Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
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Chronicles of Tsufanubra

Nah, the balance is fine. People just know what they're doing by that point.

I'm selling Kentona to the highest bidder.

I will bid 400 ms, two mediocre techno songs I've done, and a cough drop wrapper.
I'll add a half eaten bag of chips and a flour sifter.
500 ms! A remote with no batteries, half a bottle of cough SYRUP (10% alcohol) a lighter with half fluid and a bottle of water. (nestle)
600 ms...in addition to what I've already bid, and a copy of my Fallout: New Vegas console commands.
Hmmm, that's pretty good.

711 ms, as well as maple syrup and a 8x11 Canadian flag! (I got this)
An additional 500 ms...and the TM on piano.

^I'll offer another one of these dumb things.

THE Captain's Log #52 - Popular demand

It's an April Fool's joke?

*puts various items away*


Critmas - When you get a bunch of Critical Hits in a row that save the day.


Colorful, even though it looks like a pretty grim scene.

The Featured Game Thread

Dumbing Down University

Yeah, the 21st century will belong to China. Nothing new here.

Chronicles of Tsufanubra

Well, I finally beat it (sorry I'm slow >.<), and I definitely have to say; this was your best game to date and, given your portfolio, that's saying something.

Here're some spoiler-free thoughts.
-The title screen still says "DRAGON FANTASY REMADE" instead of the official title :p
-The music doesn't repeat properly. It mostly causes irk during cutscenes where the BGM fades out slowly, leaving me to think a different vibe is about to take over, but then it restarts from the beginning and I'm like Wut. One of the boss BGMs did this too. Learn to use Audacity >BD
-I loved the monster diversity. Even though it's just the bestiary from SNES DQ games, you gave them some cool ass names. I was a little bummed to not see more upgrades of Miffed Imp, though. Ticked Imp was a nice palette swap, but Dissatisfied Imp and Hot&Bothered Imp never made appearances. Neither did the DQ-staple Cyclops. I was kind of looking forward to seeing what you did with him -)

-Suggestion for a similar future project (the sequel?) : When doing dialogue, give the characters different font colors for their names. It just speeds up legibility.
Let's go, gang.
I'm already there.

-Also, you should use icons like almost every other 2k/3 RPG out there :p The inventory gets cluttered awfully fast, and some items need the extra player cue. I didn't know the Bicolour Badge was a shield until a dungeon or two later.

Here're some spoiler-heavy thoughts.

The manner in which Celes transitioned into a Goddess was underwhelming. She's supposed to become the primary antagonist of the series, and I suppose being the dedicated guardian of the kjrn is one way of causing heads to butt down the road, but I just expected more. On the other hand, I also totally understand that you didn't want the player to invest all their time and care into the four heroes, only to lose their shit when Celes suddenly turns heel and becomes a bad mofo.

Also by the end of the game, there was a lot missing in the party camaraderie. Lifa said, in the pre-final boss conversation, that Celes was her good friend, but I never really got the impression that the two of them developed anything. She and Sando had lots of cutscenes exploring their relationship, and Yoor is hinted as a potential love interest for Celes, but the entire party altogether was missing antics that brought them together.

Lastly, there were no end credits x) I, personally, like a good credit scroll to conclude a good thing. Even if it's just you a bunch of times and, like, three other dudes.

When you start working on CoT2, let me know >:) I'll be interested in helping you with sprites again, and maybe setting up the BGM to play seamlessly.

Dealing with some inexplicable health condition in which I open RPGMaker for 3 minutes and then compulsively slam my laptop shut. Antidote? (─‿‿─)

My prideful side doesn't want to admit I've been in the community for 10+ years (on and off), without having entirely completed anything lol.

Ah ha ha ha... ha ha... ha.....

Chronicles of Tsufanubra

Ah, that did it. One of those darned hidden'ish doors.