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Things to Consider When Buying Your Baseball Equipment Bag aka Sports in Games

I just remembered Inazuma Eleven. It’s a literal Soccer/football RPG
Even though nobody is asking for it, has ever asked for it, or will ever ask for it, I really want to make a basketball jRPG.

I’m asking for it.


RPG Maker LPers?

I’ll check it out!

RPG Maker LPers?

author=Sgt M
I don't know of too many LPers who do -just- RPG Maker and those who do tend to stick to horror/walkabouts. But here's a couple that I know of:

GSDBoxer: Covers RPG Maker games regularly, including Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass, Grimm's Hollow, Shooty and the Cat Fish and a few others.

Driftwood Gaming: Doesn't do full playthroughs as far as I've seen but does a lot of "First Impression" videos for RM games.

GSD is actually one of my favorites... he does a great job...
Mikey Bligheis absolutely delightful and deserves more attention

Thanks Sooz!

RPG Maker LPers?

Hey guys,

I’m looking for some new LPers to watch while I do stuff in the background and I’m looking for people who do mostly RM games. I have a lot that do walking games like Yume Nikki and stuff but wonder if you had any suggestions for people that actually do turn based combat stuff.

This will likely be my last solo project to use the RTP

Aesprite is definitely the way to go.

Even for making edits, its dope.

RMN Christmas Card 2020

This sounds fun!

[Poll] RPG Maker users: Which engine do you use the most these days?

VX Ace feels the most comfortable to me, although I have not tried MZ yet.

HP x Defense

This is very viable design, but like everything in dev, needs to be balanced well to work.

One recent example of a game that had no defense stat is SMTIV. I think most SMT games abide by this, but IV is where it felt most apparent to

The only things you had to reduce damage was your own resistances or nulls/absorbs.

As a result, most battles came down to you either steam rolling your enemy or your enemy steam rolling you. The battles felt really cool and fast paced, but could feel a bit unfair if you were ambushed.

Skills like doping that doubled your max hp were really useful in some battles.


Looks dope!

Little Miss Mint

I love this.