Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
Valor Emblem
TRPG made with Sim RPGMaker95




Is it just me or does he have a little mustache?


A million of these.

Oh, Dongs. Oh, well, that changes nothing I'm sure.

Dragon Warrior I remake

This game requires a lot of grinding without getting anywhere. You hardly get enough money or anything else to buy new equipment or items. After grinding for 2.5 hours I got to level 4 but not strong enough to buy any better weapons or items. Why don't you play and decide what you want to change for players to keep motivated without getting bored.

That's how the original Dragon Warrior actually played, though.


I like them all. They have heart.


Is it supposed to be upside down?


That's an awful lot of Dark.

Never finish any games. Just don't.

That's the default anyway, isn't it?

Anime for someone who doesn't really 'like' anime.

hmmm. You share my thoughts on Fate/Stay Night. In that case, if you're looking for historical and/or fantasy that isn't also ridiculous, try...

The first half of Otogizoshi
Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto
Record of Lodoss War is a classic. The OVAs, not the TV series.

Oh yeah. It's sci-fi, but Freedom is a really good OVA series, from the same mind as Akira.

My friend helped me out with the art progress. Now let's hope I don't redraw everyone again.

Looking good. If I have a single gripe, it's with his shoulders. One is smoothed down from his neck, which is good, and the other juts out from his torso, which isn't as good. Try smoothing out his left shoulder too (our right).

Roll in the MP3s!

I mean change from the old, pirated version to the new, official one. It's a dumb distinction for RMN to make, I know.