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Valor Emblem
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Will there ever be any other party members besides Crescent and Sunny?

Oh shit, it's my birthday today!

Oh yeah?! Well, Happy Birthday motherfucker! What do you say to that, eh?

What are you thinking about right now?

Further proof that Americans are dumbydumbs.Complements of Japanese game developers.

Still doesn't top their treatment of us during the Fire Emblem 7 tutorial.

Not to mention they omitted the 7 from the western release because it might confuzzle us.

Make America Post-Apocalyptic Again

Bulma, I don't know who you're trying to convince of what with your random speculative musing, but a couple of the Russiagate/Kremlingate facts are...
  • Info was leaked that Michael Flynn was in contact with the Russian ambassador during the campaign trail, plus some other unrelated items. President Trump then ordered the Justice Department to investigate the leaks themselves, not the content of the leaks.

  • Michael Flynn has offered to testify in the Trump-Russia case so long as he's granted immunity. In Trump's own words; "If you're not guilty of a crime, what do you need immunity for?"

  • Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnel is stonewalling the formation of an independent committee to investigate the Trump-Russia case. Ordinarily, if it's just the Senate's own committees doing the work, he and the Speaker of the House (Paul Ryan atm) have final say over what aspects of an investigation go public. This wouldn't be true if it were done by an independent body.

We don't have a decision yet, because we don't have any cold hard facts yet, because the investigation is still ongoing.
But we do have a pattern of cover-ups and distractions, and patterns are historically very reliable in their predictiveness.

In other news,
Now Trump is provoking North Korea!
We know that Kim Jong Un is either a tall child who knows not the power he wields, or downright clinically insane, but the proper response to a well-armed madman's raving is not the threat of military escalation. I wish Trump would cut the macho shit.

Hillary's plan for Syria involves making it even less hospitable, and declaring that it is now our duty to take in more refugees, since we caused the refugee crisis. I am not kidding. She wanted to missile attack them hours before Trump did, and she supports open borders.

Hillary can run her mouth off all she wants because she didn't win. Trump would be doing the same thing. "Too bad it wasn't me, eh guys?!" Yeah, whatever. Go back to the dustbin of history.


If you do another frustratingly long, multi-tiered, boss filled final dungeon, put "Fux sake, Dy" somewhere in it. Probably far away from a save point is best.

P6 Blog #10 Water encounters. Yay or nay?

If you're thinking random battles like DQ2's ship where you get it ~20% through the game, then have to fight the same weak ass, pathetic enemies for the remaining 80%, then hell no. I wouldn't even have random battles on the ship at all.

But if you have some optional water dungeons in mind, or a few wandering critters who pick a fight when touched, that's cool. Actual sea travel should be safe, or else the long distances a player has to traverse quickly become aggravating.

On the subject of an upgradeable ship, I'm all for it. I've mused on the idea of a ship doubling as the player's headquarters, where their personal inn and store keepers set up shop once you 'recruit' them.

I've been laid-off from my job but I'm not going to give up on my dream to keep making games.

Companies don't know good things when they have them.

So, I work full-time, barely make ends meet, do my best to toe whatever line thrown my way, all for what? More sorrow!? My friend is right. The effort put in is not worth the output given these days. I'm glad I decided to shelf Rift Chronicles.

(Don't do the Dyhalto thing, btw. XD One guy tried to do that, lying about his game and got it removed and then banned over it.)


So, I work full-time, barely make ends meet, do my best to toe whatever line thrown my way, all for what? More sorrow!? My friend is right. The effort put in is not worth the output given these days. I'm glad I decided to shelf Rift Chronicles.

I also work full-time but I can't upload an 18+ game to RMN.

Who says you can't? Just don't advertise it as such, and then when people go to play it, they'll be all like "whaaaaaaah".

Make America Post-Apocalyptic Again

The Russia hackers? Complete crap and everyone knows it.

Naaaah, I'm afraid it's looking more and more like there was some degree of Russian intervention in the US election on Trump's behalf. I was one of the first ones to disbelieve it at first because I didn't believe Putin would be so dumb as to meddle in the internal affairs of their strongest rival, but I have to eat humble pie on this one.
It's history repeating itself again. Stalin used the Communist International to attack the Social Democrats because he thought if the Nazis took power, they would start a huge war in central Europe and wreck the whole continent, after which the Soviet Union could come in and take over. Instead, Hitler built up a war machine and attacked him too. Oops!

War is hell, and he should have ignored this intelligence, but this was an effective move.

Two things.
1) There is no "intelligence". We have yet to see any kind of evidence put forward proving that it was Assad who used chemical weapons. Chemical weapons were allegedly used and the narrative immediately accused and passed judgment on him. The whole affair is a total violation of international law and plain old jurisprudence.
2) It was not an effective move, if you consider why Trump says he did it. According to his statements, he did it as some kind of punishment. Yes, because Assad supposedly gassed some innocent people, the US will enact justice by murdering soldiers who probably weren't involved in the attack. That's not how you punish anybody for anything. Remember sanctions? Those are one way of "punishing" (even though they're a crock of shit).
No, the reason they bombed the air base is because that's exactly how you lay groundwork for a wider campaign : Establish air superiority.
The wider campaign may not happen (yet), but that's the basic idea behind the choice of target.

The Pentagon even went through the standard procedures and got Russian approval before the strike. Not that Russia actually approves, but they gave permission.

No, not permission. Just an advance warning. Not much different from Israel air dropping leaflets saying "We are going to bomb this and that area. Leave."