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President Trump

Some food for thought regarding China...
China's boom these last two decades have been in large part due to neoliberal economic policies that, we all know from the 2008 crash, have a limited shelf life before the shelf breaks and everything tumbles down. When this started to happen, the CPC doubled down by encouraging it's ordinary citizens to place their life savings into the stock market. This had a temporary buoying effect, but then the crash happened in 2015 anyway, marking the beginning of the end. They've been struggling to keep everybody invested whole ever since.
Now, the CPC maintains it's dictatorial decree via two methods. One is a ferocious police state with little-to-zero tolerance for dissidence. The second is hyper-nationalist propaganda. Since they've clearly lost the Mandate of Heaven, they've been amping up their nationalist fervor with reckless adventuring, like their claim that the South China Sea belongs exclusively to them, or their recent snub of Obama at the airport.

Taiwan's been an ongoing issue since the Jimmy Carter era, but it's still insolent and even childish of China to try telling the US President-elect who he can and can't talk to. It wasn't a G20 Summit. It was a simple phone call. China will just have to go pound sand.
But still. This adventuring of their is dangerous. Especially with an incoming president who can be sent into a frothing rage over an Alec Baldwin SNL skit.

That being said, to so openly taunt China further by falsely claiming it's keeping its currency artificially low to me sounds like he's actively trying to sour the relationship with China.

That's just Trump being Trump. If you call him a stinker, he'll call you a poopy head. His diplomacy and people skills are schoolyard level and it's just one of the many kinds of shit we'll have to put up with for the next four years.

President Trump

i would say they lost because of a flaw in the us constitution

What flaw is this?

President Trump

Iran getting nuclear weapons would probably be very bad. But while Iran's current government is corrupt and sponsors terrorism...

Iran's not trying to get nuclear weapons. They're trying to build nuclear power plants. They're two very different paths, but to the average schmoe reading fearmongering in the newspaper, nuclear is nuclear.
The only reason we, The West, antagonize Iran is because they aspire to being an independent 1st world nation via nuclear power, and our modus operandi for the last quarter century has been Middle East Destabilization on behalf of the Saudi royal family and related UAE filth. Your dark ages absolute monarchy won't last very long if your neighbor is a prosperous free nation offering lots of social mobility to it's people.

Anyway, I haven't been in it for awhile, but if I recall correctly, what Trump is talking about with Iran isn't as clear cut as "peace has ended, prepare for war." There's some kind of international treaty in place that's been on the books for awhile and has a lot of sanctions and whatnot in it. If I could remember the name, that would tell us everything we need to know. Anyhoo, Trump was talking about withdrawing from it, not picking a fight with them.
I listened to a good political analysis on it awhile back, sometime during the early campaign trail, and it basically said that if Trump went ahead and broke up this agreement, all it would do is unilaterally screw the US. With all the trade restrictions removed, everybody in the world would be free to trade with Iran however and whenever they want. But if the US wanted to be a sourpuss and continue villifying them, then they would be alone and US companies would be excluded from Iranian business opportunities.
So basically, and as usual, Trump is talking about shooting himself in both feet.
I don't know why harm defends this guy so fervently.

If you could name a street anything, what would you name it?

Up Street.

Get it?

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President Trump

I'm predicting that Trump is going to become something of an absentee President.
The demands of the job are going to overwhelm his limited intellectual capability, and he's either going to focus his efforts into self aggrandisement to stem his inevitable feelings of inadequacy, or retreat from the limelight completely. Meanwhile, the cabinet will run the country.
It'll kind of be like Bush Jr all over again, except that where Bush was a puppet who did what he was told, Trump has enough ego to tell his cohorts "Nobody tells Trump what Trump can and can't do."

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