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Yes I know
No actually it's not :)
(I wish)

It's a joke

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This is a picture of me:

No actually it's not :)
(I wish)

Let's Discuss Super Powers!

Break Into Pieces
See: Buggy The Clown
-This is a great power because, it allows you to split into any amount of pieces while remaining alive, making it very hard to kill you. It also allows you to fly any of your parts provided they remain within range of your feet which must remain on the ground

RPGS... you've beaten

well excluding Zelda games (except Zelda II which i haven't beaten)
here's my list of completed rpgs:
Super Paper Mario
Shining Force
hmm... ya thats probably it :/

as for the ones I played but haven't beaten. I can't remember half of em, but I'm guessing the number is somewhere between "lots" and 578

Mario vs. The Moon Base

lol, i see i'm not the only one.

music wanted

Popcorn, you canuse this version: link
or any other free-to-use one (dont know of any others)

Pac Ralph

Does anyone like the new CSS?

The text color should have more contrast, its hard to read over the grey in the background

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Darken: No I could do them 16*16, but I actually like making them that big. I might do 32*32 meta-tiles made up of four 16*16 tiles though :)
then again I might switch to 16*16 anyway. Like I said, I'm working on the game engine right now.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@prexus: Ya, i dont really like how that water turned out so i think i'll make something different. thnx anyway :)

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Super Mario Galaxy 2: the music is just incredible

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap: capcom made some pretty good zelda games, and Link's hair is really wierd lookin :P