Rpg maker xp help. sprites to big.

RMXP sprites need four frames horizontally and vertically—the program reads the image by automatically dividing the image by four. It's being cropped weird because your sprite sheet isn't arranged properly.

Use the sprites included in the RTP for reference.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Far_Oz, I would actually call that a bad use of rips. Despite the maps looking FANTASTIC, they also look almost exactly like the areas those chipsets are ripped from in their respective games. Tsk tsk no no.
What matters is others like it. 1 dislike to the other 2 to 3 likes, means they did pretty good.

yeah like it's not plagiarism using rips in the first place o_...o

RMN Radio Drama! Casting Call!

Clyve Cannoli

Yummy Drumsticks

Crush your enemies

Visual appeal vs other content

are we still talking about this

Rpg maker xp help. sprites to big.

show us the sprite you're trying to use and a screenshot of what it looks like in-game.

Night fourm life

yeah it's probably the most disgusting of all the disgusting internet fetishes and i've hated pyrodoom ever since i first saw that avatar


You better use 95/2k/2k3!

don't do this. i know that this site has a massive boner for the older makers, but XP is really solid and much more approachable to new people.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Jakester- they look very bad.

the problem is that the pixels are huge and it's immediately noticeable. the pixels of those trees are bigger than the pixels from the other graphics so it's really offputting. if you wanna grab some bigger trees maybe you can jack them from some RMXP tiles?

Night fourm life

rmn has people from all around the world in all sorts of different time zones. "night" is relative.

there are loads of sites with nintendo rips—spriter's resource is an easy one—but you'd have to compile them yourself to be compatible for RMVX. it isn't very hard.

Action Scenes in rm2k3

It got me to buy it, mission success!, but I didn't like it.

commercial games area different story, dude. they dont give a shit if you LIKE it ornot. by the time you make that decision, they already have yur money

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