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I lost my job, too, and still I didn't go back to my parents. I would rather die before I let them rule over my life again.

hey what a coincidence—that was the exact choice i was faced with. die or go back to my mom's house.

maybe my willingness to survive is a bit stronger than yours. so fuck off and leave that antagonistic shit out of this thread.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

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I think it's awesome and I had no idea that the graphics are different rips. Fit very well.

i don't use rips. i make my own graphics.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Its odd the Canon has blue but the rest is monotone... Cool though.

it seems a bit out of place in these images yeah, but lots of objects that you can interact with will have a single color a lot like the cannon.

glad people like it :O

the hero has earth powers; the central mechanic of the game is that she can raise a shield of stone out of the ground on the tile in front of her, which can repel enemies and stuff. other than that she can't attack and lots of the game will be about manipulating objects within the environment to defeat enemies and solve puzzles.


The Screenshot Topic Returns

these are mockups to see how well the sprites fit together more than screenshots but w/e


hey krysty—my biggest advice for you is to start with FORM and then add detail. creating an outline first and then coloring it in leads to all sorts of problems that make it very hard to present visual depth. i approach pixel art like a painting, starting with blob forms and then refining them. it will probably help you a lot.

also you could really try some AA to smooth out the girl's hair. the jagged lines on it are really jarring.

anyway, here's some stuff from me. if anybody hangs out in irc they've probable seen it.


game's... im thankful for game's

happy "games"giving everobyd

Rpg maker xp help. sprites to big.

i made that grid and it was like 2 minutes in photoshop

post your picture

Round cheeks MAKE MY FACE HUGE BALL! I mean like the cheeks like the muscles that go up when you smile. I do not look like Psy's representation though.
Psy_Wombat you best be trolling.

it looks like me though so i'll take it >:O

Rpg maker xp help. sprites to big.

learn from it

Rpg maker xp help. sprites to big.

edit: my b, accidental dp