Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
Valor Emblem
TRPG made with Sim RPGMaker95



Happy Earth Day?

Okay. Happy dwindling resources day.

Where are they going? :O

Happy Earth Day?

Don't worry, guys. Earth will be around and in great shape a lot longer than we will.

Still considering trying to go commercial at some point maybe soon

There's a huge difference between having novels published and put on bookshelves in stores vs having your game put on Steam. Physical shelf space is limited, whereas Steam market space is unlimited. The successful novelist who makes it to the shelves is akin to making it into the Major League, whereas a gamedev is always just playing community softball in the park. Granted, you might turn into an outstanding ballplayer, having a great winning streak or one memorable grand slam, but you'll always be one of millions playing softball on Saturdays.

As for stigma, there really is none in itself. The biggest source would be the commercial gamedevs themselves. You could do some extra sprite work, or overhaul the leveling system, or revamp the big climactic scene to make it more exciting, but you're on a schedule and you have a budget, so out it goes as is.

Speaking on a more personal level, I'm less interested in millenials, hipsters, and well-to-dos who often have meager attention spans and pass around cheap commercial games as convenient, thoughtless, last-minute gifts, and more interested in people who don't have easy access to games behind a paywall, no matter how low the price appears to us in the first world. It's one of the reasons I intend to have Valor Emblem, and any other games I make in the future, translated into other languages. I know I'm the last person to be talking like some altruistic badass, seeing as I have no completed games worth mentioning, but that's just my philosophy.

Turned 20 on the 20th

It is the 20th in my timezone, so...
С днем ​​рождения!

DQ Gaiden: A Starry Legend

This boy can sprite.

Still considering trying to go commercial at some point maybe soon

Noooooo. Resist the dark side. The cookies are a lie. Keep your games accessible and fun for all.
Think about yourself on your deathbed. Do you want to reminisce about how your games were played and enjoyed by tens or hundreds of thousands, even millions, or would you rather remember how you earned a month's wages from something you poured a year into and maybe a few thousand people played it?

Dragon Fantasy: Heroes of Tsufana

Sounds like your next project is going to be a small little guy while you psyche yourself up for the Chronicles of Tsufanubra II masterpiece. Coolness. If you want a hand with anything, sign me up ;o

I'd be interested in unique'ifying battlechars and battle anims, and I'll even edit the BGM wherever possible so it repeats properly, or at least acceptably.

Hey, looks like the original Starcraft is now free.

Getting people psyched in advance for the HD remaster. I think everyone who ever loved StarCraft already owns it though.

Dragon Fantasy: Heroes of Tsufana

You mean you're going to reopen Dragon Fantasy : Venaitura II, or that you're thinking of a sequel to this one, being Heroes of Venaitura?
And will it be another NES'ish game, or will it go through a pseudo-console evolution?

Making an MP3 Version. Any recommendations?

You could always use SolMiRe on your midis.