DJC I have two questions from a new player, one gameplay related and one writing related

Gameplay: Is there a way to break the damage limit? After the Forbidden Continent all of my party were hitting for 9999 on the regular (My party was Vixen, Meredith, Draekor, and Willis)

Writing: What was the reason you decided to use the passive voice so much? Was it just a "sound different than the way people talk in real life" kind of thing?

It is possible to break the damage limit with a DynRPG patch. In fact, if you look in the Everlong folder and open DynRPG.ini, toward the bottom you will see several lines that have been commented out which would remove the damage cap. This will break the game, however, and I abandoned the mechanic.

Instead, I suggest turning on the automatic monster balance feature in the options menu. Or you can adjust the monsters manually if you still want a challenge after gaining levels beyond what your current position in the game is balanced for. Once you reach maximum level and start having your heroes reborn, automatic balancing is necessary.

As for the over usage of passive voice, that's mainly poor writing on my part. Using active verbs is considered easier to read and more engaging. If you're specifically referring to the style of dialog for particular characters, that is intentional differentiation. Those of noble birth (Meredith, Julia, Justin, Drakeor) employ sophisticated grammar and verbose sentences, whereas uneducated heroes (Keen, Willis) tend to use slang, contractions, and simple grammar. Others are between the extremes (Glen, Sammy).


I just updated the fixes download to make sure it had the updated maps to correct the Chocobo Search bug. It's working when I test the mini-game. Double check the files were overwritten I suppose.

Maybe a DynRPG plugin specific to Everlong but absent in the other games you've played is causing the issue. I don't know enough to investigate, and will have to see what other players report.

That's extremely disappointing about the subscript out of range errors. I worked hard to rewrite the vehicle code to squash this bug. After eliminating occurrences during my play through, I was confident the problem was solved. At this point I can only assume it's an engine bug beyond my control. I never could reproduce the bug consistently, and it only happened with the airship, despite the regular ship having identical code.


Compatibilty options didn't help. I'm using Windows 7. The memory allocation save/music stopping problem is no big deal for me since I know how to work around it and I generally don't play long enough for it to be an issue. The one constant annoyance throughout my playthrough has been the choppiness and bad slowdown present whenever theirs extra info on the screen, usually a map or counter(the only exception has been the chocobo mini games and battles). I'm currently in the black dragon trial doing the +- torch puzzle and the slideshow framerate is making it very difficult and tedious. In any other area without a map, counter, etc the game runs perfectly. I played this game before the most recent big update about a year or two ago on the same pc and didn't have any of these problems.

The method of display for the Black Dragon Trial and similar counters or maps was not changed in the new version. The engine is calling the same standard functions for drawing pictures. Perhaps DynRPG hooking into the executable memory locations is causing these problems for you, but that's beyond my ability to investigate or address. Unfortunately, DynRPG is critical to the new version.

I'm actually getting poor performance and graphics artifacts on Windows 10 in full screen that I did not experience in Windows 7, but windowed mode performs better if you're yet to try that. PepsiOtaku was working on some DynRPG modification to make the drawing methods more efficient, but to my knowledge it was never publicly release in full.

Everlong v3.30 is Live

Awesome! congratulations on finishing this DJC! I will definitely be making a second post on my first impressions.

EDIT: wow, I played a couple hours and WOW, it totally feels like a new game!. the battles are faster and are now challenging from the very start; the readjusted gold gains make you plan out what you're going to buy; the new cutscenes are pretty cool, the magic stat now feels like it actually does something, hunting is now a fun alternative to buying items. All this and the other little touches like the seemingly improved attack animations have got me fanboying so hard over this new version!. I stopped at herbtown right now, and can't wait until the new items,accessories, and content/features come into play. it was always a great game, but this new version has truly cemented everlong as an absolutely must play rpgmaker game.

Glad to hear you're enjoying the updated version! The new battle speed algorithm really does make the play experience significantly more enjoyable, especially if you prefer fast paced fights. The four stats will only grow in importance later in the game, especially if you use auto-balance against bosses.

Thanks for the bug reports. You don't have to report all the spelling errors and cut off text, unless you feel the instances are especially egregious. There are innumerable of these errors, since due to time constraints I only bothered to address them if already editing the events they occurred within.

I've posted a round of fixes in the downloads section that address the bugs reported so far. Pixi's hut teleport was only active after the War of the Eclipse. Hunting gold chests were being divided twice by the new GP reduction factor. Chocobo Search had an extra blank event page inserted, probably from an errand click. The battle background in Borealis was a oversight from when I introduced the new winch puzzle and slightly altered the dungeon's design.


I'm posting a small batch of revisions here:

This will fix Chocobo Search, Pixi's Hut teleport, Borealis Outpost battle background gravel tile, and hunting grounds money chests.

Unfortunately Windows 10 does not play nice with RPG Maker 2009. Files are not having their modification dates changed when overwritten. This will make patching difficult. I'm keeping fixes to a minimum, periodically updating this one file.


I've encountered a similar memory message while saving. I've noticed the longer I play the game in one sitting the worse the game runs, especially in areas with a map visible(hunting,world map,searching for party members after crashing on the forgotten continent). After playing several hours in one go, the music cut out during a cutscene and when I had control I tried to save getting a message that there was no memory to allocate, booting me to the title screen, and deleting the save in the slot I tried to save to. Luckily, I had a backup save. I can consistently recreate the issue by playing a long while and everything is fine as long as I don't wait too long after the music stops to save and completely exit the game, before continuing. I hope this long winded explanation helps in some way.

What operating system are you using if you've experienced these crash bugs? Is a specific file mentioned during the crash, or just a memory allocation error message? Let me know if running any compatibility options as suggested by kalledemos helps.

In the 84+ hours I test played on Windows 7, I only had two crashes I couldn't account for, both by specific DynRPG plugins. It's possible there's a memory leak in one of these plugins, but that would be up to individual authors to investigate.

I know there's a parsing mistake in the MessageExtender.dll PepsiOtaku created for me, but that will cause a script error, not a crash on save.


Umm does anyone know if there is a way to turn off the little gauges over enemy heads? I mean it's not game breaking but still not a fan of them :)

Yes, these bars can be turned off, though not from within the game. I requested that feature from the plugin author, but to my knowledge there is no updated release.

Go to your Everlong folder. Locate the file "DynRPG.ini" and open it with notepad. Scroll down to the third section labeled "CortiMonsterHud" and CHANGE the following three lines as follows:

ShowLife=1 -> ShowLife=0
ShowMana=1 -> ShowMana=0
ShowAtb=1 -> ShowAtb=0

Setting these values to zero and saving the file should make the bars disappear from battle.


Hmm... did I go back in time? Because it appears that the game site is back up.

The host restored it. I locked the forums and may curate the site rather than permanently remove it. For now, is the official host that I'll be checking and updating information on.


author=ryan7251 i can't wait for this update i really liked the game but the scaling bugged me namely how enemies would not be encountered locking your level at areas (I know i said this before but i just wanted you to know I'm still watching this game and am super happy to see you are still working on it)
I know it maybe a long time till the update is out but boy oh boy will i be a happy camper when it does come out :)

Shouldn't be too much longer. As today is the end of June, I'm obviously going to miss my goal of completing my test play this month, but I'm close to 3/4 done.

Players will have the ability to turn off all scaling, use the auto balance feature, or adjust enemy difficulty themselves.

With the rebirth system, hitting maximum level no longer matters, so even the default scaling allows plenty of powering up before reducing EXP and encounter rates.


It seems you're gonna release the new version a little later than may huh? :(

Unfortunately yes. It's been difficult to find play testing time. I will eventually make my way through the game.

While players are waiting, I'd suggest having fun with another old school RM2K3 game that received a fantastic update and was just released: Ara Fell by Badluck