I finally got back to where I was and beyond. I made it to the sand area of Atlantis and defeated Demogogue. A couple of fights later, it happened again. This time, I was prepared though. I had 3 identical saves (Slot 12, 13, 14) just in case.

Difference is this time, I reset (F12) the game and closed it out completely as soon as the music went off. I was able to reload, no harm no foul. So if anyone else runs into this bug, I would suggest they reset and close completely out of the game, unless they have a identical backup save.

I've uploaded a new patch that should fix the issues you had with Uber Daemon's Doomsday attack.

How long of stretches are you playing for? If the crash is caused by a slow memory leak, it would make sense if it occurs after long periods of play. During my testing I don't recall ever having the game running for more than a few hours, mostly because I had to constantly stop to fix bugs.

I've had an idea to address crashes, inspired by some commercial titles. Automatic saves in the background after X amount of time passes, or when certain functions are triggered. Preferably after every teleport and battle. These saves could hopefully not take up slots, but just exist in the main folder. If a crash occurs, they could simply be renamed and then appear for loading in game. This way a minimum amount of progress would ever be lost.

Unfortunately this is beyond the basic engine capabilities, and no DynRPG plugin exists that I know of. I don't have the expertise or time to make a plugin myself, but if there are any active DynRPG coders still out there, send me a message if this is possible or not.


So I just got Vetu and the Cirigoth are ready for battle. When they charge the gate the game stops and I get an error though. Is that fixable?

I've seen this bug before, but not recently. I thought I addressed it in a previous version by removing some arrow picture animations, but I've always suspected the large number of events that start moving simultaneously were also problematic.

Today a new patch is available, and I've included a workaround for the crash. First download and install the update. Within the game, switch to IMPATIENT MODE in OPTIONS from the menu. Proceed with the story, you won't miss anything except the charge. When you regain menu access several scenes later, turn off IMPATIENT MODE unless you prefer it.

Let me know if you have any more problems with this sequence!


@ zadok83
Bugfragged is correct about the Uber Daemon's attack Doomsday. It should take the average maximum HP of your party heroes and damage for one less. It worked for my playthrough, but that was prior to the last update. I've got a few ideas I'll look into on this error.

Sorry about the save crash, I know it's extremely frustrating and disappointing. Unfortunately DynRPG introduced the potential for more errors, in addition to engine bugs I'm powerless to address. I've had the insufficient memory bug before, but it seems totally random, though I might know the responsible plugin. If you want to post your save I can readjust the levels at the very least. I don't think it's anything particular to the Atlantis dungeon or battles. This is a big reason I'm done with the RM2K3 engine. Behavior and crashes are inexplicable at times.

@ bugfragged
For bosses if a custom setting for HP is below death threshold, a new minimum is set, but it's supposed to remember the previous setting you chose and return to that, not default back to zero. For regular battles, the custom setting should never change. Did this behavior start after a particular boss battle? Or just any battle? I've got some testing to do, when I find time.


Crissaegrim, and several other items, were added to the game after the inventory was initially finalized. You'll find it on the item list not with the other double blades, but below the equipment, accessories, and monster drops. If your heroes are dual wielding, they cannot equip Crissaegrim since it's a two handed weapon.


For some reason, Beomaust, Tonberry, Arma, and Magus have 0 AP on hard mode.

I think I figured out the reason. Hard mode doubles the AP amount, but it might be possible that some enemies have so much AP that it goes over some limit after doubling. If I set the AP rate back to 100%, the bosses mentioned above have AP again.

BTW, the 200K HP buffer seems to work now.

Out of curiosity, at what point would Auto mode become tougher than Hard mode?

You're probably right about the AP bug. The values are over flowing. I'll make an adjustment. I'm glad the other main changes are working now.

Hard mode only stays relevant if your heroes are at average level and equipment. Auto mode attempts to preserve challenge at all times, but I wouldn't say it increases difficulty like Hard Mode.

Beta Patch v3.30b

IMPORTANT: version 3.30a was faulty, any players who installed it need to overwrite with the current update.


The new patch v3.30b is available in the downloads section. This has the correctly updated files, including the database.

Windows 10 permissions prevented files from saving properly. I had to recreate the project in a separate disk location, then copy and paste various database tabs, which was not amusing. I still have zero explanation how the files in the original folder failed to update, yet loading the project in the editor preserved changes.

This should address all outstanding issues created by the faulty v3.30a patch, except for the Fracture Fist reportedly inflicting boons rather than removing them. The correct boxes are checked in the database. I don't recall an engine bug that prevents weapons from removing conditions, nor encountering such behavior myself, but that's the only alternate explanation I can think of if the error persists.


I'm starting to suspect some of the files in the archive are not the updated versions. I've had trouble before in Windows 10 with permissions causing this. I have no idea how loading the project in the editor always has a current database, but the file itself lists its last modification as months previous.

In short, the DynRPG.ini in the patch updated to break the damage limit, but the database is not, and still has the 20k HP death threshold. I'll figure this out and correct the patch files afterward.



Thanks. I managed to skip the death animation for Baaldread with yet another lucky crit

You've definitely applied the beta patch and overwritten both the DynRPG.ini and database?

Baaldread is only meant to have 105K HP, but if you defeated that boss without triggering the animation, you must have dealt 305K damage. The battle must have seemed ridiculously long.

I'll definitely have to do some more testing and track the boss threshold variable during battles to see if it's being set to an incorrect value.


When I got 4 characters to level 99 and switch to a non-level capped party, I couldn't gain any experience even after switching EXP off in the Rate Adjust option. After rebirthing the maxed level heroes, experience gain returned to normal.

Also, either Fracture Fist or Dragon (Sammy's weapon) can cause an enemy to gain buffs like reflect and regen.

Edit: How do I restore the Inceptum? I have no clue how to even start this quest, even though I already delivered the tech magazine.

Edit2: There seems to be a tenth ??? minigame at the arena. Do I have to beat all the chocobo minigames again to unlock it?

Thanks for those two bugs, I've added them to the list. Let me know if you encounter any more errors with bosses dying without the animation.

The quest to restore the Inceptum is automatically triggered toward the end of the Ship Graveyard (Sepulcrum Profundus). If you're yet to complete that dungeon, you cannot finish this quest yet, but King Thoth will remember you've already given him the magazine, and the Journal entry will update to remind you to revisit him when appropriate.

The tenth replayable mini-game at the Battle Arena is the Lava Tube slide. It will automatically unlock after you play it for the first time. Access it via the quick exit from Ignis Castrum, the dwarf castle underground later in the game.