Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
Valor Emblem
TRPG made with Sim RPGMaker95




Cool. It almost looks like a genuine SNES title screen. The anti-aliased text is the only holdup.

Fire RMNblem

Mirak's in his third tier already? You're only in Chapter 2 :O
Knights/Paladins are meant to be versatile with no real specialty, but a wide range of utility. In all strategy RPGs, this role tends to make characters lackluster, but I think you'll find they redeem themselves in the later parts of the game.
And don't worry about Unity. She's about where I'd expected her to be. Try to take her to Level 20 before promotion.

Original Soundtrack completed

I'll take that bet.
He looks too much like the Sarcastic Best Friend.

The Featured Game Thread

It's been a while since April was Mario month.

It's not Mario Month. It's Non-RPG Month.
It just happens to be a Mario game this year.

The Featured Game Thread

Speaking of which, it's time that again. What was going to be next month's Featured Game? Super RMN World 2?
Another Featured Game for kentona.

Kill your healers

Cara was an exact carbon copy of Galuf, but I was still pretty bummed that he died...

Chronicles of Tsufanubra

That was actually a pretty good gag. It had me searching too.
I think it would've worked just fine if you did it on April 1st. It's unique. Nobody around here's ever been confronted with an April Fools bug before, to my knowledge.
Give a try on someone else, this Sunday ;)

You'll have anymore of that motivation stuff?

I'm just going to point out that you spelt "Ya'll" wrong

Not that "ya'll" is correct anything, but still...


This is cool :3

The Featured Game Thread

kentona's just a frontman.
ankylo is the man behind the curtain.