Wow, this looks great :D

RMN Bugs (v3)

If I move the mouse back onto the window with out moving over the menus then they stay extended


I cant remeber how to take a screenshot of my cursor, but it is in the rmn window pane

RMN is not closing down, but...

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RMN Bugs (v3)

So, the other day there was a scheduled downtime to update some stuff and whatnot, but right afterwards I started to experience this little annoying bug where the menus on the top bar will stay open even if the cursor isn't over them anymore and even if I change tabs. At first I thought it would be gone in a couple of days but since it hasn't, here I am... I use Chrome, btw.

Hello? You're supposed to hide again when you're not needed. >=(

Same here (I use Chrome also)

What's the new Featured Game?

I vote for Mario vs the Moonbase. Excellent game. Shows that a ton of work was put into it and is really fun. Also because it's recent and hasnt been talked to death yet. I've been kinda busy lately but I'll try to get a review in by the weekend.

I second

Asking for donations

(you should have locked this thread really, I think all viewpoints have been expressed)

Yes, please
before we all go mad

Asking for donations

What I am against is receiving money for a game without first making sure the creators of what is used in the game are in agreement. I think that's fair.

Yes, that's fair.

But YDS is asking for donations for the money she spent on making the game, it has nothing to do with any of the contributers

Is it possible I don't have a life?

I've never played fire emblem, but i though the pic was awsome so i made it my profile pic

actually, Ike is from Fire Emblem, but that pic is from Super Smash Bros Brawl (even better ) :D

Asking for donations

@Creation: no offence, but I think you are missing the fact that what YDs is asking for is a donation.
a donation is quite different from profit (or income, or making money) so this:
I guess you underestimate the amount of work it involves and thus assume that I'm overreacting when I think artists/programmers should be consulted before making money by using part of their creations. Some artist have a tight budget like YDS (or worse) so it only make sense they would also get their share of what is earned.

Where did you read that games use REFMAP to generate income? I'm not saying you're wrong but I'd like to find out, do you have a link?
(underlined for emphasis) doesn't really apply

again, please don't take any offense at this post, it is a representation of my opinion so it's obviously not perfect

has anyone here used RPGToolkit

I wouldn't recomend it over GameMaker or RPGMaker either.
I was only wondering because it seems (as far as I can tell) to be the only plausable free alternative to RPGMaker (if I knew more about Gamemaker and RPGtoolkit I might think differently though)