Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
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Keep Moving Forward

Howl's Moving Castle Unity's Moving Forward?

What was your introduction to making games?

RPG Maker 95, tho I didn't make my first complete game until I started with RPG Maker 2000 ^_^

Yeah, same idea. I saw RM95 on a friend's computer once, and by the time I got the right combination of modern computer, internet and interest, Don Miguel had released an English version of RM2000.

Keep Moving Forward

One step forward, two steps backwards. Progress!


Can't it be both? :D XD

That's true. It has been done before.


Is he supposed to be attacking you or... dancing?

So, the Excelsior Scholarship...

No problem. Now you know and knowing is half the battle.

So, the Excelsior Scholarship...

Well, the concept of Free Post-Secondary Education happening in our lifetimes is almost certain, but that doesn't help you today. We have at least another year and a half of Republican misrule before the prospect can ever be considered, let alone passed.

I've never heard of the Excelsior Scholarship until now, but one of the caveats being "you have to use other financial aid first" seems kind of self-defeating. Does that mean you have to get a student loan anyway o_O;? And what if you get a degree, but there are no jobs available in the NY area? Does that mean you're stuck with the bill until NY's employment conditions accommodate you? Or does that mean you have to work at a McDonald's on Manhattan Island for 2 years straight?

Based on what you describe, the whole thing sounds like a hokey gimmick, pretending to help the little guy while placing limitations that make it untenable for the average joe.
You'll just have to consider the cost of education vs the pay and employment prospects of your career path before taking the plunge into something sounding so half-baked.

Any way to get your game more noticed?

Use click-bait as your main image. Boobs usually do the trick.


Get the duck outta here.


This strategy of yours, deleting and re-uploading the same screenshot so that it stays on the front page, has lost you a subscriber. Shame on you :(