What is it with that damn Charybdis or whatever the hell its name is...damn octopus. ALWAYS uses seize and it lasts until everyone is dead. None of the potions I have remove it. So many paths in the place...did my sorry old ass pass something by that was essential here? Id HATE to have to go all the way back.

I reintroduced an engine bug concerning conditions with the last update. That's what I get for not thoroughly testing. Apply the patch and it will fix this issue. I've also updated the full installation package. Here's a link:

Everlong v3.27 Patch


I tried to download it but when I try to extract the files I get an error
"Everlong_Full..." is not a valid .zip archive! IF you downloaded this file, try downloading again.
Or something like that. Any ideas?

I just double checked the main download and the zip archive is not corrupted. I would suggest trying to download the file again. You can also attempt to open the archive with a different program. I believe I used 7zip, but the Windows archive tool should work, or winzip/winrar.

Everlong Review

Thanks for the review! Even all these years later I find it interesting to see what players think of Everlong, and what I could have done better or perhaps improve in the future. My annual bug fix update is coming soon, but good criticism like yours always makes me consider finding the time to do more extensive work.

You're definitely right that the character development and story has some serious flaws, and some elements were thrown in there hastily. There are several towns like the one you referenced where I just didn't have time to integrate them into the plot and give them individual character. There's like 40 total towns, so I'm guilty of laziness and wanting to move on to designing other things.

Much of the story incoherence and repetition resulted from changing a fan game into something more original in a quick and easy manner. I had so much more planned for adjusting the plot so it was less "here's four more dungeons" and more an engaging mystery you unravel. This was going to involve more hero character development in the first half, and a more personal back story for Expirius and the four legendary heroes later in the game. I think I inserted a little joke about the four quest mechanic, when you get the airship and the mission to gather the aspects, the pilot Diego says "Didn't we already do this?"

Likewise, the heroes were meant to have vastly more development through specific events and flashbacks, but these were mostly cut and my time was spent on improving gameplay. Julia in particular I tried not to fall into the pit you describe, but your criticism regarding her is common, and that's now the number one flaw I'm considering changing.

I'm actually not happy with the level of adjusting the skill system, since it can only be done out of battle. It's not feasible in RM2K3, but I really want players to be able to change equipment and skills, and even party members during combat. Otherwise you have to reset and change strategy prior to engaging in difficult fights, which is a waste of player time.

One last thing, I put that "trailer" together in a few hours as a proof of concept, but never got around to doing something more polished. I don't know if it's a good representation of the game, but I'm glad to hear it gets a simple message across.


Hey DJC, where can I get those battler graphics, like the one used for Laverna? I Checked Everlong's website, but the links for the GGZ ones are dead. :o

(Also, I love this game; it's neither too difficult, nor too easy. I've died on several occasions, but I always had fun whenever I play it. Plus, it's "long" enough to keep me entertained for hours on end~ :3)

It's not surprising Gaming Ground Zero is no longer hosting all those old sprites, but I don't know where else you could find the originals. I acquired them years ago like most of the other resources used in Everlong. You can always use the music and graphics files from my game in other projects, but I'm not sure what the best source for RM2K3 resources is now. Maybe Charas Project, but that website hasn't necessarily preserved these kind of original works.

Glad to hear you enjoy the game, I'm always looking for little ways to improve it since I don't have much time anymore.


Cannot beat Aegir at Castle Alveus. Have tried several times. Utterly frustrated at the amount of hours I've put into this thing, only to encounter an unbeatable boss that I HAVE to defeat to move to story forward. One of my MAIN complaints about this game is that there is NO WHERE to level up. The monters on the maps are very few and far between, and sometimes non-existant. I cannot level up, therefore I cannot collect gold to buy potions. This game is SERIOUSLY flawed. One of the worst I've played, and I've played ALOT.

I've had players tell me this battle is both too easy and too difficult. It's designed with the assumption players will use elemental attributes: water protection and lightning attacks. I'll take another look at the balance next time I'm working on a update.

The level up system is an unfortunate consequence of the game's length and the experience curves, trying to spread 99 levels across the entire story. It was a compromise solution to players gaining way too many levels. Maybe there's a new plugin I can use that provides an alternative, like monster XP based on hero level. That way players can continue receiving encounters to win money and drops. Money has almost never been a problem reported by players, however, nor lack of basic items. There's so many to find in dungeons, and you have to fight a ton of battles to reach the encounter caps, I'd hope players would have all they need to buy potions. Thanks for the feedback, I'll give this some thought and see what new stuff is out there for the aging RM2K3 editor. In the meantime, you can always go to the world map, switch to story mode in options, and skip any boss battle to continue the story, then switch back.


Crappy font type. I don't like playing an RPG that I have to struggle to read the story for.

This is a common problem with RM2K3 games, you'll want to install the font patch.

It's available on here.


DJC, I just noted that that the Download button redirects to a 404 - Page Not Found:

Also, in the webpage for your game it still shows the SOPA Blackout:

Probably want to fix those two issues ...

Yeah, I blacked out to observe the SOPA protest on January 18th. I didn't restore the website until midday PST on the 19th because I was slept in late. It should all be back online now, and the actual download was always accessible. I appreciate the heads-up, though! Sometimes things go down and I don't notice immediately.

Everlong Review

Thanks for writing the review! Since you were so thoughtful and thorough, I thought I'd try to respond to your main points. I agree with pretty much all of your criticism, and would like to give an explanation behind many of the shortcomings.

Story: Everlong definitely has an unoriginal plot, since that wasn't the creative focus and was haphazardly rewritten over time to improve the story slightly. When you don't plan, things become generic and you rely on cliches. I've made some changes over the years and had more in mind, but the plot will never be the game's driving point. As for predictable characters, I had much more on the drawing table in terms of development for each hero. Almost all of that was cut, however, so their individual story-lines are very weak and unsophisticated. I wanted to make them more personally engrossing to compensate for the lack of surprises.

Aesthetics: Many of the sprites and facesets don't match styles as you say, and the monsters are often towering over the hero battlers. Every designer would like consistentcy, but I went for variety which necessiatated mixing and matching. The animations for Keen's skills are different since his abilities are supposed to be illusion magic, but I agree some of them are a little too out there and are more the result of using what was available resource wise. I did limit all the animations to 99 frames or less, however, so they should all execute in a couple seconds. I am aware that for some players their hardware processes the animations at reduced speeds, which would be a pain.

Gameplay: The bosses in the beginning of the game are designed to be simplistic to try and introduce players to basic concepts like elemental weaknesses. If you're a experienced RPG player, however, it won't be challenging or stimulating until later. I've adjusted the early bosses several times because players either find them too easy or too difficult. Status ailments are too devastating to allow against bosses, though I'd like to work around that and just give them reduced durations or effectiveness. I'm still undecided on the counterattack triggers. I don't want to punish players for using smart tactics and exploiting weaknesses, but it's too easy to defeat powerful enemies otherwise. I need more control over the damage algorithms to address this.

Issues concerning the speed and defense attributes, as well as regular attacks versus skill usage fall under the same category. I totally agree that physical attacks are overpowered. I tried to address this with enemy skills that strip the enchanment Might, lower attack power, or increase physical resistance, but it's a fundamental alogrithm problem. RM2K3 uses an attrocious method to calculate battle speed too, and I absolutely understand every player's frustration with the speed attribute and pace of battles. This is the number one thing I'd like to substitute a different algorithm for. Another engine limitation prevents the Magic attribute from having much effect on skills given the damage range. Likewise, Defense is rather unimportant except versus certain enemy skills with custom formulas like Overpower, or the enemies at the end of the game that have high enough attack values to actually influence the default algorithm significantly.

I wanted to introduce more skills for each hero, both for active use and passive benefits, along with chained combos, but this was unrealistic given engine limitations. A "Scan" skill was also beyond reasonable implementation, despite the need to determine which status ailments effect monsters. Each foe has a number of specific conditions that always work along with immunities. These usually follow a pattern depending on the enemy type (reptile, mammal, aquatic), but only the recruitable tactics NPC reveals these. I planned to include an information section in the custom menu like the Codex from Dragon Age or Mass Effect, but that feature was scratched.

I'm glad you did not experience any sense of grind playing Everlong. That was one of my major goals, since I don't think that's a fun way to spend your time as a player, and constitutes a poor design technique to infalte game length. I've actually had criticism about the lack of sidequests, particularly early in the game, and would like to have included more to make NPCs and locations more interesting and engaging.

In short, all your points are legitimate and something prospective players should keep in mind. Unfortunately many of these problems arise from engine limitations beyond my control. In other cases, they are the result of poor planning or cut material, neither of which I can remedy at this time. If you do manage to complete Everlong, I would be interested in hearing your toughts on the later battle and equipment dynamics, since they're vastly different. Thanks again for the feedback.


Thanks! I actually edited/drew all the sprite battlers myself starting from the base charset sprites. I'm not talented enough to do super sprites, but they work.


World map graphics definitely need higher resolution than RM2K3 supports since you're scaling things down.

Where you referring specifically to the mini-map graphic?

That is indeed an edited FF8 Seifer charset graphic. Good eye!