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I don't think that's her hair, though. It looks like a medieval cap.

A game based on historical person or time period

If you're going to argue that it's for the art, man, then I've got nothing. That's one of the things art is used for.

But what you're talking about isn't relevant to Andrew Jackson. You might be able to classify him as a hero at some point for his military achievements, but as a statesman, he was a calamity from start to finish. One of the worst Presidents in the history of the US, right up there with Woodrow Wilson who brought in the Fed and foisted the US into WW1, and it's not something you can sugarcoat because his reasons were all nothing but populist demagogy.

It's currently fashionable that Trump is the worst president ever but, to his one credit, he hasn't actually done anything, and thank goodness because all of his and his associates' ideas are terrible.


So many bugs. It's like you're trying to compete with J-man.


Any thoughts on changing their skin color based on the chapter they're recruited in? As in, what part of the world they're from?

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What's the scoop, troop? Hiatus is sort of a code word for dying, which I hope this isn't.


What?! Inconceivable!
How much did the P5 ones cost, or were they courtesy of a friend?

Happy birthday piano(tm)

Dang, it's Tim's birthday? Happy Birthday, Piano Tim.

The Hells are alive with the sound of music

Oh, that reminds me. Will you be able to use the Knights of Rodan song? It's in my random midi playlist and I've always seen it as an iconic part of Hero's Realm.

A game based on historical person or time period

Nah, Andrew Jackson was a piece of shit through and through. There's no valid reason to ever put him in a positive light.
When he prevented the Second Bank of the United States from rechartering, he precipitated the biggest financial crisis in American history up to that point (the Panic of 1837), caused nine states to go bankrupt, and saw economic development in the US actually go backwards. You could even make a good argument that the civil war would have never happened if the BUS were still around because rapid industrial development would have outpaced the Southern plantation economy, causing slavery to be phased out peacefully.

Not to mention he was involved in the Burr Conspiracy. He was good enough to whistleblow, but was only able to because he colluded in the first place. And then he went to testify on the traitor's behalf >=\

Andrew Jackson's appeared on people's radars lately because of the similarity he shares with Trump in that he was a narcissistic cultural populist, but don't mistake the sudden surge of interest as good cause to commemorate him. Old Hickory did some interesting things, sure, but so did George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John Adams, and Alexander Hamilton, and they were all principled men 'til the end, not shitty demagogues.
Fuck Andrew Jackson.


You did your own in P5, though :O And they were nice.