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President Trump

I have no idea how we are going to collectively cope with this new industrial revolution, where we will essentially have the CEO turn a crank and produce the same (or more!) economic output of a corporation, that used to take scores of human workers.

Nah, humanity's had this "problem" since the dawn of civilization. Once upon a time, it took everyone in the village to work a field. Then somebody invented the plow which let one person do the work of umpteen. That freed people up for pottery, house building, blacksmithing, wheelwrighting, so on and so forth.
Every time a new advent is upon us, people try to consider the restrictions of the old and apply them to the paradigm of the new. And every time, people just migrate into new sectors of economic activity that were previously unheard of.
This fact applies to the environment too, on subjects like finite resources and "carrying capacity". 20 years ago, people predicted that WW3 would be over fresh water. Now we can make ocean water potable. People thought we'd reached Peak Coal in the 19th century and the Industrial Revolution was at an end. So much for that.

I would strongly add Skilled Trades to your list though. They will always be practical and in-demand, no matter the alterations of technology, as will the various Engineering disciplines.
I don't think we're at the point yet where there won't be enough jobs for the world. Automated manufacturing machines still require automated manufacturing machine technicians, designers, distributors, etc.

Honestly, I think kentona is closer to the truth out of you two here. If there's no "desire for a strongman", then how do you explain the success of Philippines' Duterte

Duterte's election is an ad hoc reaction to a rampant problem of crime and corruption. We, in the West, went through a similar fight-crime-with-a-vengeance phase in the 70s, but it was only expressed through vigilante movies like Dirty Harry, Death Wish, and the public discussion those controversial movies produced.
But in the Philippines' case, you said it yourself with your mention of differing collective morals. Responding to violence with a greater force of violence is one of the easiest principles to understand and, while the Philippines may not be the most uneducated place in the world, they're collectively not-savvy enough to disavow themselves of that demagogy and pursue the higher intellectual road.
So really, it's not a good counterpoint at all. The "desire for a strongman" seems to be rooted more in a lack of intellectualism than some inexorable human characteristic.

But since I mentioned demagogy, I really don't know much about the Philippines. I haven't looked into it at all. One Philippino guy I know seems to think highly of Duterte, so I give him the benefit of the doubt, but he strikes me as nothing more than a cultural populist demagogue, which is the worst kind of demagogue.

The thing about crime is, the more you fight it directly, the worse it gets. This isn't liberalist sociological conjecture talking. It's just supply and demand. As the risk of a career in crime increases, so does the lucrativeness. And with higher denominations of money passing hands, bigger guns will join the fray, and the battle against crime will only exacerbate.

The real way for Duterte to fight crime would've been a massive jobs plan for the country. A New Deal or WPA for the Philippines. If people can get a job easily and provide comfortably for their family, they won't need to consider crime. You'll never get rid of crime altogether, but if you can make it impractical compared to the law-abiding alternative, it can be substantially diminished.

Personally, I think you're wrong about history judging him kindly. Even if his heart is in the right place, and he's picking his enemies carefully, his heavy-handed policy is not only doomed to fail, but likely to make the situation worse.
But again. I haven't been paying that much attention. There might be more to it than I see.

President Trump

On the other hand, this will likely give China the leeway to get more power and it's a pretty open provocation towards them too

Yeah, this is the bad part that comes with the death of the TPP.
When the TPP was on the table, it meant that the US and a lot of countries peripheral to China would have de facto trade arrangements. If China tried to throw their weight around in the region, like they've done a lot with claiming ownership of the entire South China Sea, they would also be infringing on US interests.
When the TPP was killed, there should've been something else in it's place. Instead it's back to a free for all, and China can move in on Taiwan or whoever without setting off any tripwire alliances. America's trend of giving the next century to China continues unabated.

Yeah, I know. Just when you thought "Yay. Against all predictions, Trump did something good", he still fucked up.

The Featured Game Thread

Yeah... about "Mario Month".....
In the age of Mario Maker, isn't it about time we dropped the reservation for SMBX games in April? It's pretty much become antiquated software now. Not that no good SMBX games will ever come about again, but we might as well reserve a month for RPG Maker 95 games.

How about changing April to non-RPG month? Platformers, shooters, puzzle games, et al.

President Trump

It's not entirely impossible to make Mexico pay for it, but it would have to be done indirectly. They've already mentioned the possibility of levying a 20% tax on all Mexican imports. He could also go after the money sent by Mexicans working in America to their folks back home. The ideas for taxes and surcharges are legion.

But he authorized the wall by Executive Order, which is a lot more vulnerable to lawsuits than congressionally authorized expenditures. If we're lucky, somebody will launch a grievance, we won't see a single shovel hit the dirt for four years, and the 2020 election will be upon us.

President Trump

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

President Trump

Thanks for the honest answer, harm. It didn't answer my question one bit, instead dodging completely by touting a list of pipe dreams.
But I guess it's no different from your participation in the last 30 pages of this thread and is to be expected of you going forward. You aren't here to discuss anything real. You're just here to say "Leftists, take that!"

You supporting the wall is actually pretty hilarious, though. I didn't think anybody who wasn't a bible belt redneck did. It's 2017, man. A giant wall, perhaps accompanied by a naval blockade, might have worked 100 years ago, but most illegals arrive by plane and ship anyway.

President Trump

No, no, no. I was asking a legitimate question, harm. What's got you so optimistic about the new administration?

This whole "pendulum" and 1984 stuff is just more sophistry for people who want to have an opinion on politics but don't want to understand it first. It's like when people refer to "the establishment" like there's a cabal behind everything, or say "they all lie anyway" so they can avoid debate. It's gross oversimplification.

Seriously. Your man, in a manner of speaking, won and is now doing stuff. What has he done that you approve of? What has he announced going forward that you feel hoepful for?

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I feel like Rose_Guardian should be involved in this somehow.

President Trump

Hey harm, the rest of us are obviously inclined to lament the end of civilization with every breath Trump takes, and maybe we are indeed making mountains out of molehills.

Could you point out a few things that've happened over the past week which you think are positive? Your point of view seems more optimistic, so how about sharing some of the cause?

quotes by Sideshow Bob and Marvel's Loki
Not to poo-poo your contribution to the discussion, but I think we all need to be getting away from these conjectures of cultural pessimism. There is no craving for subjugation or deep-rooted desire for a strongman. If anything, the recent Women's March proves that it's completely the opposite. That deep down, people will step up when the going gets tough.

Years and years of "government doesn't work" propaganda have been compounding with interest and the Republicans cashed in on that anti-establishment rhetoric in a big way.

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Is that triceratops from Joe and Mac, by chance?