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This guy are sick ( ± _ ±)

I don't do anything important enough to merit being staff.

This guy are sick ( ± _ ±)

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The worst part is always being tired and too lethargic to do anything productive. How do I kill all this time D:

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Fire Emblem 6 - TILoRtQatQfP

Okay, well if you've played the first map then you've played the whole game x) There's a little extra dialogue in the first few turns of the second map, but then it's just straight slugging until Game Over. I might add more to this when I finish Valor Emblem.

President Trump

We could be in for a lot more sub-prime, derivative, et al, shenanigans with the associated total economic collapse and tax payer bailouts. Just what the world needs. Thanks, 'murica.
I'd better start learning Chinese so I can take orders.

President Trump

KEKEKE! Chaos in the Republican Party. Since nobody in the world expected Trump to win, the whole process of cabinet applications being sent in and appointments being made is happening in a frenzy of clusterfucks. Different GOP ideologies are clashing in bids for the top positions and the whole party seems knee deep in a brawl. The best part is, rumors suggest Bannon and Reince Priebus may be given roles equal in stature, so neither is the boss of the other. The Washington administration could be divided from the word GO on Jan 20th. Couldn't happen to nicer guys.
I think my worries over a concerted Republican attack on the American system (and western way of life) were hasty.

In lighter news, somebody should have told Trump that, as President, he has to live in the White House. Maybe he'll get some missile batteries installed on top of Trump Tower.

President Trump

Say an Islamic kid living in North America or Europe decides one day that he hates western society and admires the exploits of various Jihadi figures (in our terminology : Radicalized). Because ISIS is there, he sees an organization full of like-minded people that he can aspire to be a part of. Similarly, ISIS provides reciprocation in the form of extremist propaganda.
If you take away ISIS, the kid no longer has an organization to revere, and there's less fuel to the fire for that school of thought. He's more likely to quietly live his life until those ideas are behind him, and the very mindset itself will gradually disappear from history altogether.

The KKK is the same idea.

President Trump


edit : kekeke! The whole State's Rights argument that the Republicans have been championing for the last few decades is about to flip, as State's Rights becomes the purview of Democrats.

In other news : There was a walkout of Montgomery County High Schools in protest of Trump today. It's nice to see that, even if the education system has made each successive generation less and less able to function in modern society, kids still know how to exercise their 1st Amendment.

President Trump

The Presidential candidates saying "I pledge to accept the results of the election" is largely just a ceremonial thing. The losers are still able to file disputes, like Florida in 2000. All it means is that you aren't going to say "Fuck all y'all. If I don't get to be President, then nobody gets to be President. I'll organize secession. I'll start a war. I'll...".
The fact that Trump didn't simply say "Yeah yeah, I pledge to accept the results of the election, whatever" should've been more disturbing than the world treated it. The last time someone did this, we had a civil war.
Albeit, this particular guy wasn't the cause of the civil war himself. It was just timing, and a testament to the heated atmosphere of the time.

It's not just the media, it's the people around that person that feel inclined or feel it's safe to do that thing as well because a person next to them did it as well.

I don't know, man. We're not dealing with sports hooliganism running amok as an immediate result of contagious emotion and mob mentality. People who left their house with the intent to protest peacefully will probably stay on track and, if anything, lament and try to stop somebody trying to make them look bad by association.

Out of curiosity, am I alone in thinking "optics" is the wrong word for what we're talking about? x)