Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
Valor Emblem
TRPG made with Sim RPGMaker95



My GPU failed last night. Yet another reminder to back your stuff up.

No need to get your back up over it.

Legend of the Silverstone

Hmm. I'm stuck in Taka's house.
He just woke up, went downstairs, and I can't seem to advance anything. I can do the bathroom event a bunch of times, with a not-present Misato commenting on how disgusting I'm being, but nothing seems to work. Am I supposed to be able to leave through the front door yet?

Got almost 15 hours of project work done this weekend. Not sure whether to feel accomplished, or angry that I've been a slacker??

I'll see your 15 and raise you 20 next weekend.


Being a PC-98 mockup, will there be badly rendered H-content?

A RPG Maker Retro Import Event?

Technically, it's being preserved here on RMN because it's in my locker.

edit : Also, the Vizzed version is an old build by a different group (I think rcholbert worked on that one?). The most recent and best version is the one I have.
It also seems to be the only download left on the internet >.>

Red Mask's Artwork

Better fix your links. They're kind of cumbersome to make happen.
edit : Which you did while I was replying.
edit2 : Nope. Libby fixed it. She can fix anything.
Hmmm... I'm seeing some... let's say "sensual" imagery. Maybe it's just my horribly polluted subconscious making shit up :\

I like complimenting people. Comment here I'll compliment you <3

As long as you add a disclaimer at the beginning, anything you say should be fine.

"I'm not racist or nothing, but black people are all _______"

[Poll] McBacon Jam 5?

Someday I'll join in on a McBacon Jam. I've just been using my antiquated old pile for so long, I've lost my touch with the community standards. Maybe once I finish, I'll seek out a 2k3 team.

♫ It's a long road ♫
♬ When you're on your own ♬

Resurection Jam
What is dis?

I like complimenting people. Comment here I'll compliment you <3

The next time you're feeling down and depressed and want to lash out at people, do the opposite of this thread. It'll be even more fun!

I like condimenting people. Comment here I'll condiment you <4

I don't think your condom is meant for me :/