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Things to Consider When Buying Your Baseball Equipment Bag aka Sports in Games

I just remembered Inazuma Eleven. It’s a literal Soccer/football RPG


This image has a threatening aura. In the best way possible

Game Mode: Nova Must Die

It sounds like despite the adversity, you’re getting closer! Hang in there, we’re rooting for ya!

Things to Consider When Buying Your Baseball Equipment Bag aka Sports in Games

I don’t really put sports in my games, but their items and equipment are a different story. Usually in more modern titles I’ll use sporting tools as weapons or equipment.

I don’t think sports can be out of place in modern and fantasy settings. Having a sport, game or competition in your setting can make the world more realistic and more lived in if executed correctly. It really depends on how well integrated it is, and of course the writing.

Saga Crew and the Spire of Mana

The essence of everything you make is pure unadulterated comfiness

Character Artwork by Cam Collins and Punkitt joins the team!

Wow, this looks great! @punkitt does great work, so this is an exciting update.

Best of luck everyone!

Touch Encounters and EXP

Even tho it doesn't use fixed encounters, one thing I really love about Sgt's games like Soma Union is in the room before the boss, the game will let you know about the upcoming boss and the recommended level. That way, the player can tell if they are under leveled :D

I enjoy this quite a bit too.

It’s think it can be a good heads up to a player that rushes through a dungeon.

“Hey, this might not be a great idea”


What's the progress of this game?

I suggest you follow the Omori Sub Reddit or Kickstarter updates.

You’ll get more frequent updates there.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I'm willing to make a tutorial on how I do some of my art in RPGMaker, since quite a few folks have been interested. :D

I’m interested as well!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Punkitt, that looks comfy af