Play Testing

So, how is testing going? you didn't find any big bugs didya?

Still testing. No significant issues. I'm just having difficulty finding time to play. I do need to test before releasing, however, as I already encountered and fixed several small bugs that prevented plot scenes from progressing.

I'm also increasing the default encounter rates and lowering experience earned per battle, generating more random monster fights.

Another idea that occurred to me and that I've already implemented was an experience to next level count. I integrated it into the hero info display, toggled with a single key press.

Monster Scaling

wow, you added in the boss rush loof123 suggested? that's kinda incredible! The monster scaling was a nice surprise too; I thought I remember you saying that feature was cut. At any rate DJC, It's definitely interesting to keep up with the prolific development of your amazing game.

I had planned a similar idea to a Boss Rush, but was going to cut it due to time constraints. I threw this together rather quickly, but wanted to do more. There was going to be an endless battle arena mode too, where players survived as long as they could, receiving handicaps after every battle.

I was going to cut the monster scaling because I couldn't realistically implement the automatic mode satisfactorily, but I decided on the current compromise since players often find the game too easy or too hard. Now they'll have the power to adjust the difficulty to a level they find fun.

Dreaming Forest Dungeon & More

That custom stat screen is AMAZING!! so that's what broken rm2k3 limits look like in action huh? It's also pretty great to see the enemies' hp/mp/atb status in battle.

Moogle Manor? Is that a new place or am I forgetting something (again)?

And whole new dungeon?! in a week?! with all this other stuff done as well? you're on fire DJC!

Thanks to Corti for the monster HUDs showing HP/AP/ATB. He also improved his ATB plugin upon request, and that's what I'm currently using to accelerate battle speed.

I made the custom hero info screen specifically because of the stat limit breaks caused the normal menus to only display current HP and AP. This made it difficult to know if healing was required or how much was gained per level. It also makes it easier to see how the entire party fares and is equipped in a single button press and glance, including if spare skill shards are available to be spent.

Moogle Manor is in the mines of Occultus Gaza, where you can get the Moogle Suit from Mog. It's basically a FF6 Easter Egg. There's a ton of beds in there too, now providing a free rest in the middle of the dungeon.

The Dreaming Forest dungeon was cut from the initial release over a decade ago. I already had the tileset from the town mostly ready to go, though the overlapping bridges required some tweaks. It's also a shorter dungeon with less maps, but causes the player to criss-cross repeatedly to obtain all treasures. I did get carried away with the dinosaur monsters since it's something I'd really wanted to do for awhile. There's 12 new monsters arranged in 40+ battles. Most of them have numerous special attacks and sophisticated, patterned behavior. Otherwise it would have taken less time.

Help Section Finished

Only being able to see look at what monster abilities do only after they been used in battle is a nice touch, and I'll definitely be using fan favorite in ALL the arena battles! Also, good luck with the work and playtesting; with an epic-length game like this, it can't be quick or easy.

I'm really hoping the playthrough will go smoothly since I've been testing updates as I introduce them. I shouldn't need to rebalance anything, and I'm not going to nitpick over small things like spelling errors. I just want to make sure there's no game breaking bugs in any of the content.

It will be interesting to see just how long the entire game actually takes since now there's a reliable game clock.

Inceptum Quest and Help Menu

It might not be finished, but the help menu is looking nice so far.

Thanks. I'm also planning to have the special monster skill damage algorithms explained, each revealed after its first use against the player. That will go in the tactics section along with the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy types.

Unfortunately I couldn't justify a bestiary. There's no plugin for pulling the relevant integers, strings, and images from the database.

Legendary Artifacts, Dr. Odine, & More

The skills from the books still exist, but cannot be obtained. They weren't that useful and could only be acquired late in the game anyways. Now Dr. Odine's rewards are immediately useful, but remain relevant too.

There are a few new skill scrolls, made possible thanks to a DynRPG patch fixing the reflect crash bug, and a plugin that enhances evasion behavior. Azrael also has more skills on his skill shard page, some of them unique.

Uber Daemon is just the renamed Ultimate Weapon. The traverse to Progidium Nidus has changed, with a frozen tunnel staircase leading from the surface of Solus Insula to the darkness of the ocean floor. I was trying to make something atmospheric.

  • Skills Books removed from game
Interesting change. so will the Dr.Odine skill book abilities be available through the skill shard pages now, or have they been removed completely? Also, about Uber Daemon... did I miss/forget an extrs boss, or is he new? Either way, these new features & Items really seem like they're gonna fun to attain and play around with.

Hunting Additions

my goodness! If the cut additions are anywhere near as cool-sounding as this feature or the rebirth mechanic, I hope that you will eventually finish them to your liking; I would genuinely wait the remainder of my life for the definitive, "director's cut" version of this super game to release.

There's a massive list of over 100 game play additions. There's a separate longer list of story and character development changes. If I ever did a commercial version with a modern engine and editor I would try to incorporate these.

The current update was originally meant to utilize DynRPG to eliminate some long standing bugs and game issues caused by engine limitations. At times I get carried away playing around just to see what's possible with rm2k3 and the available plugins. I'd like to release the update for players soon, though, so they can enjoy a better experience.

Rebirth Mechanism

I'd like to thank AudreyTheBard for his battle display plugin...
You're welcome. :) It's Aubrey though, not Audrey. X)

Thanks again! Luckily, I spelled it correctly in the game credits, so I don't need to fix that too. ;)

Rebirth Mechanism

whaaaaaaa?! rm2k3 characters surpassing their 9999/999/999/999/999/999 stat limits?! I can't believe it! and weapon style switching? sammy won't be so lonely damage output-wise anymore! though these awesome changes bring up a critical question: will this new version be compatible with old saves?

The new version is definitely NOT compatible with old saves. Way too many database changes and the use of DynRPG would probably break saves from previous versions.

Sammy can also switch to single weapon and shield style, gaining access to weapons other than claws.

Sources and Golden/Silver Apples boost stats above the old limits too, but that's a much slower way to increase them.


To the contrary on the level cap discussion; I just hit level 99 and am finding the game interminable now that I've also hit areas where that's insufficient to turn off encounters ;-;

In addition to letting players control experience and encounter rates, I'm also allowing story mode to be toggled anywhere, except bonus dungeons that are not completed. That way if players are tired of battles, they can just turn them off.

There are also new accessories if players want to increase encounter rates for leveling. The Bell Collar doubles rates, and the Whistle makes every step begin a battle. The menu will have an icon that changes color to reflect the rate.

The next blog post will also be about a new game function that will make battles beyond level 99 exceedingly worthwhile.