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Meat Your Maker Review Event (Week 4 Rack of Lamb)

sbester's Eden Legacy, almost. The fourth is in Hiatus.

Indra also has four "In Search of _____" games.

The Featured Game Thread

Two games from the same event in a row? I dunno. Are we back in the early 2010s again? I thought we were swimming in good candidates.

I'll throw Nebulus into the ring again.

Legend of Heroen

Haha, yeah. When you get to that point, you need all the help you can get. I didn't even know you could kill those spiders in the top right until I watched him do it.

At the third part where you go glowy, I was like "Fuck nooooooo" until I realized you couldn't lose anyway.


Looks like spam. Pay it no heed.

Just Do It! - Anti-Procrastination Initiative

I'd thank you for the achievement, but... meh. I'll do it tomorrow.

Legend of Heroen

Dude. You can walk out of that dungeon, backtrack to town, and buy all the stuff you need. It's tough at first, but it's the last dungeon.
Apart from Herion's final scenario, that is. Make sure you Level 50 him (the purple slimes make it fast).

List of things less fun than being around extended family for a week:

Being around the extended family of your significant other for a week.

Legend of Heroen

Seriously, why isn't this an option? Why do people feel the need to corrupt their map tree when it's very possible that this might actually have a negative effect on their game? If a part of your game is completely unfair (as Kyubey has mentioned), I'd like the ability to skip over it or modify it so that it's not ridiculously unfair.

Tell me about it. I think he was a tad overzealous as protecting his custom systems goes.

Legend of Heroen

Yeah, Braak is a bit of a cockblock. All I can suggest is grinding and stocking up on items, then focusing on keeping Katana dishing out damage. Also, Defenceless stacks until he's at 50% of his normal DEF. Still, this is where I wish we could open the game up in the maker.

If it's any consolation, he's the last really hard boss.

Meat Your Maker Review Event (Week 4 Rack of Lamb)

I think he means how Week 3's theme hasn't been announced yet, so it still kinda feels like Week 2.