Great game so far! I'm in Occultus Gaza right now, running around picking locks. I'm somewhat of a video game music connoisseur and one track has been haunting me (in a good way) so much that I have to get my hands on it.

The music inside the Thirteen temples is really nice. I went to the Music folder only to find a sped up midi of the track. I understand that Zack Parrish is the author? I've been on his Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages, but to no avail have I been able to find this one track. Do you happen to know the original name of the track, which would really help me hunt it down?

Here's a link to an old version of the entire soundtrack, but it should have the track you're looking for at regular speed in midi format. Some of the newest tracks might not be included in that archive, though.


Thanks, now I can rest at ease knowing I covered all the dungeons I possibly could at this point.

For the 3.30a beta patch, the boss battles on story mode only prompt for skipping, but not level adjustment like mentioned in the patch notes. The only time it prompts for level adjustment is right before the summon and dragon trial bosses, since those always heal the player first.

Also, thanks to a lucky crit, I managed to deal 30000+ damage to Kali and skip her death animation.

I'll have to take a closer look at the boss story mode prompt.

The beta patch should allow players to deal 99,999 damage in one hit, and bosses should last until 200k HP, then trigger their death animation. Maybe Khali is a case I missed, but I will do some checking.


In the arena, I'm missing the region between Tyr-Anon depths and the West Tower. Is this a new dungeon or is it the optional Meridion Caverns?

I think this is the bonus dungeon, Tomb of Khaer Magnus. Last region on the first page at the bottom of its own row, correct? This region cannot be unlocked until you've completed the game, and finished the jade mosaic that unlocks the tomb door in the aforementioned dungeon.

I would have put this dungeon at the end of the region selection, but this was a quick addition in the latest version. I had to make room for ToKM and the Dreaming Forest dungeon. They took up the old Prior Page and Next Page slots as a matter of convenience to save time.


Glad you're enjoying the new version. The original game characters were unflappable heroes versus evil villains lacking complex motivations. Not much writing effort or character development was put into the initial release. I've tried to remedy that failure over the years, which is rather difficult when you already have an established plot. There was so much more planned too. It's good to know the changes made the characters more interesting and compelling. I will admit the game has purposely become progressively darker and cynical with every iteration.

Pretty nice game, played it several times in different iterations. It really has good classical feel. Also not sure if it was intended, but this game really gives this feeling of gray versus black morality - all those reactions, several dialogues, and even some actions of almost every character! You know, when the party was going to go to the witch's tower I was facepalming like no end and by the end of it I actually understood so much negativity in Meredith dialogue variants. Really made me feel for characters, even if it was ridicule, disgust and even fear, Actually had to re-evaluate all actions in game and made some interesting conclusions. Thanks. )


To both bugfragged and the original TV tropes author, that's some awesome work and particularly entertaining from my perspective. I wish I didn't make the job harder with updates that might contradict tropes from previous versions. I'm happy just to know players enjoyed the game, let alone were inspired to create something like this.

Future Plans

Thanks, I'll add the new errors to the current bug list. On rare occasions the Dynrpg plugin for drawing text malfunctions, but usually doesn't crash the game unless you select restart, which may explain the Muldoon bug that doesn't replicate. Or I made a mistake coding the new shift preview function.

I was supposed to update the feature list and upload fresh screenshots and videos with the new version release, but never found the time. Player submissions would be a great help. I also thought about making a new teaser trailer, but that seems like too much effort for an old game.


kalledemos is correct. The HP bar plugin doesn't display correctly for bosses, but will become more accurate as you progress and these monsters have more HP. Every boss has an extra 20K HP to ensure the death animation triggers before the monster actually dies. That threshold is based on the maximum damage the player can deal in a single turn. Unfortunately, there's no way to disable or adjust the plugin for bosses.

I'm considering a small update that will allow players to break the current damage limit and deal up to 99,999 HP per attack. This would require giving every boss 200K extra HP, making the bars even less accurate. There's also a question of whether the necessary hack works reliably, as I haven't extensively tested it. Balance will also be a potential issue, as this change will allow normal enemy attacks to also exceed the current damage limit. I agree with players, however, that powering up their heroes with the rebirth mechanic feels constrained as you reach maximum damage capability quickly.

The Kraken and many other bosses and monsters have increased HP in the updated version. There was a Hard Mode bug where early bosses in particular had far too much HP, but the latest version should fix that. You can always use default difficulty, which I tested in a complete playthrough, or adjust monster stats using the custom option.

Thanks for the note about the story mode adjust level bug. I'll look into that.


DJC I want to ask about the four heroes of legend: what ever happened to them? and why is Welana the only one of them without a last name? Also are they still part of the story?

The heroes of legend get a little more background and lore in the new version. I don't want to reveal any spoilers, but when you first reach Atlantis there is a new boss battle, and at the conclusion you will learn what happened to them.

Welana does have a last name, "Eridwell" which the forest and kingdom are named for. I thought all their full names are mentioned at some point during the game, but I don't recall exactly when.


The crystals are static objects, not events, so they should never be able to move into different positions. Only the blocks and spike tiles are events that can be moved. I lack an explanation for how the crystals could appear in different positions.

Were you able to complete the puzzle once reset?

If not, post your save file and I will take a closer look. You can find the save01.lsd and save01.dyn files in your main Everlong folder, or replace the numbers with whatever slot you've been saving in.


In the tomb of khael magnus, in the bridge puzzle, there's a block I can't seem to be able to move (circled in red)

I completed this puzzle in my playthrough, so to my knowledge it's functional. You can use the switches on both the left and right side of the pit to move the block horizontally, and the the bottom row to move it vertically. The confirm and cancel buttons move the blocks in opposite directions. You can try leaving the room and returning, or resetting the puzzle (shift). Otherwise email me your save file, or post it, and I can take a closer look.