despanrs pixel tut's :)

so hey i am working on a massive multi-part pixel art tutorial. i've written a lot of little tutorials and stuff in the past (unfortunately most of them are long lost). the goal here is to cover a shitload of topics, from the most basic to some pretty advanced stuff later on—as well as lots of smaller instructional lessons along the way.

as of now i have the first few sections done. i wasn't originally going to post this but it's probably gonna be a LONG TIME before this thing is actually finished, so i'm going to release the sections in a blog format: they'll be updated whenever I create a new one. i'll update this topic whenever i make a new part, too.

because they're pretty long and have a lot of images i'm going to link to them, but i'll give a description.

  • Introduction
    just the introduction to the series: it outlines my goals and philosophies

  • Thinking in Color
    mostly this article covers some of the very basics: color terms worth knowing. it's sort of introductory into the next section

  • Read Between the Pixels
    contrast! this section goes into detail explaining how to get the most out of the contrast between your colors

  • Using and Choosing Colors
    this is a big one—it's all about color choice and creating a color palette. this is the tutorial that is most often requested. so hopefully a lot of people will find it useful.

i'm also using the same site for my writing tutorials and if i create any more rpgmaker resources i'll set up a section for them.

i will PROBABLY submit them to the site too (i'm sort of lazy though and don't want to convert them all to the bbcode format for submitting), but mainly i'm looking for feedback and suggestions in this thread. also REQUESTS. i have some very speficic ideas about where I want to go next, but i'm gonna leave you with an important question:

what do you want to see in a pixel tutorial?

Hey, my name is Omegarirue old producer of LOT

yeah it's me. i keep hacking into your computer and deleting it. sorry dude it's part of my OCD.

Are classic RPGs still a viable option ?

the problem with a lot of those games is that they are boring. it's sad but true. they require a lot of reading, a lot of menu-navigating, and a hell of a lot of grinding.

in today's world, that kind of game isn't as attractive as it would have been twenty years ago when games and consoles very limited.

it's possible to make those kinds of games and make them very enjoyable—but you need to trim the fat. if people get bored, they'll stop playing and go play some garbage like angry birds. because it's that much more approachable.

it's not the battle system, but how it's used. and most improtantly: a game has to be FUN.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Despain, was that a joke? Why do you think the first one's better?

it's a million times cleaner and easy to understand.

the second one is cluttered and has a shitload of little windows floating around all over the place. it's not instantly readable. it would be fine if you got rid of the world map and arranged the character details in a less cluttered way.

maximize your space. function should always come first.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

before was better dude

Kim Jong-il has died.

rip kim jong il

People are childish when it comes to critisim

I can't see what you're talking about as a trend

it runs rampant in other communities, idk about this one because i spend little time looking at the projects section. but among all the anime kids it's a "deviantart mindset" that makes them think everything they do is flawless and should be treated as such.

conversations like this are commonplace.

kid: posts a horrible sprite

a few posts follow up and tell him that it's excellent and he should do more without giving him any kind of legitimate feedback.

me: yeah your sprite is bad and here is why: blah blah. you can fix it by doing blah blah. good luck.

then inevitably a few more posts will follow up telling me that i am trolling and being rude and then the OP kid will claim that he's giving up spriting forever because he needs the support of the community.

RPG maker VX Ace...why...why did enterbrain make it slip out of my hands?

how is this enterbrain's fault? they're not designing the program to be used on some shitty laptop. i'm not saying its your fault either if your computer doesnt run it, but different machines were designed to run different kinds of software. it sounds like you have one of those little notebooks that are designed for surfing the web and using word processors for taking notes during college classes, something that is not built for graphics editing or making games.

it's not designed to run on tablet PCs. rpg maker is designed to be run on computers. and the VAST MAJORITY of computers have very high resolutoions, and 1028x768 is the standard now.

stop bitching. this thread is shit.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

green arrow is the mouse cursor, it changes to arrows when you hover over a teleport

American Constitution overriden

well then DONT BE A TERRORIST. problem solved.