Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
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Secret Santa 2017 {SIGN UP}

Ah, so it's Suzy who I have to thank for the cool ass map.
Thanks, Suzy. May your dreams be filled with cheese.

Finally watched Last Jedi. It felt like someone's bad fan fiction, beefed up with Disney's behemoth budget and dignified with a John Williams score. I'm literally in shock they're trusting this director with another 3 movies.

So what you're lamenting over is the fact that this trilogy has no coherent overarching plot to it like, say, the LotR trilogy, and that it looks like each movie will be a largely independent concoction of pandering to nostalgia, audience (un)expectations and internet criticism, but that it still looks cool and people will pay money to see it anyway.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. A few years after the entire trilogy is complete and the craze is over, people will look back with a keener eye and realize that Lucas' prequel trilogy is, in spite of it's faults, actually better than Disney's trilogy.

Regrets and Desires

Forget what happened in the past. There aren't any hard feelings over here.
Welcome back ^^)b


Valerie wants what Yumi and Fran are periodically getting.

Merry Christmas Y'all <3

Humbug >:(

Secret Santa 2017 {SIGN UP}

Tell my guy to log into Steam for a second x(

e: Also, <3 the new Av >.<)b

Secret Santa 2017 {SIGN UP}

When is Zero hour again?

Please, call me Gourd - Mr. Clae is my father.

Gourd - Mr.Clae is my father is kind of a mouthful :\
Isn't just Gourdy enough?

The Featured Game Thread

I wouldn't featured Lakria quite yet.
It's already buzzing out the wazoo. I get 30-40 Notices per day just from it. Let the buzz die down before you offer it a chance for a second wind.


He's going to need a good Falcon Punch after that night of fusing with Yumi. I solves teen pregnancy.