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Know any sprite comics? recently discovered this site http://www.denny-r-walter.de/comic4-2.html
found some funny video game jokes like this Mario one lol

Religion and the After-Life

Free will also means we can choose what to believe, if god was a living entity would that make you believe in him/her/it more? Sure, but it would lose the entire essence of trust, faith is trust, god already sent his only son wasn't that enough? We killed him if you don't remember and in the same way if god was to be revealed who's to say we wont kill god? Maybe we're already killing god by rebuking/forsaking his entire message on earth that he gave to Jesus to share with the world, to love one another.

Some religions, spiritual beliefs e.t.c belive that life is a dream of form, of matter and physical reality.
Death might be an awakening, for instance dreams are so real when you're in them, if you try catch yourself dreaming you'll always have some clever and logical reason as to why things are, absolutely un-aware of the waking world thats parallel to the dreamer.
In the same way its completely up to you weather to see the world and fill it with reasons which is natural I'm not saying its wrong but its another thing to forsake whats beyond reality just as the dreamer forsakes the waking world.
In other words what can be scientifically called reality is not absolute, their has to be some kind of mechanism that enables reality to function, for example we cant have a dream unless we fall asleep and wake up, Equivalent to life ( falling asleep ) and death ( waking up ) or the other way around. and when we wake up we normally are so taken up by life that we forget our dream in the same way maybe thats why we don't remember our previous life "dream".

If we look at the "concept" of a soul, if you create a humanoid robot it will always be a robot even given free will, emotion and all our human characteristics simply because it wont know of itself beyond its physical exterior, even if you teach it all the religions in the world it will render them obsolete because it has no evidence of itself beyond as a soul and thus wont be truly alive, in essence it will be a programed and set being that is not alive simply because it does not have "life".
Real life is life beyond death. Its this energy field thats in-touch with the infinite and eternal that enables this entire mechanism of life and death to operate, its this life we know as god, I cant justify it to be anything other than pure energy and as proved and stated earlier energy dose not die it only changes. As form/matter perishes whats left behind is this pure energy that shifts and forms another form, its true we perish and die sooner or later but its not scientific to state that matter is not embodied/manifested and returns to energy, its just as contradictory to say that we all live in a state that is absolutely free from energy in the sense of spirit that enables us to envision, to live, to die and to resurrect. You can call this energy god, the soul, the spirit e.t.c but it exists. Weather or not religion has anything to do with it is another question.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I just finished Metal Gear Solid 4, its a great game but Its always sad at the same time rewarding to finish a great game... (-_-) now what...

I guess spirit engine looks o.k...

Favorite videogame world.

SHADOW MOSES!!! (^0^) A.K.A FOX ARCHIPELIGO ( and the entire Metal Gear Solid World )
to me shadow moses had some of the most key moments in the metal gear solid trilogy like the first time I saw a metal gear ( Metal Gear REX ), the revealing of snakes twin brother liquid and where snake meets alot of important character like THE Otacon , Meryl, Naomi ( who plays a huge role in MGS4 won't spoil it for ya ).

Religion and the After-Life

I agree the whole concept of god is bullshit, what god is is not some person up in the sky thats a lie people made up because they wanted to give god some kind of image, something to imagine when they think about it but gods pure and limitless energy itself, in the bible god is never represented by some man but by an intensely bright light but then again some idiot will dream up some character to replace this or think about the light we see in our spectrum or something to make god a solid figure.

Religion and the After-Life

Kindredz please don't get this locked up! I'm sure most of us are enjoying this discussion, if you have something against religion its O.K just don't troll about it.

Don't you think it would be really disappointing, meaningless and shallow if life is just some spontaneous mistake? Science has already proven that almost everything has a purpose, a reason why. Its just that we don't know yet.

Life and Death might not have a definite meaning but Its kind of empty to say this is it, after our life theirs nothing more, its just as empty as saying aliens don't exist and we are the only living things in the universe, I mean the universe is too diverse, too huge for us and for life to be some kind of mistake or something.

Maybe religion is just human invention but It could be about something historical that shaped the world and life as we know it forever. Maybe we where created by aliens and began to worship them ( humans compared to animals are already very different in almost everything ). Maybe this is where religion began. Its not possible for the entire world to just "make it up", I'll understand if religion is a misinterpretation of some historical event ( e.g like the birth and death of Jesus e.t.c ) but I'm pretty sure something in religion is at least remotely true...I guess its debatable...

Religion and the After-Life

I'm also a Christian but I believe more in spirituality than in religion, religion to me is like a set of rules which are easy to get to caught up on and lose their entire essence, for instance praying. To me prayer is supposed to be a still moment when you are in touch with the universe ( which to me is our creator or at least the womb we live in at the moment ) however most times people pray for selfish things e.g an I-Pad2 or for that dream job/car/e.t.c completely forsaking prayers spiritual purpose, getting in touch with your inner self/soul. To me I find meditation more helpful to relax and calm/still the chaos and the "mental-noise" we face each day after all nothing in this world can truly offer you peace and freedom of mind.

I'm pretty sure another reality and perhaps after-life exists, this world we live in is not what it seems to be from a scientific standpoint because as humans we have an understanding on the way things are or should be but we don't really know. With our human minds and our human eyes and our human soul we are only limited to this perception we know as reality. Its impossible to use the mind to understand and specify things beyond our reality simply because its impossible to comprehend.

Theirs proof, didn't you ever hear about the hippie movement in the mid to late 60's? LSD showed them this uncharted reality, this un-discovered consciousness that has always been here with us, waiting for someone to open their eyes, to open their minds and thus to open their souls.

Life as we know it is just like a river we flow on, each river leads back to the ocean and in the ocean is the source, when we return maybe we will know, but as for now you can only row on by making choices on where to row and cast your sail.

Also some of the best inventions/technology e.t.c utilize nature, to me however developed man gets nature will always be the supreme in technological advancements, the laws of nature, the biological life systems, the universe, space and time, their so incredibly technologically advanced, so perfect and flawless, our human mind alone is another astonishing tool ( when its put to good use ) and as humans we are only capable, if we want to truly move forward, to utilize these cosmic and magnificent tools instead of fighting them. We will only end up destroying our selves and our planet otherwise.
Waking life said so far we're only at the "super-chimpanzee level", we still have wars, we still pollute the earth, things like this are incredibly uncivilized and moronic, sure we have the latest gizmo's and gadgets but are they not just modern day tools we use only to meet an end, "crack open the nut" and neglect everything else?

In a way religion is a tool...I'm not too sure but unless used wisely it wont help with getting to some sort of heaven if you neglect god (the universe) itself.

The RPG Checklist

> Very annoying dungeons ( grinding at its worst, 2 steps and your attacked! )
this is not what grinding is

this is high encounter rate, not grinding

grinding is deliberately seeking out the battles

common mistake, I remember you only grind to boost your exp and stats e.t.c not out of an annoyingly high encounter rate

Religion and the After-Life

I was wondering how many of you believe in an after-life, when you die do you think their is another realm of existence maybe as a spirit or some kind of re-incarnation? If so do you think religion is essential to go to this "better place" or do you believe death is just another phase into some higher dimension or it doesn't matter what you believe it's inevitable/meaningless. Whatever it is I want to know about it, what ever your beliefs or non-beliefs are feel free to share them...

Note: try not to turn this into a hate thread also I'll keep an open mind.

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