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President Trump

At least there's a silver lining : The Republicans are going to be absolutely destroyed in the 2018 elections, and 2020 may well be their last entry in the history books.

I was more worried they would lay low, doing some harmful but not too harmful things, and chip away at the Free World quietly. Maybe a little shock therapy is in order, and no, not for the homosexuals, Mr. Pence.

The End Approaches! (Progression List 3)

Another Ephiam game is great and all, but what are you working on next? :p

What are you thinking about right now?

I drive past the local highschool a couple times a week and it boggles my mind that kids are still picking up smoking. Older peeps, I totally understand. They grew up with it and they know it's bad, but gash durnit they like a puff now and then anyway.
But kids in 2016... fuck, I dunno. There should be a way to expedite lung cancer with the push of a button.

What is the true age of Ash Ketchum?

I remember that old Simpsons episode where Bart was on the verge of failing Grade 4. The next episode... he was still in grade 4 anyway.

President Trump

If Bernie had campaigned properly, it would have been a cake walk for him. His opponents were fish in a barrel from the very beginning. I think it's fair to blame him for the outcome, to very a significant degree.

Now there's the off chance that he never wanted the Presidency because it's a stressful job, he's old, and maybe his health isn't the greatest. Therefore, this was kind of a last noble deed in his mind. But even if that were the case, the responsible thing to do would be to back a proper candidate. Not to act as a trashcan for the Not-Hillary vote.

Anyway, casting blame is pointless at this stage.

[I'm sorry, but this is false absolute rhetoric. No, the only goal in politics isn't to take power. If it were, there'd be no such thing as lobby groups or advisory councils or multi-party parliament systems where everyone compromises.
Nope. The one single goal in politics is to take power, or more specifically, to acquire the ability to get done what you want done. That means taking power. Lobby groups, PACs, et al, they all want their guy in power. The more power accrued, the better.
I know it sounds mean-spirited, but it's the bottom line.


If their HP is any indicator, she's way better than his weak ass.

President Trump

He wasn't just campaigning against Clinton, but the entire corrupt system. He wanted to show that a campaign could be run with legitimate tactics instead of underhanded mud-slinging and media payoffs.

"Power concedes nothing without a demand" ~ Frederick Douglas.
The problem with Bernie, and with Occupy too if you remember it, is that all he wanted to do was make a statement. It's ridiculous. The only goal in politics is to take power. Trying to do anything less is a halfhearted effort, and apparently we're supposed to be glad for Bernie doing what he did. Screw that. He's a coward and should be forever branded as one.

I volunteer for WolfPac
The group aims to stop corruption in our government by stopping bribes with an amendment to the Constitution.

Not to poo-poo your efforts, but it's tangibly impossible to stop bribes. Nobody deals with briefcases full of cash anymore. It's done with things like a lucrative job after their public service tenure ends, stock options, a hot tip, or even just toys (boats, cars, etc)) registered in someone else's name, but the bribee has free access to.

And the idea of trying to rally support based on process reform is a blind alley anyway. People say they like it, but they won't come out for it in the numbers you'd need. If you want people's attention, you start with the things they will come out for, like Free College or a $15 Minimum Wage. Once you have people at your backs, then the process reforms can be passed as addendums.

President Trump

Look on the bright side, Lisa Simpson will be the next president if things are going according to the grand plan! :P

I was thinking about that the other day x)
But since Lisa Simpson doesn't exist, I'll place my bet on Elizabeth Warren.

Maybe it's because I'm from Canada that my mentality about third parties is different. Because a vote for a third party can still get you a seat in parliament in Canada, if not a majority / minority government.

Yeah, but that's because we actually have a third party that can gain ground.
I use "third party" incorrectly. I should've said "fringe party".

There is no Left in America. Bernie Sanders was the only real left candidate, but the DNC screwed him over.

He screwed himself over. He never went after Clinton over the emails in the very beginning when people first heard about it and gave a hoot. He never pressed her on issues like a Wall Street sales tax or student loan reform. People treated him with respect and even liked him, whereas Hillary was universally reviled. It would have been an easy victory if he only wanted it.
But that's the DNC's inner machinations at work. A favor here, a payoff there, rub my back and I'll rub yours. They're a totally corrupt organization.

You can say nothing will change but I believe this could be a jumping board we can use to have a wider ticket.

Maine also passed ranked-choice voting, which will hopefully be an in-road for other states after seeing its effect. If you want to have third parties, that's how it pretty much has to happen.

Guys, we don't want a wider ticket for the sake of a wider ticket.
What we all want as individuals is just one party that represents everything we can vote confidently for. It's not that a Chinese one-party system is the answer, but that parties should arise out of a need for change rather than the novelty of having umpteen candidates on the ballot, as if a greater selection is automatically better.

Definitely right about the Right vs Left dichotomy that's foisted on us by the media, though. But with the effect Bernie had on the Democratic nomination dialogue, we're starting to see the seedlings of a new party, and it's arising out of a need for change.
Although it'll probably consume the Democratic Party before it becomes a defacto third choice. Which is fine.

What are you thinking about right now?

President Trump

Nah, I don't think we'll hear much about Hillary anymore. The email stuff was just electioneering. The damage is done and she's out of the game, unless Trump makes her Secretary of this or that like Obama did, but he's too petty to even consider it (not like she deserves a god damned thing).

If I was American I think I would have voted for Jill Stein.

Votes for far-out third party candidates are votes thrown in the garbage. It's irresponsible. You shouldn't be treating your vote as if you're expressing your innermost desires ("Trump and Clinton are both bad people"), but treat it as a strategic item. Which party is more likely to do you good, or which party is less likely to do you ill.
In this particular election it wouldn't have made much of a difference, but dopey Ralph Nader votes gave Bush the 2000 election so it's something to consider.

And man... fuck the Green Party in general.