Submited game still in Pending

Thanks. Let me know if I have missed something.

Submited game still in Pending

O.K that makes sense.
I have met the minimum requirements so I don't think that's the problem.
I added in some more screenshots that help explain the game.

Is that O.K or should I include more explanations in the screenshots?

Submited game still in Pending

I submited a game called Ghost Lantern. It has been in pending for almost a week now. How long does this process take? Is their something I am missing?


Bye. This will be my last thread.

yeah leaving threads are usually the best way to get attention and me being an attention seeking and active person here I see why this could easily be passed of as a scam or some kind of joke but I'm being serious.

Why I never checked out the threads here is because their never really productive although very entertaining if you just want to laugh at something or troll on someone but once the infatuation is over you gotta hit the road or spend the rest of your days being an rmn lurker. No problem with that but the truth is threads here waste alot of project time and I've found a better site I've really gotten into and don't see myself coming back to the forums here ( apart from maybe to download a game or something ).

You can say what you want, just making things clear.

Bye. This will be my last thread.

Bye. This will be my last thread. nothing personal, this is a good site and I liked most of you here and your discussions about the after-life. video games and the welp forums. My reason for leaving is I think I've generally lost interest in the threads and games here. I wont be participating in any threads anymore but If I finally complete my project I will post it here... maybe

When I first came here I never checked out the threads but it seems I remember why, lol.

Isometric Maps: Is it really worth it?

Never mind, I found a topic about this that answered my question.

Isometric Maps: Is it really worth it?

Incase you dont know what I'm talking about here is how an isometric map should look in rpg maker XP.

here is what I should design the map from

the problem is that this would this is very complex to get perfect, if you look at the image above it has to be so that the map is in perfect diagonal reach of the boxes used to edit maps in rpg maker, if its even a pixel off at some point the entire map would look jagged and irregular.

Then they are the tile settings which could get complex, if the a map chip is not centered to a box the tile settings could get ocward.

Is their anyone who has at least some remote knowledge on isometric mapping, any free software that could be essential, any help at all? Please don't just view this topic and leave my dry. I really need an answer before I get into this.

Isometric Maps: Is it really worth it?

I've heard about some rpg maker games that use isometric maps along with an 8 way movement script and an "*octagon" sprite script *to allow the use of 4 by 8 sprites
like this:

If you want this script yourself here's a link to rpg revolution where I got it, I'm not sure but I think you have to be a member to view this page:
8 way and Octagon sprite script

But the reason I made this thread was to ask if its really worth all the time to make isometric sprites as well as heavily edit/create isometric maps

Rpg maker is originally for 2d mapping, the tile-sets will be very difficult to get right in the 2d map style ( i.e their not diagonal for isometric mapping unless theirs some fancy script that takes care of this as well ).
Also their might be a reason why I don't see so many isometric rpg maker games around, could it be that the majority of people prefer 2d style rpg's or is it just that not many developers/designers can handle this style.

I'm really spectacle about this, I've created a custom sprite template which is semi-proportional and I am really contemplating weather or not I should add more realism to the entire game with isometric mapping e.t.c of if I should keep it 2d.

Here is how my female sprite template looks like
Warning its naked.

Would you prefer this kind of sprite in an isometric game or would you prefer it in a normal 2d game?

Edit: Also if you know any isometric rpg maker games please link them for me so I can analyse them.

Go Make me a Sandwich: Sexuality in Bayonetta (and other games)

This argument is endless
You're right. But nobody actually read your posts or even made a comment on them. This conversation goes on and on and nobody gives a fuck until some admin/moderator of this site is going to close this thread.
maybe you should stop posting on an internet forum

I couldn't be bothered to read the blog so I guess I should have kept out of this in the first place.
And yes maybe I should find something more useful to do but here I am as usual...

I should really learn to say one sentence answers and not care, like.

Tits are cool. (-_-)

Virtual World: Love, Robots and Videogames.

How about if you where an unattractive person and had absolutely no one who cared for you or something, it might help reduce emotional distress from depressed people e.g teenage suicide rates, losers turning into serial killers out of social frustration e.t.c. If someone can love a virtual dog is it so wrong?