Criticism, your audience, and putting your foot down; the concept of saying "That's too god damn bad."

first off you can't have a topic like this unless you break down different types of criticism. whats relevant to this topic are hard crits vs opinions (or whatever the fuck terminology you want to use).

if i give someone a hard crit I'm stating a FACT. something that is very hard to disagree with and something that most people can spot. ("your facesets dont match at all—you're mixing rtp with anime rips and it looks like shit" or if there's a glitch or an obvious mapping error or something). people should listen to that.

if there's something that's more of a gameplay decision then they can take it at their discretion. the problem here is that MOST OF THE TIME THE PERSON WITH THE CRITICISM IS STILL RIGHT AND LISTENING TO THEM WILL MAKE THE GAME BETTER. if some aspect of the gameplay is total shit and someone calls you out on it—more importantly, if MULTIPLE PEOPLE HAVE THE SAME CRITICISM TO MAKE, don't brush it aside with "well durrr that's my choice lol". if you want to make your game better, then listen to what people have to say.

if they're just making the game to fuck around or w/e and don't give a shit about making it good, then they probably shouldn't be posting it online in the first place.

I think it follows a pretty linear scale, the more talent you have the less advice you should listen to.

the problem here is that the people without talents are the ones who think they have the most of it.

author=Max McGee
I want to reply to this topic, but I am actually playing a really good RPG Maker game right now.

really good rpgmaker game? ahahahhahhahhaha good one buddy

I lost a friend one time, becasue I support gays and lesbians

sounds like your friend was a douchebag

thank's for sharing ^_^

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Well the tiles are from Sword of Mana so the colors were all as is from the game itself. Older GBA games tended to be brighter due to lack of backlighting.

then it should be corrected for a PC game, no?

The Screenshot Topic Returns


your greens are way too lime, the brightness clashes very poorly with the browns in the cliffs. the purple shade in the cliffs doesn't work as well as you want it too—purple tints are GREAT! i'm a huge fan of purpling shadows. but it doesn't fit very perfectly where you're using it.

the cliff walls are really interesting. the texture—and more specifically the bottom looks like tree bark and not rocks. the bottom looks like roots.

the leaves on the trees are excellent and stick out as such, the colors are much more polished and in an obviously different style. are they yours or did you rip and plug them in?

imo really the biggest problem here is the coloring and a significant lack of contrast: as a result it looks flat. i notice it in a lot of your work. your colors are all very bright (and bright is good!) but there's nowhere near enough contrast beween them, and then too much contrast between others, which makes the whole thing seem flat and awkward.

i'm gonna do a two-minute edit with photoshop to show you what I mean.

now obviously the brightness is your STYLE or whatever but the important thing to take away is that contrast allows for a better sense of depth—and that depth will make the map easier to understand and navigate by the player.


The Screenshot Topic Returns

yeah the original plan was to only have single-screen maps with that style. the big influence is paper mario (ffffuck i love paper mario). unfortunately once i got started i realized that rmvx's really small window size made it pretty unrealistic to make every map only one screen, especially for the style of the game. i try to keep all my maps on the smaller size though and most of them only scroll either horizontally or vertically.

Death and Antagonism: Cool Villains

Kersh from ABL ;_;

The Screenshot Topic Returns


i'll look at those screens more in-depth later because i like the style (though if it's too open-ended or customizeable it could be a massive turnoff)

but one thing i notice is "firewood recieved" when he's looking at a log. "received" implies that it was given, imo found items should be "obtained" or something similar. it's a pet peeve of mine because i see it all the fucking time. your a good writer so you'd probably appreciate that.

anyway here's a map from my game that i uploaded to use as an example in a conversation in irc might as well post it.

Ban Rick Perry


honestly dude you can't look past typos after reading forums for however many years? congrats you got me i don';t proofread every post I make.

Ban Rick Perry

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good dictionaries are descriptive and are opdated to match the vernaculare.
is this a very clever joke?

not at all, dude. language is defined by the people who speak it, not a group of old white guys in an office in a university. language is a fluid thing, it changes with time. words now that are commonplace were slang not too long ago. and words that are slang or incorrect today will be "real" words in the years to come. my honors thesis was actually about the evolving nature of the english language (and in particular the internet's effect on it).

Ban Rick Perry

This isn't how Freedom of Speech works, people!

YouTube is a private corporation and if they deem that video to legitimately be inappropriate, then yes, they could absolutely remove it. It would 100% not be a violation of his "Freedom of Speech" to do so.

By posting on YouTube, or any other website, you agree to abide by certain rules (generally these are known as "terms of service.") These terms of service often include rules against posting or distributing racist, sexist, or inappropriate content. YouTube itself has such rules. If YouTube deemed this video inappropriate, they could remove it, and it would not in any way violate anyone's civil liberties.

Freedom of Speech means the government can't tell you what not to say or publish. YouTube CAN tell you what you can or cannot publish on their site.

Whether or not that video is legitimately "inappropriate" or not, I don't know. I certainly find it obnoxiously distasteful.


this isn't about youtube banning the video, it's about us wanting to censor him (by craze's suggestion of reporting a video). sure youtube has the right to ban the video on their website. but i'm not going to encourage them to do that just because i disagree with Rick Perry's views. because, as an american, I believe in free speech.