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Character Gameplay Showcase: Callox Pallisade

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Character Gameplay Showcase: Callox Pallisade

wait, wut

before its release this year

For real? Like, a complete release or just a demo?

Meat Your Maker Review Event (Week 5 Deer Sausage)

And yet he didn't win a single prize D:
Hurray for kentona's outstanding generosity.

No one is coming to my 4yo son's birthday party :'(

Did... did you send out the invites...?

We should have a RMN Fangames event

There wouldn't be any participants. Nobody here plays each other's games.

The Featured Game Thread

Just as evidenced by slash right here

slash's opinion isn't evidence. It's conjecture. He's not a commercial dev in any form, and all he's doing is hypothesizing based on his own subjective experiences.
Which is fine. We all do it. But don't submit that as "evidence".

If you want something more akin to evidence, look at harmonic. He recently posted Echoes of Aetheria here, his latest commercial endeavour. If you look at his RMN profile, you'll see he couldn't be arsed to make it his primary showcase game. Skyborn is still #1, followed by the two Deadly Sins. It's a small novelty, but when we on RMN are proud of our latest work and want to share it, we give it at least that much. Harm dropped off an Echoes of Aetheria gamepage, then took off without a glance back. Obviously he has bigger fish to fry. Kudos to him.
But that furthers my original point : Commercial devs place utmost emphasis on the bottom line, almost to the exclusion of other aspects. Suggesting otherwise is like saying you won't be corrupt if you get into politics. It's just fanciful optimism. Once money is involved, your time is worth X, your game is sold for Y, and you need to make Z to break even. That's the long and the short of it.

The Featured Game Thread

In all fairness, I don't think it's necessary or helpful to paint a semi-dystopian picture of RMN in order to try and make a point.

No offense meant to you, but pretending the element of escalation doesn't exist is incredibly naive. Absolutely nobody here is saying the hobby scene will die an agonizing death the moment Ara Fell is Featured. All substantial change, for better or for worse, is done gradually and rarely observable until after-the-fact hindsight kicks in.

Which brings me to...
That being said, keeping a reasonable balance here is going to require effort and awareness. Which means that those among the memberbase who are critical of such a development will have to call for a step on the brakes if things get out of hand.

This is exactly what I'm trying to do here.
The state of "things out of hand" is completely arbitrary, and the protestation for "just one more concession" will be just as present in the coming years as it is now. Saying don't worry, the future will take care of itself is irresponsible.


A year ago, RPG Maker was less credible as a development engine.

Actually, and maybe I'm wrong, but the axiom "just another RM game" is becoming more prevalent, making the engine seem less credible.

A developer is no longer indie when the development of their game is financially backed by a publisher.

So a gamedev remains forever indie as long as they don't have one of the big name publishers backing them?
Because harmonic is his own publisher. I think BadLuck is his own as well. Hell, every single one of us our own StudioXYZ logo pop up before the title screens.
Either way, it's a ridiculous definition. Big publishers aren't necessary. We're living in 2016. We can become viral phenomenons overnight, and if you play your hand right, the $$$ can come with it. So what, then, is the criteria for the line between indie and not indie?

So commercial games are boiling water that will kill anything living in it now? Giving the community the option to vote on commercial games automatically means the death of said community?

Here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boiling_frog

The Featured Game Thread

Slippery slope fallacy, kory.

The slippery slope isn't a fallacy. Especially not here.
A year ago, we wouldn't be having this discussion. The notion wouldn't even be entertained. Instead, a year ago we merely allowed commercial games on RMN. Now it's advanced to this point. (my one year ago timing might be off)
A better analogy for kory would be "what if harmonic grew into a large game company with a team of full-time employees"? At what point do we tell him he's not an indie dev anymore? Two employees? Five? Public listing on the NYSE?

I can never get why people know and understand the boiling frog syndrome, but still disbelieve it when it's pointed out.

The Featured Game Thread

You can't just cherry pick your favourites, Dyhalto.

My Ara Fell and Hero's Realm comment was more of a personal aside, not a part of my argument. Cherry picking, yeah, you're right. I shouldn't have mentioned them.

I'm just trying to look further down the road which, if we do go down, and as harmless as it seems today, I think the hobby scene will be adversely affected in the long run. In fact, I'm sure of it.
But if this kind of decision is made with any consideration to democratic input, I know I'm in the minority against a lot of starry-eyed folk keen to make their move into the commercial realm. My opinion on the financial practicality of for-profit RMing has been expressed a few times in other threads, so my stance shouldn't be anything surprising.
I just thought I'd pose as compelling an argument as I could before letting RMN history happen =| I've nothing else to add that isn't repeating myself, so I'll bow out now.

Thanks for being cordial though, Libby. I know your role on the staff is thankless and you have to put up with a lot of drivel and inanity. The last thing you want to wake up to is a wall of text saying "Well, I think you're wrong."

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