Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
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Please welcome Feldschlacht IV to the RMN staff! He's going to do some cool community management stuff

Shit. There goes Chronology of the Last Era into the abyss of vaporware.

I always thought I'd turn out to be Gomez but I ended up as Herman

Could be worse.
You could've wound up as Lurch.


So what's the deal with the graphics? Are they all yours, as in original?


WITNESS!! >.<)b

Name for a slime drug dealer?

Mr.S, as an homage to the first NPC party member in FFL2.

Haven't been too active due to personal issues...gotta come back around

Cool. I know next to nil about the medical field, but it definitely has to be better than subjecting yourself to minimum wage garbage like Lowe's.
I know lots of people who tragically thought they would just join companies at the bottom and work their way up. It's not impossible, but the slow-going makes for a pretty crumby life, and they tend to wind up being the loser-types who dream of striking it rich. Writing a novel or screenplay, playing the stock market, that sort of thing.

Haven't been too active due to personal issues...gotta come back around

As sleep goes, you'll find it's easier to both fall asleep and sleep soundly if you get yourself into a routine involving reasonably early nights. I used to do shiftwork. Alternating days and nights with a varied schedule each week, plus I did the late night with video games thing too. Now I work steady day shifts, shoot for 7-9 hours a night, and can't praise the health benefits highly enough.

As for your financial situation, maybe it's time to leave town. It sounds like Deadendsville. Don't let the whole "Don't want to move away from family" thing stop you or your wife. Birds have to venture far from the nest sometimes. You can always visit them.
Also, you'll need an education. This isn't the 70s where people can move from high school into a high paying factory job. Anybody who wants a decent standard of living will need something.
I recommend picking up a skilled trade like Electrician or Instrument Tech. You seem reasonably well read, so you should be able to clobber the courses and exams. Pick a college that has work placements, then make sure you're on top of the class. The rest will be gravy.


"Instant and immediate death" bugs me for some reason. It's like saying "short and not tall person" or "blue and also blue sky".

Haven't been too active due to personal issues...gotta come back around

And don't forget to fix that sleep schedule. Eight hours of sleep a day isn't just an old person proverb.