Thanks for the bug reports. Those are some curious issues I'll have to investigate to understand.

The last entry on the first page of the Battle Arena is a bonus dungeon only available after you clear the game and choose either a Continue+ or New Game+. There will be a journal entry that becomes available at that time.


Correct about the Golden and Silver Apples. The lack of updated maximum HP or AP is annoying, but an engine limitation.

I wanted to increase the damage limit, but didn't have time to address the game balance issues, as well as the algorithms that rely on the current damage limit. Without extensive testing, the necessary hack may also have had serious bugs in it. Monster HP gauges would be rendered useless with the extra 200K padding. There's definitely a sense of disappointment when you keep increasing in power, but cannot deal more damage. If you turn on auto balance, this often won't be the case.

Or you can enable the break damage limit. Go into your Everlong folder, edit the Dynrpg.ini file in Notepad, near the bottom delete the semi colon preceding the four DmgCapper lines so they look like this:


In previous versions there was the potential to reflect damage to enemies in excess of the limit, but I finally caught that in this latest version. Any damage over 20K will be reduced by the damage algorithms. This only applies to monsters. Heroes can receive damage without limit.

If you go into your Menu, choose Options, and then Tactics you can view a list of all the custom monster attacks in the game you've observed in battle. This includes the damage algorithms. Some attacks have random calculations.

Suffering specifically kills a target if HP is below a fixed threshold. If that is survived, there's a random chance of no damage, otherwise instant death or near fatal based on different HP thresholds.

I'm happy to answer all your questions!


The royal technology quest can only be completed after the player visits the ship graveyard (Sepulcrum Profundus). Just before the boss is a short scene with a surprise, and your journal entry will update. There is no more drill quest, that was in the old version.

There's no drawback to rebirthing heroes. It is absolutely meant to be used in conjunction with difficulty auto adjust if you want to maintain a challenge. Story Mode should no longer prompt to adjust levels after rebirthing a hero.

There is another character that question mark will be replaced with, but it's part of the plot, not a side quest like recruiting Cirus. You can't miss this hero.

Glad you're enjoying the game! Hopefully the end content will be equally entertaining.


Full installation package updated with all current bug fixes, including:

*Entering and exiting the Phoenix Cave with Impatient Mode ON works correctly
*Hunting Grounds Predator HP significantly reduced; some prey HP reduced
*Muldoon Forest Hunting Ground giant tree permanently transparent
*Corrected Shankha library book location

As always, my thanks to the players for reporting these errors.


I'll put the Phoenix Cave Impatient Mode glitch on the list. I rarely play with that mode enabled, so I likely missed many such bugs.

I debated whether to even include hunting predators as part of the game completion percentage since I knew it would be rather tedious. I'm leaning towards significantly reducing the number of hits to defeat predators. Players could acquire some rare drops easily that way, but the predator that spawns is random chance and later in the game there are better ways to acquire most of those rewards.

The speed issues with predators and prey are actually the result of buggy code that just doesn't execute consistently. I gave up trying to perfect that, and preventing predators from getting stuck in phasing mode, where they can pass through any tiles, even if they're not supposed to.

As for Beomaust, that's probably the third most difficult battle in the game now. You need extremely high defense, fortified with Protect if possible, to survive Overpower. Breath resistance equipment, high defense, Protect, and using the Defend command will help heroes reduce damage from Ultima Breath, which can also be reflected if only a single hero has the Reflect Condition. It's tempting to use Regen for healing, but this will get you into trouble when Beomaust casts Reversal just before Ultima Breath unless you remove it with Cleanse first. You want low HP or fallen heroes just before Reversal, but don't gamble too much since Beomaust can deal heavy damage every turn. Items are the best way to heal or grant boons. Casting life magic will get you Demolished. Casting healing magic will either get you Demolished or maybe Gravija. Demolish will either kill all but one party member, or the last remaining hero if you're down to one.


Thanks whacker. I apologize for the patch failing to work previously. This is exactly what I worried would happen after upgrading to Windows 10, which is why I was desperate to finish the release candidate beforehand.

I'll be on vacation again for another week, but please report any more errors or issues encountered and I'll address them upon my return. Hopefully players are still having fun with the game.


I remember playing this great game many years ago (and almost crying when I encountered the bug in the trial of dragons, however after I finished it). Now I have began to play it again and I'm at the first boss, i use default settings and... how many hp it has? I remember killing him with around 15 hits now I'm over 50!!

Kraken normally has 1200 HP, but there's a hidden 20K extra. Double that for 42400 on Hard difficulty, and you had to deal 22400 damage for victory, beyond excessive. With the new patch and multiplier, it's only ~6500, about five times regular. Much more reasonable.


Ok, Windows 10 is finally showing me when files were last modified, so I've updated the patch and the files should be current and work this time.

Boss AP should start at maximum now, allowing these enemies to use their skills. My guess is the Hard difficulty setting multiplied the monster AP setting to values beyond what the engine can store, causing an overflow to negative values, or just reverting to zero.

This latest update also includes a fix for Hard difficulty boss HP. All enemies had their hit points doubled on this setting, when there should have been a reduced case for bosses.

The problem with the HP bar and bosses stems from my implementation of boss fight conclusions. All bosses have an extra 20K HP, making the gauge wildly inaccurate for bosses with little regular HP. It's an unfortunate work around that also makes it difficult to scale boss HP. There's an entire separate auto balance algorithm for that alone.


I'll see if I can do something to alleviate the lag in Pullus Unda. Could be a result of the special map that displays to help the player find missing party members.

Edit: Ok, got a fix up for the Pullus Unda lag. The custom map should only refresh when necessary, not continuously. Let me know if you run into any more of these situations, kalledemos. Many of the custom displays run on a similar constant refresh premise, which could be the source of whacker's issues.


Here is my uploaded save near the chocobo search minigame. Hopefully it will help pinpoint a problem if there even is one that isn't on my end. If not no big deal I'm about to beat the game.
Your text to link here...
Your text to link here...

I tested your save file and Chocobo Search is working when I load it on my computer.

Edit: I think it's on my end compiling the patch. I'm having difficulty verifying updated files since Windows 10 has serious permission issues and won't change the last modified date for any of my game files. As a result, I'm just adding ALL maps and the database to the fixes download. Try it one more time, and hopefully it should work.