Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
Valor Emblem
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I don't want to finish my game because I'll miss it.

That's an easy fix. Immediately start work on the sequel!


Magic Tablet Shield is effective against Mage attacks because they're very interested in what it says.

RMN has some cool people


I was just joking, but I get that. I tried doing 3/4th view before. The cloth mantles looked okay but armor is hard.

Last ditch effort, you could use Tactics Ogre armors as reference/bases.


Three-quarters view is unacceptable. For total authenticity, you need five-sixteenths view. If you're not willing to go that extra mile, you might as well go home and be a family man.

How would you rank the NES / SNES / PS1 Final Fantasy's in increasing difficulty?

The PS1 Final Fantasy's problem is that they were during the era when battle animations were absurdly long. People don't have that kind of attention span anymore, and even going back with our nostalgia-tinted glasses requires an effort. For that reason, I would recommend FF5. The gameplay is consistent, not too difficult, the job system is fun, and the cast is likable enough. The plot isn't much, but it does have it's moments and this is babby's first game so who cares. If she wants to play more FF after beating it, cater to her tastes then.

It's -30°C where I live.

-19°C. I guess after such a temperate November and December, we were due.


Gonna have to botfarm Aetherium hard, Amirite?


Good grief. I thought you were one of us.

You were supposed to be the chosen one!!



Wat do you mean wat?