On the Subject of Hating

1) It was extraordinarily obvious from the hype surrounding the film that the authorial intent or pretense was to tell a deep and meaningful story with a message; the movie took itself far too seriously

ahahahahah really? i didn't follow any hype and downloaded it on a whim because i saw a trailer that looked badass. if they actually were intending to tell a super deep story or something then yeah they failed. it felt like it was meant to be eye candy movie, because it did a damn good job at that.

On the Subject of Hating

There are almost too many factors as to why someone will hate or like something. Such as nostalgia (growing up with something), hype (forced attachment), experience (how it relates to previous shit you've watched), etc.

Obviously there are more than that. I was pointing out one reason.

On the Subject of Hating

sucker punch was great dude. maybe you were expecting something different. it promised insane visual effects, hot girls and badass fight choreography and it totally delivered. if you honestly expected anything else then it's your own fault but you can't say the movie sucked.

now i guess i have to tie that into the topic to make this post legitimate:

people will always hate things that don't live up to their expectations. if something sucks to a person, it's because they expected something different. going into something with an understanding of what exactly it promises has a huge effect on whether or not something is good or isn't.

that said, there is absolutely a definitive quality threshold that the average person can see—or maybe FEEL. even though in the end obviously everything's subjective—that's been covered and isn't really up for debate at all.


Normally I do it the old-fashioned way. Take multiple screenshots and just mash them together in Paint or Photoshop. It's sort of inconvenient, but it only takes a few minutes and it works just fine.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

KP man that's fucking awesome. beautiful, dude—I love all the animations. We need more rpg maker games like that. keep going.

RMN Radio Drama! Casting Call!

Internet Blacklisting, Save the Internet!

Personally I'm not to worried. This kind of stuff has been going on for years and if never goes anywhere.

These bills never pass, and this one won't either.

Movie Influences

Not movies so much as TV shows. Quality TV, like the Sopranos, the Wire, Boardwalk Empire, Deadwood, etc (naturally gangland politics come from stuff like this). What these shows do that movies don't is in the characters. Long term character development and interactions are really the key of good storytelling, imo, and it's that level of character focus that I try to carry over into any creative project of mine.

Multitasking on the computer

what it's not a rant it's a conversational direction

The Screenshot Topic Returns

What do you mean??? IF i am using a script for the dialogue box??? yes, i am using a letter-by-letter script.

he means SCRIPT SCRIPT—a dialogue script, not a RGSS script. He's offering to help you with the translation.