has anyone here used RPGToolkit

I was looking at the Engines section and i noticed there were no games under RPGToolkit.
Has anybody here used it, I tryed it out once and it seems very good for a free RPG maker.
And you can do quite a few things if you are willing to learn the scripting language
What do you think?

Mario vs. The Moon Base

I really like the level design in this game.
It's not too easy or too hard.
I didn't get very far when I played on a keyboard so I played it with my gamepad and it's a lot easier (for me at least)

Let's Discuss Super Powers!

I think the ability to control plants is awesome.
even if they aren't super powered or whatever else.
It might be cool, but if they are normal plants then they cant move/grow really fast.
so you wouldn't really be able to do anything

edit: unless it's like a telekinesis type thing

Need help finding keywords...

sprite sheets (don't know if they use that term in Japanese though)

Random Art Topic

yeah it needs to be longer or less wide, I like the pillow (what's not to like about it)

Is it okay to request a title? (VX)

Ok just wondering :)

Is it okay to request a title? (VX)

Just curious, when you said gothic font
did you mean like this (I used caluino's door):

music wanted

what type of music will most suit the game, it's kinda hard to tell
Also you didn't mention that the music was for Pac Ralph but I assumed it was

Hello RMN

Welcome to RMN >:]
dont let anyone disembowel you ^_^

Yeah, too bad the supposed doom of 2012 comes first :p

that and Nemo's avatar made me think of "So long and thanks for all the fish" from Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy :P

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Thanks Creation, I do like the grass.
About the trees, I know they are out of proportion I was just practicing drawing the trunk and leaves so I only made it two tiles. :)
And mostly the reason I drew the character like that was cause I knew i couldn't draw a humanish one good enough, it took me awhile to get the lighting on him right.