Favorite videogame world.

METROID! (^0^)

I also like the style in Mario: Yoshi's Island... I would add Chrono's trigger and Grandia but they've probably been mentioned along with all the good rpgs.

P.S Yes the huge crack/chasm in Grandia was incredible! and the cut-scenes as well for dream-cast/PS1 where spectacular!

How do I Stop the Rm2k3 Screen Blinking?

@ Cherry: It doesn't work well, I use windows 7 maybe that's why, but when I press F6 it just stretches the screen, F7 to show the Frame rate bar doesn't work and F8 to switch modes also does nothing. Any help with this? or any other patch that's maybe windows 7 compatible? Are you sure this is for 2k3 or XP?

How do I Stop the Rm2k3 Screen Blinking?

Thanks a-lot Cherry, I thought it was just an issue with rm2k3 itself but on my laptop it blinks a-lot while on my desktop which uses and LCD monitor seems to be O.K or blinks less. I for some reason it stopped just now when I tested it on my laptop again but I cant be too sure. P.S hq2x looks smooth as hell, cant wait to try it out. Zsnes and some other emulators have this kind of effect with graphics also.

Go Make me a Sandwich: Sexuality in Bayonetta (and other games)

Whats the big deal with making sexually appealing female video game characters? I'm sure most gamers are male anyway not saying girls don't play as much but from my point of view girls are more casual gamers and mostly play hardcore games for fun or socially but guys can spend two straight days playing a game go take a piss and grab a sandwich and play until they pass out again. ( It's rare to see a girl/woman be that involved in a game, I'm not saying its not possible )

Sexually appealing female characters give us that extra determination e.g most early video games where about saving the princess or some love-interest and as far as I'm concerned if you cut that out you'd lose a hell of a lot of customers especially if the entire game has boring normal women, it loses its seductive nature, Imagine if Mario was about saving some normal girl, you'd be like " is this even worth it" or if Teken 6 had average femal character design e.t.c. If you haven't realized women have alot of power over men and straight men could spend days up all night going through dungeon after dungeon to save their beloved princess.

Whats the big deal? Some games have idealized male characters, I think solid snakes pretty sexy ( in a straight way... ) you dont see me complaining " no he should be boring and normal so I don't get issues with my self esteem"

Women always have something to complain about, its like when another woman is sexually appealing to men they complain and say shit about them to put them down, then they try to be more sexually appealing and the cycle goes on, I'ts just a female ego thing or whatever I really have no idea its probably a-lot more complex that that. But whats a real woman anyway, is it a woman who's un-attractive and boring? if so I really have no interest in "real" women at least game-wise.

Sprite Comics and Ludicrouse Game Jokes!

Yeah, me too lol, well more like a week ago but its super addictive, I actually had this exact same problem until I realized you hit down and the jump button to get into the ball thingy.

How do I Stop the Rm2k3 Screen Blinking?

When I test my project on rpg maker 2003 the screen blinks ( flashes black ) randomly, it gets annoying, how do I stop this, should I download a patch? If so which patch would fix this problem.

Sprite Comics and Ludicrouse Game Jokes!

Besides making rpg's rpg makers great as a medium or kind of "playing-ground" for sprite comics

I love seeing characters I remember growing up with like Mario, Link, Chrono, Metroid-Cyborg-Guy e.t.c in these comics and laughing at the jokes, its like their alive and have this whole other life apart from being simple computer-programmed-8-bit-pixels

speaking of Metroid

Religion and the After-Life

To get back on topic I want to talk about ancient religions vs modern ones, do you think maybe as the times have progressed we ( humanity ) have become less and less spiritual and more and more *ritual ( in terms of religion ) and logical ( in terms of science ). Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing?

* ritual as in the practice of most religions are a set of rules we follow ritually in order to attain some divine enlightenment or to pass on to the next life, weather or not you do so with spiritual enthusiasm seems un-noticed.

In some cases some old religions are worse in the fact that they literally used to kill atheists or "non-believers" or sacrifice humans to the "gods" but also older record of religions show a more spiritually active world, e.g the age of miracle teachers like Jesus, Bhuda, Mohammad and other religious teachers who birthed a revolution, during this time they where more like cults however not all cults are evil ( its only in modern times where religion, cults and beliefs are used to manipulate people ). I'm not sure, what do you guys think about this.

Would it be more benefiting to society to have remained in the disciplined era of early religion in the cult like sacrificial rituals or maybe its best we forget completely about god after all, has he forgotten us?

If you look at ancient religions also theirs a great deal of evidence of foreign involvement i.e in sacrifices, enchantments, worship and rituals, could it have been aliens who leaped our evolution in return for worship? Is it just that ancient people where incredibly un-aware of the forces of nature?

Indians have multiple gods and as you can see they look very foreign and alien, the ancient astronautic theory might have some truth to it with religion as a record, it would be ignorant to say such gods where simply imagined by mistake if so perhaps they where envisioned in dreams or illusions but this could still mean they had some impact on life as they are remembered religiously and worshiped. Also its impossible to imagine something you can't in-vision and its impossible to in-vision something without some sort of inspiration or concept from where it stemmed from.

When Christianity was taken up by the romans they changed it a little to their understanding, it is said the Christians believe in a man up in the sky who watches over us similar to the Greek god Zeus. It is said Zeus is a jelouse god thus was worshiped alone as the supreme almighty god.

feel free to discuss whatever you wish, just a few questions on my mind...

Religion and the After-Life

And buddy jesus says: "das" nice comrade, "rel" nice

Religion and the After-Life

Arc you where once a Christian!? dun dun dun lol, I see what you mean since most of the time we are born and taught to believe in god, I don't think its a bad thing to have something to believe in. but they say theirs a lie in believe so who knows.