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Valor Emblem
TRPG made with Sim RPGMaker95



Fire RMNblem

That feeling when you realize you're so old, people accuse your casual use of ripped 8-bit graphics as you pulling some kind of fast one.

Chapter 1 is a virtual recreation of FE Gaiden's Chapter 1 because, when I made it, it was for the 10th Birthday event and I had an extremely limited time to put something together. Later on, I made a few amendments like adding minibosses Buenos and Yester, but left it mostly intact because why not? And then I recycled a few legit FE:G ideas, like the lone zombie dragon guarding a shrine with a holy weapon, a maze-y forest, and shamans being assholes.
But things deviate substantially in Chapter 3, and things just start getting silly from that point on. I assure you, it's not a mere re-creation.

Katt, I agree with you on FE Fates though. I even put a little shoutout in the end credits to Shouzou Kaga, lamenting his departure from the series.

King Of Grayscale, Version 1.1

No special thanks for me? I said a thing or two. I was helpful'ish :(

A Public Apology

I don't have any say in whether you get banned or not, but I do think it would be a good idea to let someone who proactively expresses remorse be forgiven and allowed to continue on with the community.
Lord knows, we get enough childish idiots who can't handle even the most basic criticism from time to time. Let's try to keep the repentant ones around, at least.

Windows 10

On topic, does anybody know if there are any compatibility woes with the old version of 2003? Specifically, 1.08?

Progress Report 006: Back on the Horse

Out of curiosity, do you ever recruit more party members than the initial two?

Fire RMNblem

Don't worry. A lot of people have stumbled over figuring out the wacky manner in which promotions are done. Curse Sim RPG Maker 95's engine limitations!

Anyway, go to the second town :3


Looking good!
For your next trick, replace everything in the game with original spritework.

Fire RMNblem Review

Thanks for such a positive review, Tim Tom. Everything you pointed out told me that what I was trying to achieve, I achieved. Affirmation is a great feeling ヽ(´▽`)/

Spoiler Alert : If you play all the way to the end of the game, I'll finally almost get your name right.

Fire RMNblem Review

Two 5-star reviews in one evening? Must be my birthday today. Better double check the calendar.

Thanks for the nice review, Starmage :D
I feel bad that I missed a bunch of RMNers, but I didn't forget you ;D You'll have to progress much further though.

what's your favorite hat

Top hat's the top hat.
But the fedora's a close second.