Is grinding a flaw in rpgs?

Is grinding a flaw in RPGs?

after thinking about it and reading everyone else's opinions, I have at length come to this conlusion:

Theater and illusion in games

This is a good article, I also agree with what catmitts said for the most part.

I'd like to point out a great game (in my opinion) that does a very good job of not breaking the illusion: Shadow of the Colossus.
it has no menu to speak of, and a very minimal HUD. the entire time you play the game you are performing actions you would do if you were actually in the world, such as moving jumping stabbing or shooting arrows. The only way in which your character strengthens during the game is if you find a lizard with a glowing tail which can increase your stamina.
All these things (whether or not they make the game better or worse) make it a very immersive game. And, in my opinion, an awesome game

just my 2¢ :P

Yanfly Engine Melody Causes Hellacious Lag On My Machine

so did you reinstall it?
It sounds to me like some other process is bogging down your processor,
have you tried sorting the processes in task manager by the cpu usage and seeing which ones use the most cpu when it lags?

edit: well actually it probably has something to do with your 64-bit OS, but it wouldn't hurt to check your cpu usage


those purple trees are killin me.
but they probably don't look that bad from a closer perspective

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Basically what I'm doing involves a lot of this:

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

nice title Julev.

I'm working on making the game engine for the RPG i'm making
It's written in C++ and uses SDL for graphics (so that means it will run on Mac and Linux too)
Right now I'm figuring out how best to implement 3d maps (the graphics will still be 2d)


Wow, thanks for the link this looks great.
I'll definitely be using this a lot :)

From Russia With Love

I totally want to play Fire Nuclear Crocodile Killer.

I've played it, pretty fun platfromer, has nothing to do with crocodiles far as I can remember