Any libertarians here?

Human life (or rather life itself) doesn't have any exceedingly special worth and I simply fail to see the difference between paying for a hamburger I'm going to eat and paying for medical treatment.

i love this ;d

a human life's value is measured very easily. in fact, we have a fantastic system that allows us to put a numeral value to the life of nearly everybody: money. that's right, i said it: money exists as a way to give value to human beings. some people are worth more than others. and lots of people aren't worth much of anything at all.

people talking about anarchy and shit

i don't know of anybody who wants to remove government completely. there's a HUGE difference between the idiots who go around clamoring for anarchy and logic-driven libertarians who believe that government should take a significantly reduced role in the regulation of business and industry.

In such a country you can forget about global scientific or social achievements as well; professionals won't be able to work in a chaotic environment where 'everyone is equal'.

you're mixing up your social systems pal—communism is the (disgusting) system where 'everyone is equal'.

But if you don't believe it and think everyone is just blowing hot air

no dude i'm not like DENYING IT (the holocaust never happened) my biggest point is that it was an accident and people blow it out of proportion in political debates. animals died, some businesses suffered, etc—but that happens in natural disasters too all the time. a single incident like an oil spill has NO PLACE WHATSOEVER in a discussion about political systems, regardless of how big it was.

Any libertarians here?

author=Yellow Magic
what? the BP oil spill was fine—a couple of animals died big whoop. people blow that shit out of proportion.
Please don't talk about things you don't understand.

skimming this confirms what i said—animals died: As of November 2, 2010, 6,814 dead animals had been collected, including 6,104 birds, 609 sea turtles, 100 dolphins and other mammals, and 1 other reptile.

no humans, though.

also according to your article a bunch of businesses and tourism suffered too and that's pretty upsetting i suppose.

but that was one ACCIDENT and people love to go crazy talking about shit like that like it's the end of the world. accidents are irrelevent in political debate. there will always be accidents.

Any libertarians here?

he first is that the movement began because of a huge government push. Kyoto, carbon credits, etc. All that shit. You could argue that it began with the hypocrit Al Gore, but his movie's goal was to influence public policy.

how is that relevant? nobody's going to be developing a time travel machine.

Second, most of the so-called green movement is heavily subsidised and dependant on government handouts to maintain relevancy.

hey hey it seems like you're solving our nations problems. i'm for cutting environmentalism bullshit and getting this country out of debt. i don't believe in government handouts anyway.

And how did you like your environmental protection in regards to the BP oil spill?

what? the BP oil spill was fine—a couple of animals died big whoop. people blow that shit out of proportion.

it seems like the whole purpose of the environmentalism bullshit is to please the liberals who whine about cute baby seals (don't even start about tree cutting either because the same companies that cut down trees plant news one in their place to build a steady supply—it's how the business works and tree-hugging environmentalism is complete hippy bullshit).

environmentalism as a THING has been GROSSLY EXAGGERATED. it shouldn't be a political issue at all. if people want to save the environment then there's nobody stopping them from doing it. aside from aiding in the prevention and recovery of natural disasters (hurricanes and shit), leave environmental protection out of my government. it's a waste of tax dollars.

#3 referred more to the availability of facilities. Doctors and nurses may travel and practise wherever, but can you really be in favor of a system where hospital directors have money to make, and if you can't afford the treatment then you'll just have to die?

sounds good to me.

Any libertarians here?

I'm not anti-capitalism or anything. Actually, I'm very capitalist. It's just that I don't see any relevant examples of the free market advancing environmental, health, or safety issues in any meaningful way. Somewhere along the way, the social issues are ignored.
You could make an argument for health and safety, since it's a boon to protect the valuable workforce assets. But with the general laborers, the world has a glut of them. As far as supply/demand goes for menial tasks, you could take advantage of the Free Market by doing it Chinese style : Little-to-no safety standards and whoever dies is replaced the next day.
For environmental, people have never had a problem with polluting somewhere else to advance their own situation, and I don't necessarily mean in the monetary sense (NIMBY). Again, without some governing authority to lay and enforce laws, what do you do if BigNatGas Inc destroys your town's water table while selling elsewhere? A boycott won't work...

1 you talk like i want to destroy the government completely. SAFETY would be government regulated, like it is now (except maybe a little more lenient). the purpose of government is to keep the people and property safe from physical harm.

2 environmental concerns aren't an issue anymore. GOING GREEN is a massive thing and on today's market BEING GREEN is an effective marketing strategy and business plan on its own. people eat that shit up. ENVIRONMENTALISM is so engrained in people's minds (example: you brought it up!) that it's nearly impossible to go back.

3 what do you mean by "health issues"? capitalism is an incredible driving force for the advancement of medical technology. also hospitals and doctors operate for profit. the businesses who do the most for health make the biggest profit. i don't really understand how a free market WOULDNT advance health issues.

Any libertarians here?

yes, seeing the wonderful effects of capitalism on the state of the world populations, it would be a pity not to let it take over completely.................................. right?

are you being sarcastic because i don't get this post.

Any libertarians here?

Does personal property still exist? Do the Old Money types get to keep and spend their legacy fortunes? How do you prevent land/resource cartels? Doesn't the loss of central direction prevent the construction of infrastructure projects that historically created and advanced civilisation?

of course that stuff exists. because the driving force in a proper libertarian government would the capitalist system—and the "central direction" that "historically created and advanced civilization" is still there and stonger than ever: the power of money.

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Any libertarians here?

i dont IDENTIFY as libertarian but my morals and philosophies tend to be in line with libertarianism so you can count me i suppose if you're looking to take a tally or whatever

be warned though that politics is a risky subject!!!

also go ronpaul

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despanrs pixel tut's :)

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