Action Scenes in rm2k3

Huh. °° I don't know the whole story (never liked irc), so I won't comment further on that.

there's not much of a story, man. pretty much the same stuff that was said in this thread.

Despain was pissing me off.

apologies, bro. that wasn't my intent. well—it was—but not until after you responded. when i give criticism, i call it like i see it. and your game has some serious graphical downfalls that's preventing you from reaching your full potential.

honestly i love the oldschool rm2k/3 style—there's a definite charm that appeals to me. but that appeal comes from nostalgia, not from any kind of definite quality. when i give someone feedback i give it objectively. your graphics are shit and they detract from an otherwise well-made cutscene.

if you're making an rm2k/3 game for the fun of it—because you want to write a story or create a world—then FUCK YEAH DUDE go for it. i ain't gonna hold you back. i wish you luck, man. but when you post something online, expect people to be dicks. when i'm at my meanest, i'm also a my most constructive. because i speak the truth, bro. release something on the internet and people will nitpick. i say your graphics are lacking because they are, man. it's not an insult. we tryin' to help you better yourself.

More help

you have a LOT of scripts in there man. a ridiculous amount of them.

there's probably some inconsistencies among them that are breaking your game. cut back until you figure out which one's causing the problem.

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Thinking about recording a "Let's Smoke" where I smoke lots of pot and then try to play an RPG maker game and record it.



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because honestly when I woke up today (and for a few hours after that until I spoke to my mom)
I hope you don't live with your mom, if you are 25...

i lived on my own for about three years and then had to move back because i lost my job

blame it on the e-e-e-e-economy


you know what.

in retrospect, enjoy your birthday kid. i'm glad that you feel you deserve a whole month.

because honestly when I woke up today (and for a few hours after that until I spoke to my mom) i totally forgot it was my birthday.

I remember years ago I would wake up on the morning of. I'd be all excited and happy and ready to face the day. it was MY DAY, man. fuck yeah! it was my birthday. for weeks before I'd be looking forward to it. it's exciting. it's significant. it matters.

and there comes a time when it stops mattering. where you realize that your birthday really doesn't mean anything—it's just another day. that all around the world, people have birthdays every day. and it's insignificant. you are insignificant.

so enjoy it, kid. enjoy your birthday—your birthmonth—while you can.

because I can't anymore.

What other genres/games do you like/play that AREN'T RPGs?

Playing out of retrospect I really loved SM64. Mainly because Mario is so flexible (backflips, triple jumps, side hops, sliding, etc.). Wondering if you know any 3D platformers with that level of complexity.

Mario64's sequels—Sunshine, Galaxy and Galaxy 2 are all basically the same but just keep getting better and better. They're all excellent games.

Also Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie and Donkey Kong64 all have the same core gameplay as Mario64 (in a good way!!).

Action Scenes in rm2k3

Despain, I asked nothing about my graphics( I know they're bad compared to most others), yet you felt the need to comment about that.

I asked what people thought about low quality action scenes in general. And gave an example from my game.

I talked about how the poor graphics detracted from the action scene. I wrote a paragraph about the battle animations and how you overuse them. Your battle scene is two things: sprites moving around and battle animations. the sprite choreography is cool, but the animations are distracting from the action.

If you don't think that's feedback on your action scene, then I give up. You're clearly not looking for actual opinions and using this thread as a thin attempt to seek praise for something you spent all afternoon putting together.

My aplogies. This is the best scene I've ever seen and I envy your godly skills at setting event move routes. Keep doing what you're doing—there is no room for improvement. Thanks for posting.

Action Scenes in rm2k3

don't ask for criticism and then handwave it away with a "who cares?". that's insulting to the people who take the time to give you critique and it makes you look like an ass.

you asked, I gave you an honest answer.

if you don't want feedback, then you're just posting this to show off. if that's your only goal, go do that on youtube or somewhere else. this is a site for your fellow developers and we will have criticism.

and the problem isn't that they're good or bad—but they're inconsistent. You have multiple different styles going on and it creates a disjointed feeling that your game lacks polish. it looks lazy, even if it isn't. you have faces ripped from games, and some faces from the RTP, and some other anime faces—they don't MESH, and that's the problem.

if you hear something "all the time", then maybe take the hint and start to think about what you're doing with that.


today's my birthday and i'm 25 so fuck you bro.

Action Scenes in rm2k3

visual inconsistency everywhere. you have like every different style of faceset, man.

you overuse the fuck out of battle animations. it's GREAT how you have bodies flying around and stuff, that's cool—and I like the little puff of dust or w/e when that one guy slides around. but for the most part the animations work to make it look worse—the battle animations are HUGE and BRIGHT and clash horrendously against the really dark screen tone.

make the animations more subtle and it'll work better. your choreography's cool but it's hiding underneath all the animations.