You can call me “D3”. I’m just a guy who makes games as a hobby. Not always good at it, but I always have fun!



Work Based Pet Peeves

I work mostly remotely, even before covid, so it really used to bother me if people Just called me out of the blue without any warning.

I think typically office etiquette where I work was to send a message over email or the messenger before calling.

New RPG Maker incoming?

*new rpgmaker gets announced*


The new RPG Maker will be a reboot based on the service model, where it will only be called "RPG Maker". It will be subscription-based and have a built-in asset store and the only way to import stuff into the maker is by going through said asset store.


Coming soon. Not sure when, but soon.

Congrats Unity and Congrats to anyone else who provided support !!!

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I’m making good headway on a boss rush style JRPG. I’m going to test out the first major boss this week and if it still feels good I may actually continue working on it.


I’m sold on this game

Equipment Tags

That's dope! I'll be sure to try it out!

Final Boss work, Finally

Yessss. I can't wait for more Weird And Unfortunate Things to Happen.

(although I should probably stop saying that. I think I'm causing 2020)

Hey, at least we’ll get a good game out of it.

A different kind of Progression!

Glad to see you still updating this


I don’t know how I missed this one, but deff going to check it out!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

yeah, same, I'm itching to play that game! RTP used with style and charm like that always gets me. I love seeing the different qualities and moods people manage to extract from this shared universe within the RTP. <3

working on a menu

I’m in awe.

Gotta agree with Unity though, something looks a bit off with Lydia’s animation. I’m a big fan of everything else though.