Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
Valor Emblem
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Wow, the pixelation really does a number on esther's work. Are all those portraits hers?


What else is there to do with ones life? :\

out the door

So what're you going to do with everything I put together for Tristian?

Jittery when hungry?

I had this for a short while. To me, it was the coup de grace as health wake up calls go.

Basically, I ate a lot of junk food and didn't exercise worth a damn. Big bags of Kettleā„¢ chips and cheezies were my biggest vice. Looking at the symptoms of these hunger pangs online, I decided that I was diabetic. I realize this isn't something you decide, but I adjusted my lifestyle around rectifying my hypothetical borderline diabetes condition anyway. It seems to have worked. All I did was cut out the junk food, add this salad I'm now sick of to my diet, and started hitting the gym three times a week. No more jittering problems.

If my situation sounds like yours, give it a shot.
Otherwise, I don't know. I guess try your luck with a doctor? My family doctor retired a couple of years ago and everyone I've tried since landed somewhere between quack and low-life. Med school must be lowering it's bars.


Well, I thought about it all day and I think I understand. The cart isn't a cart. It's a catapult for placing barrels on top of other barrels. Maybe it's for catapulting stuff onto boats too.

I've got the battle music from my own damn game stuck in my head...

You listen to your game's BGM, and it encourages you to work on your game, which makes you listen to more of your game's BGM. It's a good cycle.


That cart is functionally useless because there are stairs on all sides.
How does anybody reach the boat? It's in the middle of the slip.
Looks cool, though.

Operation Kentonfall (kentona steps down)

So I guess this also means Hero's Realm 2 is greenlit?

out the door

So what're you going to do with everything I put together for Tristian?


Kill it with fire.