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You spent 'minute' wrong.

Summer Movie Wager

I miss plain ol' Castle Lego. I used to have so much fun with it as a kid.
These days, everything comes as a pre-established set with specialty parts and can pretty much only be built a certain way. The creativity is all but removed.

Undertale Fans are Suing Cave Story for Copyright Infringments

Holy necropost, Batman.

Seasons of RMN

Just about finished my Winter game, folks.

Gonna start prepping the resources for my Autumn game, for later on! >.<)b

Progress Report (May)

Corporate sleaze.
Quit your job and mak gam full time.

Should I retire?

Don't forget to collect your RMN pension on the way out.

Should I retire monthly website stats?

Don't give up! FIGHT!!

Twitter Stored Passwords in PlainText, Time to Reset Your Password!

The Russians did it.
Or to be specific, Putin did it.

The Featured Game Thread

Hey, it's that time of the month again.
What do you say? Time for Blackmoon Prophecy II?

Lakria Legends

Okay, I've just finished playing. It took me awhile to find the time to sit down and really immerse myself, but I managed. Curse this 'growing up' shit!

Anyway, my feelings are mixed. It's a terrific game at heart, but there are a few things really wrong with it. For one, the artificial slowness drives me absolutely mental. I'm mostly talking about the standard dialogue where you have a half-second pause in between every single message box, even if it's the same person continuing to speak. This is totally unnecessary. Conversation with the Watchers was also pretty horrible. I mean, a grade 1 kid can read faster than their text speed. I know you were going for a particular aesthetic with this design choice, but please, keep it in check next time.

Second, the challenges fell short considering all the skills and items at the player's disposal. By the end of the game, I had a plethora of upgraded Level 50+ Skills, optional Summons, and overpowered equipment, but never really had the opportunity to use them. The Summons and Incarnations also cost too much MP. I never used them once, outside of wasting them on a random battle to see what they look like. Kudos to all the great animations you made, though.

Now, some ending thoughts!

I have some major beefs with the way the ending was handled.
Regarding the Serene thing, that was a low blow. It almost ruins the entire experience, to bring it to such a disappointing conclusion. Her role as the Lunar Princess was never fleshed out in a meaningful way. She never "led the Watchers" as was said would happen, nor did she do anything more notable after transforming than what she'd already been doing, like imbuing the stones and providing bardic knowledge. What I'm trying to say is, the direction you took her in was completely devoid of purpose, and to separate her from Ren and the others and condemn her to a life of solitude and loneliness on those grounds...
See, there's tragedy that's thematically appropriate, and then there's plain old emotional cruelty. What you did with Serene was the latter.

Compounding things was the fact that Ren and Leena were shown back at home with Mom. While it's feely-good nice that things 'went back to normal', it also subtly says that the two haven't grown up any. They both should have moved on to do more adult things with their lives. For comparison, Peace ascended to the throne(?) and Night found his closure. Those two had solid, progressive endings. They developed.

But overall, I enjoyed it.
You map like a champ, and your dungeon design & puzzles are an inspiration and some serious food-for-thought for fellow devs. I hope your next game takes all the good and fixes all the bad. Thanks for making it!