Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
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Is it good to do pull ups on rest days in order to increase max rep?

I tried to do a pull up once.

It didn't work out.

Same. I have a lot of trouble with the up part. Down is never an issue.

Legend of Heroen

Is that the part with the sunbeam? Just interact with stuff. You'll find what you need.

Just Do It! - Anti-Procrastination Initiative

Goal #1 COMPLETE : Write one complete set of support conversations for VE
Issued : 06/12/2016. Completed : 06/18/2016

C Support
Shim'Lo : Eckhart, I've a little question for you.
Eckhart : Shoot away.
Shim'Lo : Did you happen to negotiate a better stipend from the Front for us?
Eckhart : Heh. Somewhere along the way, I forgot all about that. Sorry Shim.
(if Route A)
Shim'Lo : We're still being paid the base allowance for guard duty behind walls, then. How about on a per-job basis? What are we getting for our little jaunt into the Elbow Coast?
(if Route B)
Shim'Lo : We're still being paid the base allowance for guard duty behind walls, then. How about on a per-job basis? What are we getting for our little jaunt into Reglay?
Eckhart : You guys need to remind me of these things more. I've kind of lost track of our budgetary concerns. Besides, they're covering our room and board. Everything else is gravy.
Shim'Lo : Sooner or later, we're going to have to part ways, and it'd be nice to have a little more bread to our name. Maybe make this whole excusion into the Kelvan Peninsula worth our while, after all. Especially when you consider the extraordinary work we do for them. None of them can downplay the value we've added to their cause.
Eckhart : And none of them have tried. Lady Birkita, Cleah and Klein, and especially Jareth are all more than happy to laud our skills. In the face of such earnestness, how can I hold my hand out and say "Give us more money"? Don't forget that ELF is a poor organization. Thanks to Olvalia's King lending them a border fortress, they can afford a slightly more luxurious lifestyle. Some of ELF's branches live in sewers and mountain hideouts like bandits.
Shim'Lo : That's why we approached them. They had money.
Eckhart : And they aren't the Dual Empire either. We could make a killing if we didn't mind the occasional wetwork. Assassinations, butchering of innocents, the like. Shim, to answer your question, I haven't asked them for an increased wage and I don't intend to. They don't have it, we don't need it, and men don't work as mercenaries to become wealthy anyway. So here's a question from me. What's your problem with the way things are?
Shim'Lo : Just looking for fair pay for fair value, is all.
Eckhart : And...?
Shim'Lo : They love biting off more than they can chew. Remember Fort Mardon?
Eckhart : Of course. Who will ever forget being part of such an amazing victory?
Shim'Lo : I was as caught up in the heat of the moment as the others, so I resigned myself to the flow. Luckily we won, but who knows when that'll happen again, and we might not survive a second roll of the die.
Eckhart : Case-by-case basis, my friend. These are good folks we're working with, and I don't intend to flee in the night on them. If they consider something rash like that again, trust me to talk them out of it.
Shim'Lo : Just like I'll trust you to keep our pay rate reasonable.
Eckhart : That's right. Aren't I a great negotiator?

Goal #2 : Try and start-to-finish this complicated defense chapter by the end of the week. Keyword is Try :3


If you keep it that way, nobody will grudge you over it. They're kind of a dick move.



Just Do It! - Anti-Procrastination Initiative

Goal #1 : Write one complete set of support conversations for VE

I just noticed how much I despise instant-death skills in any game.

Ever play Dragon Quest II? The spell Sacrifice, when used by enemies, wipes your whole party and works 100% of the time, and they can even use it in an ambush encounter! That's the fun stuff right there.

That's only one enemy though. You can run away before he uses it, you can overpower him before he uses it, or he may just use one of his other skills instead.

Final Fantasy 2 did it worse.

He casts Death 10 on the entire party. There're no Death-resistant equipment or spells, he only travels in packs of 3-4, they appear at the back of the enemy posse meaning you need Bows or Magic to hit them, and due to the quirky leveling of FF2, most players won't be able to run away.
The only saving grace is that you don't need to travel the sections of map he inhabits. You can bypass them completely with the canoe or airship.

I just noticed how much I despise instant-death skills in any game.

Vanish + Doom

The Bonus Dungeon is the Final Dungeon?

The average player is a wuss.

Besides, have that many people really been complaining about the difficulty of Luxen's final dungeon? I mean, 2000+ downloads and voluminous high praise, but suddenly frickin' Addit has beef? Maybe you're just overthinking things, inadvertently catering to the vocal minority. I imagine most players notice the obvious spike in difficulty, but adjust and accept. It is, after all, the home stretch.