Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
Valor Emblem
TRPG made with Sim RPGMaker95



Somebody dropped their pacifier. I wish I could give it back to them, but they have me on ignore. Shame shame!

Was it Max McGee? If so, welcome to the Kool Krew.

Happy Kloeday everybody! Today is a day where you should have lots of fun and eat icecream! :D

Am I too late? Is the ice cream all melted? 0: Happy Belated BirthDy!

Misao Awards 2016 coming up fast.

Don't let it get to you. Misaos are, and always have been, nothing more than this particular website's popularity contest. They aren't even integrated in such a way that a game profile gets the blessing of "Misao Recipient" like the Featured Game badge.
Just look at the voter turnout for last year. Compare that to your current download count.
They're worthless.

So - that was a long, agonizing couple of months that I missed there for a little while! What I’d miss!?

I know. I'm just messing with you x) Welcome back.

RPG Maker developers who went on to produce games professionally

Wait, you guys aren't all making RPG Maker games professionally right now? It's just me?

My sentiments exactly.
When Ephiam and J-Man announce they're going commercial, I'm slicing my wrists in a tub.

Have you played Final Fantasy I? Why not?

First time I beat it, my party was Fighter, Thief, Monk and Red Mage. A physically oriented party with Red providing basic curing and the indispensable Exit spell.
Then I beat it with a standard fighter, fighter, white mage, black mage, and then beat it again with 3 monks and a white mage (that run was kind of boring).
All of that was before emulation was a thing. Yeah, we had lots of free time in the 90s.

So - that was a long, agonizing couple of months that I missed there for a little while! What I’d miss!?

P6 Blog #6 Need a title screen now

Why not get your artist to put something epic together for you? He/she can assemble a cool ass character montage like Ninja Scroll or Suikoden.

[Poll] Let's Talk About Phantasy Star

I played Phantasy Star II in 2005 or so and it still blew me away, storyline-wise. The endgame plot twist was way ahead of it's time and it really cast a shadow of moral ambiguity on the protagonists.


I'm not going to make any Resolutions whatsoever, at all, and that's how Valor Emblem is actually going to be finished this time.