Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
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Doctor results are finally in, I am healthy all around with absolute no health problems of any sort!! I feel so happy right now!!!

Were you concerned about something in particular, or was this just you doing a full physical checkup for the first time?

The Featured Game Thread

...If you pay attention, the Buzzing Game section rotates fairly frequently. Annecdotal assertions that it's "busted" isn't reflected by reality. Every game that is on there now wasn't there 3 or 4 weeks ago.

That's because, just last night, Liberty manually removed the ones that WERE there 3 or 4 weeks ago.
If something similar is done to prevent these instances of 3 years of Pom plus 2 years of Pocket Mirror and Lisa, then yeah, I'd agree that it's a pretty cool and useful function. But if not, then it becomes a permanent showcase for games that are advertised heavily off-site, defeating the goal of this site.

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Congratulations on getting him as far as the shrine. You might be the first o_o;;
And here I was, worried that the game would be boringly easy. If anybody's curious, there's a way to revive dead allies later on.

And just a heads up for folks who've already downloaded; I bumped his Defense growth by an extra 10%. Just drop this DAT file into the main directory. The main download's been updated too.

The Featured Game Thread

customizing the front page is something I want to put in rmn.vNEXT.

Sounds nice, but it's not exactly what people would like to see.
For us gamedevs, the ultimate goal is to have people play our games. So ideally, the front page should be designed exclusively to serve visitors looking for something to play. Latest Downloads, Random Images, Highly Rated, they all serve that purpose. Latest Blogs and Articles, a lot less so.
And Buzzing is busted. Can't we just be rid of it already? :|


Let's build a mountain.

petition to not let rmn host any more events until this and bq7 get cleaned up
All in favor say aye


The Featured Game Thread

Make Featured Game Great Again

The Discover Queue sounds like a neat idea, if done right.
Tabs will work really well for Articles, Tutorials, Resources, Reviews, etc because those are things people deliberately seek out. Games and screenshots should maintain a degree of constant exposure though.

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The Featured Game Thread

Even if we can't all agree to dump it altogether, can we at least try moving it to the bottom of the four groups? Seeing as most unique visitors are looking for games to play (and we all want our games played), it makes sense to put Latest Downloads and Highly Rated at the top, in that order, with New & Notable following (though you could argue for Buzzing being third).


This man can animate!

The Featured Game Thread

If we feature more than one game a month, then they stop being Featured Games :\ Gamespot already showcases ~4 completed games a month.

Personally I don't think it matters that much either way. The majority of people that come in are just looking for free games to play, and don't really care about the community aspects.

Yeah, pretty much that.

Also, in Discord there's been some talk of how the Front page is a clusterfuck. There's too much stuff packed close together, the Buzzing category is effectively broken, and all the Screenshots are discarded way to the bottom when they should be the site's #1 eye catchers.
Have there been any plans for a re-design in the near future?