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The Featured Game Thread

The hobbyist focus of the site isn't going anywhere

It is, though. Featured Game, Spotlight, Buzzing and Highly Rated, and all manner of RMN exposure is a zero sum game. If a commercial game is being given the spotlight, it does so at the expense of a hobbyist game. Period.

And saying RMN won't be overrun by commercial games is patently wrong. It will be, eventually. Commercial gamedeving is growing exponentially, whereas the hobby scene; not so much. Even if the best intentions of RMN policy going forward is fairness and balance, sheer volume will overtake the hobbyists.

Now, Featured Game holds a lot of prestige. It's not quite IGMC or even the Misaos, but it's a wholly attainable prize for a hard working lone dev.
What is it to a commercial dev though? The ultimate priority for a venture dev, whether they'll admit it or not, is the bottom line. Having their game Featured on RMN is akin to having a favorable review on any other gaming site. It may generate a few extra sales for a short while, but the quest for profit continues unabated, and their interest will move on. Featured Game in the hobby scene is like an olympic bronze or silver medal, and it's worth aspiring to.
Why should it be cheapened by awarding it to people who will pay it enough heed to post "Thanks, RMN" once and never be heard from again?

RMN has done well as the hobby RMers Mecca. It's the crown jewel of freeware RPGing, which is saying a hell of a lot considering the size of the internet. But the further it delves into the commercial side of things, the more it will do so at the expense of the hobby side, and the less relevant a website it'll become amid a sea of more prominent and established commercial gamedeving sites.

As an aside, I don't have any qualms with Ara Fell being Featured someday because it did begin as a humble hobby game and is a part of our history. Similarly, kentona is turning Hero's Realm into a commercial venture. I wouldn't have beef with that one because it's a hallmark in RM culture (though it's already been Featured).


So, uh, yeah. Is this game going to be Completed soon? Because I want to play it.

The Featured Game Thread

This is a shitty argument considering the hobby community already competes with money, in the form of AAA games and indie games outside of our own sphere.

The freeware scene having it's own sphere is what I'm talking about. Just because there IS a commercial indie scene doesn't mean RMN is obliged to join it. And your nonsense regarding "development centric community" et al is exactly the meaningless jingoism I was talking about. Take it elsewhere.

By the way, cut it out with the swearing and passive aggressiveness. What are you, twelve? You're better than that, Pizza man.

I think Pizza just explained why in that very quote. To support themselves and future game making ambitions.

He didn't explain a thing. "To support themselves and future game making ambitions" is as vague as "To combat global warming". It's just hollow, subjectivist rhetoric and all it does is obfuscate the discussion of real problems.

The Featured Game Thread

For what? For supporting a developer who made a game worthy of community recognition and wants to sell their game to support themselves and their future game making ambitions.

See, that's exactly the problem. When did it become RMN's role to be an umbilical cord for aspiring gamedevs, and why do you want to transform it into such? Reives and harmonic were cited earlier, but the two of them will be the first to declare that they never waited around or lobbied for RMN to adapt to their commercial desires. They accepted RMN as a hobby-centric site and instead directed their attention outwards into a much wider world. Archeia_Nessiah did the same, which is why we don't see much of her these days.

So with that said, what fanciful service does RMN provide to commercial gamedevs by giving them the Featured Game slot?
30 days of free advertising. That's it. That's all.
Meanwhile, what does that do to the hobby community? It gives them the realization that they have to compete with money now. No matter how one spins their words or tries to argue for "worthy of community recognition" or other such jingoism, the reality is that demos for games purchasable on Steam will get center stage from time to time, and that leaves a bigger impression on a greater number of people than anything you, me, or anybody else in this thread will ever discuss.

Meat Your Maker Review Event (Week 5 Deer Sausage)

Take every meat you can. Put it all in your mouth. You only live once. Beat your meat.

Meat Your Maker Review Event (Week 5 Deer Sausage)

W-wha-? You live in BC and have never heard of deer sausage? It's like the default meat every hunter orders when they bring their catch to a butcher, and BC is hunter-land.

The Featured Game Thread

I'm with NeverSilent. Featuring a commercial game is basically advertising on it's behalf, and for what? There won't be a monetary kickback, as would be appropriate for that sort of thing. RMN will get absolutely no benefit from it.
Besides. RMN's always been about hobby RMing. Sure, times are changing and more people are gravitating towards the commercial side, but that's precisely why RMN should not change, and remain a lighthouse in the darkness for people who just like making games for fun.

Otherwise, yeah, what he said.
the site may very well start making itself obsolete.

Meat Your Maker Review Event (Week 5 Deer Sausage)

Neat. I won RPG Maker VX Ace from the Jam-themed event two years ago, and now I'm getting 2003. At this rate, I'll get them all for free.

Meat Your Maker Review Event (Week 5 Deer Sausage)

The first review drive, Jams, went on for 8 weeks. You could always go longer next year.