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Astra Hunter Zosma

“Instant sub” as the kids say these days.

Dev Log #1: Astra Hunter Zosma!

So glad to see you're still making games, and this sounds really cool! :DDD I'm always up for a more contained adventure, especially if it has fun and heart, and this certainly seems to fit the bill!

I only just recently learned about Guardian's Crusade from the big book "A Guide to Japanese Roleplaying Games" I've been reading, otherwise I wouldn't have heard about it, but it sounds like a very good source of inspiration, and I like the idea of adding the treasure hunting from The Great Cave Offensive, that sounds like a lot of fun!

And yeah, looks like you've got a good head start on the content already! I chuckled at the lock guy, he's doing good work! I've been procrastinating on my own game's progress chart because it's gonna be big XD;;;

Anyway, really looking forward to the game and getting to know these characters and exploring this tower of treasure! :DDDDDDDDD

God I love that book. It’s such a good read.

This game sounds so good. In your games I can always see where the influences come from, but it never really feels like a 1:1 copy. It always feel like you spin it and make it more unique. So I’m excited to see how you handle this!

Release date: May 27th

Kudos on the release. Can’t wait to play!

Monster Mash!

You have a knack for fun designs!

The First Izrand Blog

The concept of taking a character not very liked and giving them an expanded role is super interesting from a narrative perspective.

Lynette was my favorite character in Luxaren Allure, so while I can understand people not liking her, I think there's definitely an audience that will be intrigued by her as well.

I completely agree here

Izrand Allure

RMN is back? Now I can subscribe!!

Good luck Unity, this is looking amazing already.

A Ghostly Rose

I second the instant sub!

Good luck, this already looks amazing

Soma Union v1.0.7. New Game+ and Vicious Difficulty Mode

My body is ready.

Or is it?


Oh hell yeah. That’s a sub from me.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!