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Final Fantasy Essence 2k3

You can also activate something like Libra/Scan from a Skill menu by checking MP differences, which is probably ideal considering you're doing Final Fantasy.

Have a simple battle event with condition Xavier uses WhiteMagic Command. Use it to...
1. Store Xavier's current MP into Variable 1
2. Turn on a Switch

Have another battle event that activates with condition Switch is ON. Use it to...
1. Store Xavier's current MP into Variable 2
2. Do Variable Operation : Variable 1 - Variable 2
3. Condition Branch : Does Variable 1 = 0 MP. If so, do more branches for If Monster #1-8 is the current target and go to town.
4. Don't forget to turn the Switch to OFF

The purpose of using a Switch to separate the code is because uses Command activates BEFORE your character does his cast animation, whereas the Switch condition won't be checked until AFTER.
The ultimate caveat to this method is that you can NOT have any other skills cost the same MP. You also have to be wary of Gold Hairpins (1/2 MP equipment) making more expensive skills go into range of activating your event. You can mitigate this a little with skill subsets (WhiteMagic, BlackMagic) but otherwise you just have to plan accordingly.

Fun Fact
You can get rid of the MISS by having your skill add a State that does nothing, then include Change Monster Condition in your code to get rid of it so the player never even knows it was there.

Final Fantasy Essence 2k3

Impressive :o Add some sound effects to those animations and you have something neat happening.

My wife said I can't buy FFVI Remaster until I finish Hero's Realm

Poor Kentona. He's stuck doing his own spritework because unity stole Avee from him.

The laser sweep is sourced from Kagami's sprite in The Last Blade. I know because I used it too :V

Sprites Galore!

Avee is working for you now?

RIP Hero's Realm.

Final Fantasy Essence 2k3

The Goblin sprite looks great, but I do agree with Noel on the height.
Xavier is kind of a one track mind. He gets more fleshed out a little later.

Exactly. I think folks are compartmentalizing this small demo a little too much. It's just a single mission and there'll be an entire game to flesh out his character. If anything, Biggs and Wedge deserve the screentime they get on account of they're probably not long for this world (as their character tropes go). Build some player affection for them before they get rubbed out.

Final Fantasy Essence 2k3

I'm in the same boat as BlueRouge. I loved it as well. Not too easy, not too hard. The encounter rate was a bit high in the rafter area though.

You should probably rotate Xavier's sword around so that when he swings it, he's not hitting enemies with the back of the blade, Rurouni Kenshin-style x)
And may I recommend adding a boss death animation? It would be a cherry on top of the SNES Final Fantasy flavor.

RMN's Australian Christmas

Any more butts?


Make me :<

Final Fantasy Essence 2k3

Regarding balance, it's always best to ere on the side of Too Easy. The reason being; if it's something you, the developer, have trouble with then it'll almost definitely be nigh impossible for the casual player. Most people are just looking for something to while away time with. Leave the hard stuff for sidequests and endgame dungeons.


That's the default ATB gauge, isn't it? We all use placeholders until the time comes to replace them. No biggie.