Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
Valor Emblem
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Dealing with some inexplicable health condition in which I open RPGMaker for 3 minutes and then compulsively slam my laptop shut. Antidote? (─‿‿─)

My prideful side doesn't want to admit I've been in the community for 10+ years (on and off), without having entirely completed anything lol.

Ah ha ha ha... ha ha... ha.....

Chronicles of Tsufanubra

Ah, that did it. One of those darned hidden'ish doors.

Chronicles of Tsufanubra

The bridges in this cave are all 1-tile wide, so that rock's there until a switch or something removes it.

Chronicles of Tsufanubra

What's up with that rock on the bridge in the mines? I can't get rid of it, and it's blocking me from killing the last monster.

Hobby to Profession, Looking for success stories

Just a thought : Don't sell yourself short on your "several finished games, but nothing to boast about". These are projects you began and finished on your own initiative. Seeing something through to completion is rare among people from all walks of life, and employers know it too.

List your top 5 favorite movies! (I know, very hard!)

No man, don't do this. There are freaking dozens of movies I could put in my top five list. If you start changing your mind, you'll never stop.

It's okay.
I have a hard time telling the difference between five and six.

Luxaren Allure Review

Somebody replayed unity's game ._. I are jealous.

List your top 5 favorite movies! (I know, very hard!)

Oh, snap. I forgot how amazing Demolition Man is. I'm amending my list right away!

List your top 5 favorite movies! (I know, very hard!)

If these are playing when I turn on a TV, I will sit and watch the entire thing. I guess that's as good a barometer for 'favorite' as anything.
In alphabetical order...

Admiral : Roaring Currents
Class of 1999
Demolition Man
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Return of the Living Dead
Vampire Hunter D : Bloodlust

edit : I can't count.


You need a new title screen. Something to give Lya something better of a first impression.