Multitasking on the computer

1. There is an overwhelming presence of Facebook.

this shouldn't be unexpected.

i mean maybe a year or two ago facebook wouldn't be as prevalent but today and being anti-facebook made sense sort of back then. but it's undeniably a major part of modern culture. it's massive. and i'm not one of those people who spend hours on it at a time—that blows my mind and I can't imagine that. i'll usually check it in the morning quick when I wake up and again before bed, and I have it set to send any direct messages to my phone (or chrome app). that's enough really, and it's not too distracting.

so many people—pretty much mostly everybody—have it and use it that it's a good way to stay in contact with people. some friends of mine who i barely know i've become a lot closer to because of facebook. there are FACEBOOK PEOPLE that i find absolutely repulsive but it's great for what it is.

and since the subject relates to Natook's post: yeah i get deleting it if it's taking up too much time. i used to hate it too (like I said, because of the PEOPLE on it moreso than the site itself, but they're easily enough avoided).

"facebook me" is such a common phrase and it's such a universal thing. people used to compare it to myspace, but it's nothing like it because of the mobile applications. now that facebook is pretty much on everybody's phone it's impossible to avoid—so why bother. it's just the way communication is going so embrace it.

Why won't this dude disappear?

Does he move too far? Make sure you count your spaces carefully or check the "ignore if can't move (or whatever)" checkbox. He might be getting stuck—the event will only continue processing once he reaches his destination.

RPG Maker VX Ace

And the layers are still the same :C

Upper = XP
Lower = VXAce screenshot that is so tiny ffff

three layers? YESS!!!! RMVX has no layers at all, but some horrible two-layer system that's based on the tiles themselves. really, VX with XP's mapping system would be more than enough to make me happy.

ahhahhahaha the dub is so bad.

Spirtes re-colour

Scroll down to. Part 4, "color replacement". it explains with pictures.

Spirtes re-colour

Sure, if you have photoshop there's a color replace feature or you can use sliders.

alternatively, MS Paint has a secret feature to replace colors. Select the original color as your background color and the new color as your foreground color, and then "erase" them but with the right mouse button.

good luck :)

NPC animations. A nice little touch, or waste of time?

as someone who aims to make his games with original graphics, NPC animations are a HUGE benefit. it reduced the amount of work you have to do while at the same time making the game a lot more interesting to the player.

i only make full walk cycles for the characters that walk. main characters, antagonists and major NPCs. of course i'll make graphics for a few generic NPCs here and there, but when I add them to the map I'll never set them to walk around randomly, but put them on a route. I'm really big on making unique NPCs to give towns more character—just copy/pasting random dudes and giving them useless dialogue lines is annoying and lazy, and obvious to the player.

most npcs have a specific purpose and location—i have lots of dudes playing instruments, some sitting on couches, NPCs sleeping, reading, drinking, eating, etc. it makes the world come to life and cuts down on the busywork of spriting.

his is what I've been doing, and it's actually cut down on some of my spriting work! Personally, it's a lot faster for me to make a dude sitting down polishing a giant silver dildo sword than it is to animate him walking around in 4 directions he might never move to

Yeah this man. totally.

Multitasking on the computer

having two monitors is great for multitasking; and i want to get a third soon. i usually have irc open on one monitor and a browser (or whatever i'm working on) on the second. also i very often watch a video or something on one monitor while working on the other.

I mean, how many things do you do at once?
A lot. Usually three or four things at a time. IRC, internet browsing, music and then whatever project I'm working on (writing or graphics mostly).

How many windows do you open, and how many tabs on your browser?
I always have a bunch of folders open in my taskbar, usually as a reminder of the stuff I'm trying to get done. Light right now I have my folder for my writing stuff and my graphics stuff open, as well as a "books" folder because I wanted to get some reading done today.

I usually have two browser windows with a few tabs in each—one is usually a background "music" window with a tab for last fm (jazz or classic rock radio and a tab with The other will have between 1 and 10 tabs, often various forums, wikipedia articles and facebook. It happens a lot that I'll be posting a reply in a forum and get sidetracked by irc which ends up being sidetracked on wikipedia etc etc and then I return to the forum reply and totally forget my point and end up not posting at all.

How frequently do you switch between tasks?
Too much. I'll do something on one thing and then do something else. I rarely focus on one thing for extended periods. When I do I make sure to close irc. Also I can get a lot of work done graphically when I'm watching a movie or tv show at the same time, it's how I do most of my spriting these days.

Are there any websites you refresh often?
Facebook and plenty of forums—probably gonna be RMN from now on.

Does the excessive multitasking prevent you from focusing on what you need to do?
Oh yeah.

Do you get the feeling of wasted time?
Yeah. I'll look at the clock and wonder where half the day went.

Do you try to control yourself?
Sometimes, not always. I'll usually give myself a major goal every day (in terms of sprite this much or write this many words, etc), and I can usually get it done even among getting sidetracked.

Do you feel any difficulty in keeping attention to a single thing (like writing a school paper) for prolonged periods?
Yes, absolutely. It has to do with the ease of the internet and knowledge. If I'm watching a tv show and they reference something I'll find myself pausing it to read about it on the internet (especially if I see an actor I recognize and can't QUITE place where I recognize him from). And then, naturally, I've spend two hours on wikipedia and wonder where the time went.

Y'know that mapping contest..

* Use any RPG Maker program (VX, since we used 2k3 for the last mapping contest)

VX has a really shitty mapping system, man. it has two layers and they don't even work properly half the time because you can't switch between them. it also handles everything in autotiles (mapping in VX is all about using the shift key properly).

the point I'm making isn't "don't use RMVX", but that these days a lot of RMVX mapping is done in photoshop and imported as a parallax background. it makes RMVX a strange choice for a mapping competition, unless that kind of mapping was allowed—which kind of defeats the purpose, yeah?


hey so i just went through this whole topic and there's a lot of great stuff (plenty of bad stuff too but hey).

for the sake of contributing here's something that i made earlier this year (with magical nonmoving rose):

more recently, i'm working on a modern graphics pack for VX. you can expect to see more in the future; here's some interior objects.


I have always been of the attitude that if you want to write a novel, you don't need a special occasion to do it, and if you don't really want to write a novel, no special occasion is ever going to help. I'm really not a fan of the entire idea, I don't think it generates a lot of GOOD prose, generally speaking. I don't think, as a very very broad and obviously not all-inclusive generalization, that the novelists who need something like NaNoWriMo to motivate them are the ones in any danger of producing good writing.

yeah man this totally.

nano's great for the people who do it because it's a community thing. but it's not really a good writer thing. the big "tips" for nano writers embrace needless dialogue and going off on tangents. good writing is about cutting that extra stuff. the wordcount itself is the goal of nano, not creating a decent story.

nano:writing::rpgmaker:gamedev is a great fucken comparison.

nano is a good excuse to get people motivated to hit their daily word count, and to connect people with an online community of peers. other than that it isn't really that special.

i don't participate in this—i write for me. but the past couple days i've been hitting two thousand words a day. it has nothing to do with nano. it has more to do with getting off irc and turning up the classic rock.