Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
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Lemons were created by man via selective breeding, not by evolution. If life doesn't give you lemons, you invent them yourself.

Still waiting for Monsanto to make celery taste like KFC.

Importance of Equipment

In your huge equipment database, will there be a Wooden Stick?


Kaempfer, I hope you're still working on Evoker >:3

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Hell, I was in the military, and if some dude walked up to me in the middle of my watch while making rounds, trying to pump me for information (assuming it's not important/an emergency), hell yeah I'm going to tell him to buzz off.

You should be giving up vital war intel and sharing your personal opinion on your commanding officer. Or at least, tell them you sure don't hope they find the base's secret entrance behind the garbage cans.

Today I met a fellow RMNer for the first time!!!

Pics or it didn't happen.

FFVI: Brave New World taught me a powerful lesson: A great way to make Status Effects more viable is to simple make enemies more powerful, hit harder, and make Status Effects work more.

I learned that from RPG Maker games where people can't balance properly.

In Legionwood, Poison killed Castoth for me. 16,000 damage per turn, whereas my fully buffed party could muster 4,000 if nobody needed healing.


hmmm... I dunno. I'm kind of interested in knowing what that dude staring at the girl is doing. Is he some kind of creeper? Maybe her pimp? Or just a reluctant John? Maybe she's not even a prostitute. I'll never know because I can't ask.

3d RPGs need this feature because they have to fill wide open expanses. 2d RPGs can avoid this simply with good Town design. You don't have to build huge acreages populated with zounds of people just to get the point across that it's a large, major city. I would save this feature for something like a Secret of Evermore market recreation, where you do want to simulate huge crowds that interfere with player travel.

But you're well into development now, so don't let my meager opinion give you pause for reconsideration.

Equip Menu: Get it Right, Get it Tight.

If you just keep piling in more stuff, you run the risk of clutter. That's worse than empty space. In it's current form, your equipment menu says "Here is the business" and the player gets down to it.

Speaking of which, why are there "Optimize" and "Clear" options? I've never used them, and can't imagine a game that makes effective use of them and remains fun. In FF6, it was new, it was novel. It was also useless past the earliest stages of the game. They're just another button to click if you ask me. Worse so if you do it accidentally, and have to re-equip your meticulously chosen gear.

Composers- how do you charge?

Here's a new angle.
What if I commission someone for music, and they wind up producing unacceptable material, or even something that's just not quite what I'm looking for? How do you discern the middle ground between me saying "It's no good. Do something better" and the composer saying "It is what it is. Pay up"?