill damage indirectly.

Skills tend to cut through defenses better than normal attacks. Combined with the conditions inflicted, that's the justification for AP costs. Many skills are situational, however, and without a Scan ability it takes an investment to figure out enemy vulnerabilities. I would say the skills themselves are one of the weakest game design aspects, but that's largely due to engine limitations.


Oh the bug lets see if i can remaber it was after a just got justin and i i had the horses but i wanted to explore the castle in the forest(forget it's name but the one where you get justin) to get some sweet loot i may have missed :) anyway i went to the area you can go to sleep and the you just went to sleep sound effect played right when i entered anyway i went to leave the forest and i got the cutscene were justin talks to the soldiers at the camp like normal however the bug is the fact i had already had that scene anyway nothing else happened so it may have been just a small hicup :)

HOWEVER i have just ran into a error that is getting on my nerves :)
You know in the witch tower how you have that game where you need to dodge the ghost on the 2ed one if i fail and say i do not wish to skip the puzzle it crashes if you want i can tell you what the error says but you may know of this error for all i know :)

Good catch on the Vanguard story sequence bug, I never would have caught that testing. Returning to the guest room automatically triggered an old scene that reset a variable, causing the military camp scene to repeat.

As to the witch chase puzzle, I know what you're referring to, but in testing I never encountered a crash error despite failing multiple times, and I see no problem with the event code. I'll still take steps to address the issue in the next beta patch. Let me know if you absolutely cannot proceed past this room.


author=ryan7251 seems you may have ran into the death spell trap so many old rpgs seem to do namely making it next to never work :) i don't know what decide's if it works (Hell maybe it's something you can not change) but most enemies i tried to use it on just missed like all the time.
I think people do this to try and balance the game however what most fail to think about is if you make only weak enemies able to be killed by it it kind of makes the spell not very useful :)
Anyway like i said loving the game did run into a odd bug but it did not break the game :)

All monsters have fixed percentage vulnerabilities to conditions, like Poison, Confuse, or Death. This ranges from certain to inflict to immune. For heroes it's either fifty percent or unavoidable. I would have liked a caster's magic to increase the likelihood of condition success, but while maybe technically possible with DynRPG plugins, it's not practical to implement. Without a scan skill (also impractical), condition inflicting is not as useful as it could be.

Death does work on quite a few enemies, but as you say is the case with most games, it's only reliable against certain foes, usually the weak. This is a balance issue. If it takes a melee fighter several turns to defeat an enemy, but a caster can kill it instantly, attacking becomes obsolete. Death inflicting skills are meant to be used situationally, and that's why they aren't costly or difficult to unlock like high damage dealing skills. If I could, however, I'd allow high level casters with high magic advantage over their target to significantly increase the chance of death, excepting only immune targets like bosses. Perhaps your experience also has to do with the part of the game you're at, which is filled with undead monsters and spirits, all immune to death.

By the way, what was the odd bug you uncovered? I'm always looking to fix what I can.


DJC, may I recommend that you change the sound effect of opening chests that contain Heals, zeals, Renewals, Rebirths, etc? Because just watching Fragbug's play through of Everlong, shows that sound is unpleasant, since it hurts my ears... and it's a common sound too.

That's interesting, I've never had much comment on specific sound effects before, negative or positive. The item acquire sound is actually a standard RPG Maker RTP file, lots of games have used it over the years. I think it actually wouldn't be that difficult to replace the sound for the majority of uses. I'll think about it, and would like to hear if other players have an opinion on the matter.


Wow, "Not Implemented," that's an error I've never encountered before. There might not be a way to code around this, but if you post your save file I can try advancing it for you, or attempt to replicate the error.

Find both the save .lsd and .dyn file in your main Everlong folder and upload them here, or send via email.

Okay, so after applying the latest patch impatient mode gave me the option to skip the Justin/Praetor scene. So I skipped it and the screen went black and then the same error popped up. This makes me believe that the problem isn't with the scene but in (what I assume is a pretty badass fight) that comes after that scene. I'm stumped.


I think the Skull Knight issue was brought to my attention previously and I forgot to address it. Thanks for reminding me.

That's also a good catch on the Khaer Magnus behavior. I'll make an exception for Shell triggering a counter attack. I was careful to consider the possibility of spamming a skill to control a monster's attacks, but there might be enemies with similar AI exploits I missed.

Now I found a really OP bug. Skull Knight can increase a base stat by 50% for the entire party at the cost of 3 Crimson Beherits, but for some reason, he's not removing any of them from my inventory (though he will remove them properly when buying Ultimate Equipment). This means players can pretty much power up continuously with no effort, as long as they have at least 3 Crimson Beherits.

Also, I figured out a way to exploit Khaer Magnus's AI. If you cast Shell, the boss will react by casting Hubris. However, shell doesn't actually count as a buff, so Hubris does nothing. This will force the boss to waste a lot of turns, though the downside is that it might cause him to use skills out of sequence, like if he used Reversal without using a skill that usually precedes it. Plus, even when a boss is angered, they still don't always use their skill right away.


I did not realise I could do that,monster stats were well above 100% so I have took them back to that and beaten her,THANKS to both of you. Btw I am playing 3.3 version,and cannot find drill quest so I will continue

OK, that's good news. There is no drill quest in the new version, it has been replaced. If you have already done parts of the new Royal Technology quest, the rest will become available later in the game. You will receive a journal update after you encounter the scene automatically.


New patch for download here.

I've changed the Impatient Mode skip for the Seraphia confrontation. It should now bypass the entire scene and never even fade in. Just takes you to the next scene. Let me know if you still experience crashes, or witness no change in function (which means patch not applied correctly).

If you're at the Valiantide Base or King Thoth and they're talking about a drill side quest, you must be playing an old version. The current version is 3.30, and you can check the lower right hand corner of your title screen to compare. If you are indeed playing an old version, it's going to be difficult to offer support since I can't keep the changes from the many updates straight in my head. Saves from old versions aren't truly compatible with the current version either, unfortunately.

@bugfragged and Zadok83
You're correct that the Battle Arena BP was overflowing, and there was an even nastier issue with the auto balance mode. Due to limitations of the monster scaling hack, I've had to set a limit of 2 million HP per boss in all balance modes to prevent overflow. It's frustratingly beyond my ability to address this further.

The intended strategy to deal with Bloodsong and Bloodlust is to let that character die intentionally. This will cause the enemy skill to end on its next move. You can then safely revive that hero.

PepsiOtaku actually helped me with a previous DynRPG issue. I was loathe to bother him again, but there's nobody better to ask about plugin help, so I'll follow your recommendation and see what he thinks about the saving situation.


So I just got Vetu and the Cirigoth are ready for battle. When they charge the gate the game stops and I get an error though. Is that fixable?
I've seen this bug before, but not recently. I thought I addressed it in a previous version by removing some arrow picture animations, but I've always suspected the large number of events that start moving simultaneously were also problematic.

Today a new patch is available, and I've included a workaround for the crash. First download and install the update. Within the game, switch to IMPATIENT MODE in OPTIONS from the menu. Proceed with the story, you won't miss anything except the charge. When you regain menu access several scenes later, turn off IMPATIENT MODE unless you prefer it.

Let me know if you have any more problems with this sequence!
I downloaded the patch and overwrote all the files, then loaded my save and set it to impatient mode but I still get the same error at the same part.

Did the scene play exactly as before, or was there less sound effects or a screen fadeout before the crash? I basically cut all the event commands after the last line of dialog when in impatient mode. Does the crash message say anything specific? And to confirm, this is the scene between Justin and Praetor with their armies outside Seraphim, correct?



Your latest patch works as intended with the Doomsday attack. However, I found another weird glitch.

When I tried to fight Uber Daemon with Monster Scaling on Auto, I got an insta-win. When I encountered him, the screen went black and his health bar appeared as it would normally. However, his name appeared in the Monster Box Menu while the screen was still black. When his body finally appeared, his death animation started and the battle was over, before he or my party made a single move. Post-battle, everything else carried out like I had won.

Of course I reloaded my save and put the scaling back on Default. Everything functioned properly when I did.

I didn't change any of the auto scale parameters this time around. I'll have to take a closer look at how the HP adjustment was set below the death threshold for this boss.